Traeger Pellet Grill Problems? Try Some Traeger Troubleshooting

As much as we love and rely on the machines around us, we have to realize that they’re machines. They’re made of lots of different parts and technical components, where even a small loose screw could cause trouble. However, they’re easier to fix than they are prone to breaking. Therefore, if you’re facing Traeger Pellet Grill problems, it doesn’t mean your beloved grill needs to go in the junk.

Traeger GrillsSmokers, in particular, are made to give you the ultimate grilling experience. You will find many innovative features and technologies in these products to make it possible. Some people may experience malfunctions with the technology. Traeger Pellet Grill error codes We are on the verge of a breakthrough. So, today, we’re going to tell you exactly how you can quickly and efficiently deal with those errors and breakdowns.

Traeger Pellet Grill Issues

These quick fixes will ensure that your barbecue is always in top condition.

Temperature Fluctuations

We all know that the perfect temperature is key to a well-cooked steak or smoked brisket. It can be quite annoying when the temperature is not set correctly. your Traeger Grill. This fluctuation could be interpreted as a problem with the grill. However, it is perfectly normal. Traeger Grills says that you will experience temperature swings up to 20 degrees during cooking.

But even those 20 degrees depend on the environment. For example, a sunny day with no wind is ideal. If you’re grilling on a rainy day and strong winds, the temperature can fluctuate beyond the 20 degree range. It doesn’t necessarily signal a grill problem. Other than that, the temperature also has a lot to do with the pellets you’re using.

Traeger recommends their own manufactured pellets for ideal conditions because they can guarantee their performance. Anything else will not work. The pellets’ quality can have an impact on how they burn and how steady the temperature remains. Some parts may also corrode due to the heat and fire involved.

If you don’t clean or replace these parts timely, it’ll start affecting the temperature inside your grill. These parts include the drip pan, fire pot, and heat diffuser. These parts are frequently exposed to high heat, moisture, and other times, they can also be damaged.

Solution: While fluctuations are normal, temperature swings beyond 20 degrees are a problem. To solve this problem, you first need to think about the pellets you’re using. Are they Traeger pellets and are they properly stored? Is there excess moisture? If they are fine, check out the firepot and other parts to determine their condition.

You should replace or clean them immediately. If the temperature is still fluctuating but everything seems fine, it could be the probe. These are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

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Extinguished Fire

Have you ever waited for your meat on the grill to finish cooking, only to discover that the fire is out and that the food is still raw? As frustrating as it sounds, sometimes the fire in your grill suddenly goes out. Even if it happens in front of you and you’re there to relight it, it can become a hassle.

The fire not starting can be caused by the same issues as temperature swings. Namely, some parts such as the fire pot needing cleaning or replacement because it’s not able to maintain the fire. The fire pot could have too much ash, or corrosion, which can block airflow and cause the fire to go out.

Another reason for this problem could be an induction fan problem. This fan is supposed to provide oxygen to the fire to keep it going, and if it doesn’t, the fire will extinguish. Moreover, another common and obvious issue is the pellets running low in the hopper due to which there’s nothing to keep the flame alive.

It could also be that the pellets aren’t of good quality and are producing excessive ash that is blocking the airflow for the fire. The temperature probe could be reporting incorrect temperature due to which the auger isn’t feeding enough pellets. Additionally, it could be that it’s just extra windy that day.

Solution: Replace any damaged parts immediately if you notice any. You can extend the life of your grill by cleaning it every time you use it. Also, make sure to clean out the ash every two to three sessions.

There can be many reasons and solutions for when the fan isn’t running, and we’ll discuss that in a bit. To avoid excessive ash, you have the option to use different pellets. Make sure they are properly stored to preserve their quality. Using better quality pellets will ensure that your grill isn’t burning too much of it in a shorter time.

You can also leave the grill on for longer periods of time without worrying about the pellets burning. A simple replacement is all that is required if the problem is solely with your temperature probe.

Pellets not moving

Just so that you don’t have to stand at the grill and keep adding pellets constantly, the Traeger Grill comes with an automated auger and hopper that can do the work for you. Another problem many grilling enthusiasts have is the difficulty of pellets not moving from their hopper to the firepot. This could be due two main problems.

Either the problem lies with the auger, which is not spinning and moving the pellets, or the auger is fine, and it’s a simple auger jam. It could be that the motor is not receiving enough power or that one of its gears has been damaged. Sometimes, moist pellets can build up inside the auger, which can prevent it from moving freely.

SolutionIn both cases, you’ll need to get out your tools and open a section of the grill, particularly the hopper side. Once it’s open, if the motor is the issue, you’ll need to repair or replace that, or if it’s a jam, you’ll simply need to clear it up. Then you’ll have to reassemble it, and you can use the grill as you wish.

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Fire Pot Not Lighting

Once you’ve got the pellets moving, the next problem in line is the fire not lighting up in the fire pot. There could be three reasons this is happening. Firstly, it could be that the fire pot is not getting any pellets to burn, but we just solved that problem, so we’ll move on to the next. It could also be that the hot rod or igniter is not working properly.

This igniter usually has one end showing up inside the fire pot, and you can check if it’s glowing to verify if it’s working or not. It is not difficult to reach the igniter under the pan, grates, and heat diffuser, but it can be difficult. If even the igniter is fine, then thirdly, it could be that the fan isn’t working, which is responsible for providing oxygen for the fire.

An excessive buildup of ash could also be a reason why the fire does not light. This needs to be cleaned regularly.

Solution: Whether it’s the igniter or the fan malfunctioning, in either case, you’ll have to repair them if you can. You can replace them with stronger stainless steel components that last longer.

Grill not powering On

A common yet quite simple and straightforward problem, sometimes you’ll have trouble powering on the grill. The Traeger Grill, unlike other charcoal and gas grills, requires power to operate. To ensure your barbecue is at its best, vital components like the auger motor and induction fan require electricity.

However, sometimes the grill won’t power on because of a tripped GFCI, a blown fuse, or merely a bad power outlet.

Solution: To fix the problem, you must replace the component responsible.

Idle Fan

Another common problem is the induction fan not functioning. This is connected to many other areas and affects other components. There are three possible reasons why the fan is not turning on or off. Firstly, it may be that the fan is totally fine, and there’s just some foreign object which is not letting the fan spin freely.

It could also be that the fan isn’t getting enough power from the controller to function properly. As mentioned earlier, electricity or power is a significant component in the Traeger Grill, and if there’s no power in the orange wires, the fan won’t run.

Thirdly, this happens if you haven’t used the grill in a while, or it’s just been left out in cold weather. The grease on the shaft could have taken hold of the fan due to which it can’t move.

Solution: The induction fan is a vital component of the grill. If it doesn’t work for any reason, you won’t be able to do anything on your grill. If the fan is not spinning because of an obstruction, you can remove it manually and the fan will work again.

If it’s a power issue, you might want to check the wires as they could have come loose. You can also replace the controller if the problem is not in the controller. Besides that, if you’re dealing with some grease on the fan, a few manual spins should help loosen it up and have it running normally in no time.

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Traeger Grill Error codes

For times when you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you can rely on the grill to give you some indication. For some specific problems, you’ll see the following errors pop up:

HEr – High Temperature Error

If the grill temperature is higher than 550 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than 45 seconds, this error will occur, and the grill will turn off both the fan and the auger.

LEr – Low Temperature Error

This error will occur if the grill temperature drops below 120 degrees Fahrenheit in more than ten minutes. The grill will then shut down. This error can be fixed by restarting your grill.

Low Ambient Temperature

If the ambient temperature remains below -20 degrees Fahrenheit for more than thirty seconds, you’ll see this error come up. If this temperature reaches -40 degrees, you won’t be able to work the grill without warming up the controller first.

ERR – Bad Probe

If you connect a bad probe or cable to the controller, you will get this error. This error will disappear once you replace your probe.

Try It!

This error will occur when the meat probe falls from the meat. This error will disappear if you insert it again.

ER1 – Temperature Sensor Out

This error will occur if the controller is disconnected for more than ten second. Reconnect the thermocouple to fix the problem.

ER2 – Short Circuit /Defective RTD

If you see this error code on your grill’s display, it is likely that there is a short-circuit. You will need to turn off the power and call a technician to insulate the wires and secure all connections.

This error code can sometimes indicate a weak connection in a smoker.

Clean Grease Tray/Clean Grill

These are more reminders than error code. However, they will come up on the display after you’ve ignited the grill eight times and when it’s been twenty hours since you last cleared this reminder.


You’ll notice that a lot of these problems, and even their solutions, are quite connected with each other. A problem in one area can cause a malfunction in another. Similar to the above, solving one problem can often solve many others. It takes patience and time to understand the problem, and then quickly deal with it.

Don’t panic if Traeger Grill error messages appear again. With our quick troubleshooting tips and fixes, you’ll have your Traeger Grill up and running in no time.

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