Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill Reviews

You are looking for a reliable, high-performing grill? our list of the best pellet grillLook no further.

This Yoder smoker YS640s Pellet Grill review will detail all features and performance.

This affordable pellet grill This model features enhanced adaptive control and WIFi/ Bluetooth connectivity.

Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill Review

Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill YS640s

Made in the USA, this solid pellet grill is made from ten gauge stainless steel. This 335-pound grill has a sturdy construction that is thick enough and heavy enough to withstand heat from the pit. That’s why you won’t lose any heat when you open the lid because it holds on in the steel.

To reduce heat transfer from the grill onto the board, the board is housed within an ABS composite.

You also get aluminium grates as the side and front shelves. However, it’s entirely up to you to upgrade them to stainless steel.

The handles will stay cool throughout cooking. This will prevent your hands getting burnt when opening or closing the grill.


Cooking Chamber

It has a cooking surface of 640 square inches. It also includes an additional 430 square inch on the secondary level, or slide-out shelf. This gives it a total cooking surface of 1070 square feet.

To place the briskets, slide the top shelf out and then slide the meat in. In addition to that, it also comes with stoppers so that the meat doesn’t fall off when you slide it out. Another advantage of the slide-out shield is that you don’t need to bend too far over the cooker.

On On the other hand, the bottom shelf includes four cooking grates.

The burn grates have an enhanced rigidity to preserve the shape and create perfect airflow.

After removing the grill grates you can see the trapdoor at the bottom. You can access the firebox directly by opening the trapdoor. This will allow you to turn on direct heating.

Additionally, Yoder’s standard over-the flame grilling functionality is available. This means you can share grilled food with friends and family, as well as a slow-smoked barbecue.



If you want to see the grill’s interior underneath, you can remove the heavy-duty diffuser plate. For deep cleaning, you can also remove and replace the firebox.

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It also comes with a short-auger that transports the pellets from hopper to firebox. One of the advantages of a short auger is that it’s virtually jam-proof.


Variable Displacement Damper

The variable displacement damper can be found on the right under the diffuser plate. It distributes heat between the chimney end and the firepot.

The damper can be easily slipped in to keep the heat on your left side of the grill. To ensure an even heat distribution, slide the damper out.

You can also place it halfway to create an even hotter zone on one side and a cooler on the other.


Adaptive Control Systems (ACS)

This innovative pellet grill features a state-of the-art adaptive control system.

The ACS adapts to temperature changes and learns, as the name suggests. This means that it anticipates almond regulates fuel pellets required to optimize the temperature. It will also react to temperature swings when you open the lid or put cold meat on the grill.

This controller can also calibrate your pit. It comes with two food probes that measure the temperature of different types of meat at once.



It has a simple design that is easy to use, with minimal controls and an LCD in the middle. Other features include component testing and pit calibration.

You can find a selector knob to the display’s right, while three selection buttons are present on the left side. The buttons are also used to select between prime, menu, or start.

After you click on the start button, the LCD displays a message that the LCD is in heat up mode. The default temperature setting for the LCD is 350F degrees. The grill will now add the pellets from the hopper to the firebox.

You can adjust the cooking temperature You can adjust the selector knob accordingly. Turning the knob to the left will reduce the temperature, and turning it to the right will increase it. The temperature changes in increments of five degrees.


Built-in Food Probes

The grill also has a probe port that allows you to pass probes through it. Simply remove the silicon plug from the grill and rotate the guard. You can insert the probes later into the grill.

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Induction-Style Igniter

It also includes a high-flow burn grate and a modern ceramic induction-style igniter. This ignites nearly twice as fast as the previous igniters in the same S-series. This eliminates any chance of ignition failures.

Ceramic igniters last five times longer than regular lighting mechanisms.

The new thermocouple guard protects the thermocouple wire from being damaged during the cooking process. It also protects it during cleaning.


Silicone bumpers

To secure the grill’s finish, high temp silicone bumpers are attached to the counterweight. These bumpers protect the grills against any accidental paint damage.



It comes with two eight inches wheels and two three-inches casters to enhance the grill’s mobility. Locking the casters can be used to ensure that the grill remains in one place while grilling.


Super High Heat

It’s also known as direct heating, in which you can cook food in a lesser period. You can use the grill to cook the chicken thighs or other vegetables directly.

The grill marks can be seen along with a nice color that renders fat. You can also place salmon fillets on the side for indirect heat.

Once the meat is chargrilled, you can transfer it onto the indirect grilling side.

Don’t worry about the fat sizzling on the grill grates. After use, you can easily clean the grates with warm soapy water. Moreover, the food doesn’t stick on the grills.


Yoder Drive App / Fireboard App

To remotely monitor the temperature, you only need to install the Fireboard app for your mobile phone. Basically, Yoder has partnered with a well-renowned temperature-monitoring company, Fireboard labs, to guarantee to elevate the wireless monitoring experience.

You can also make it possible. wireless connectivity either via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The easy-to-use interface of the app allows you to easily monitor and change the temperature. You can also receive notifications and save custom recipes.

For your safety, you can’t start the grill from the app. You can however turn it off via the app. You also have complete control over the cooking process, from anywhere in your house.


Custom Program

You may be wondering how you can create a custom program with notifications on the app after setting up the grill. First, insert the meat probes within the meat.

Next, add a custom program to the app and write the name of your meal. Next, set the target and internal temperatures.

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Also, tell the grill what the hold temperature is. To prevent overcooking, you can set the temperature at 165F if you have a target temperature of 200F.

Don’t confuse the hold temperature with that of meat temperature. You need to maintain a target temperature of 200F degrees, which is actually the meat’s temperature. However, the ambient temperature should be at least 165F degrees.

After the cooking cycle has ended, generate an alert. Another feature that is exciting is the ability to choose from different notifications via email, SMS, or the app. You can also set a custom start and end time.

You can also generate an alert for maximum or minimum temperature depending on your cooking requirements.


Hopper Capacity

This extra-large pellet barbecue has a 20-pound hopper capacity. This means that this capacity can be used to slow cook at 225F for 10 to 12 hour.



  • Adaptive Control System
  • Two food temperature probes
  • Ceramic induction-style igniter
  • High flow burn grate
  • American-made heavy-steel construction
  • Consistent heating


  • Unable to turn off via the app
  • Lesser hopper capacity
  • The chimney drips moisture



The Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill typifies the best pellet smoker under $1500. The fact that this grill is made in the US is one of its most distinguishing features. This pellet grill is made from heavy steel and looks more like an oven than a grill. However, it can be bought for as low as $1,500 USD.


Other grills to look at

Of course, the Yoder YS640 isn’t the only pellet grill on the market. Here are some other options we’ve been noticing recently.



The Yoder Smokers YS640s pellet barbecue outperforms gas grills because it adds natural wood flavor to your grilled food.

Moreover, it’s a versatile pellet grill that allows you to barbecue, grill, chargrill, smoke, and slow-smoke.

This durable pellet grill has all the features you need to automate the whole process. You can customize the settings and then relax.

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