ThermoPro TP20 Meat Thermometer Reviews

I’m not surprised to see ThermoPro TP20 On the position of the No. 1 best seller of smoker thermometers on Amazon. It is a popular thermometer for BBQ smokers because of its ease-of-use, accurate temperature reading, great grilling results, and excellent accuracy.

In this Thermopro TP20 review, I’ll share my experience with using the thermometer.

I’ve been an avid user for over one year. It has helped me cook many barbecues, including my favourite ribs.

I’m not only here to list the features/spec. I’ll let you know how this thermometer can meet your home BBQ requirements. But first, you should check out the specs.

ThermoPro TP20 Review


  • Temperature range: 32F-572F
  • Resistant heat of probe wires- 716°F
  • Backlit LCD monitors
  • The maximum range of 300.’
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.8F
  • Temperature readout- Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Uses: BBQ, smoker, Oven, Meat, Food
  • Dual probes
  • Multiple programming options
  • 250-300 feet wireless range
  • Lost connection alarm
  • Cout up/down timer
  • Grill/BBQ ambient temperature
  • Absence/button lock
  • There is no physical labeling for probes

What’s Inside The Box?

Thermopro Box TP20

When I bought the Thermopro TP20, here’s what I found inside the box:

  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Receiver
  • 2 Probes
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • Clip
  •  Instruction Manual

A Quick Overview of The Thermopro TP20

Thermopro TP20, an updated version the TP08 thermometer, is now available. Particularly in terms of size, and functionality.

Thermopro’s TP20 monitors your meat temperature. smoking.

Sim insert the probes into different meats (or one in each meat). You can monitor the internal temperature by leaving it inside. You don’t have to test your temperature every now and then.

I love the length of the probe. It allows you to insert it into the middle of your meat to accurately measure its temperature.

The transmitter connects the two wired probes to the transmitter, which displays the temperature on a bigger, clearer LCD screen.

The transmitter broadcasts the temperature reading wirelessly to a small portable remote that you can carry around.

A Look at the Transmitter and Receiver

Transmitter/Receiver of ThermoProTMTP20

The ThermoProTM TP20 has two parts: the transmitter and receiver.

Let’s see how both works. I’ll start with the transmitter.


Do you remember those tiny radios? That’s what the transmitter looks like.

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It is housed inside a bright orange rubber, which is easily visible in the backyard’s dim summer evening light.

The transmitter does not have many features. Oh, okay, there’s a single button you can use to power on/off your transmitter.

You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit using the same button.

I checked both sides and found two ports that you can plug in your probes.

The ports are similar to your regular headphone.

However, don’t attempt to plug anything else, apart from your probes, though.

The LCD display on each probe’s transmitter clearly displays the current temperature, both individually and simultaneously.

The LCD display is sharp enough that you can easily see the numbers even from far away. I don’t usually use the transmitter to check the temperature- my receiver does the job.

Turn your transmitter so that it faces the back. There is a space for a battery (you can put 2 AAA batteries here) as well as a hook.

The transmitter supports itself in stand mode.

Alternatively, you can position the stand to 180°, then hang it on the side of your grill shelf.


The receiver is similar to the Heart of the thermometer operations. The receiver is very handy and can be decoked in the same color as the transmitter (leaves out black).

If your receiver lacks anything, it’s definitely not the buttons (I counted the buttons, which are 8 in total). The Mode, power and scale backlight/select.

Don’t be intimidated by the numerous buttons. The TP20 thermometer is one of most intuitive on the market. It’s also very easy to use.

The large LCD screen took over 80% of the receiver’s face.

On The screen shows the name of each preset and the temperature (current or actual) readings of the probes.

Do you see the bolded temperature readings? That’s the current temperature. It can be viewed at a glance.

Below the screen, you’ll find the arrays of buttons.  They are easy-to-read. Because of the large text and the grey background, they are easy to read.

You can choose the temperature you want for each type meat by clicking one of these buttons. You can also set your timer and target temperature.

Let’s hop over to the back of the receiver; firstly, you’ll see the battery compartment (where you’ll insert 2 AAA battery), a belt clip, and a stand.

You can also carry your receiver in your pocket. This way, you can monitor your temperature anywhere.

Personally, I don’t even wear my receiver. I place my receiver next to my table and monitor the temperature. I also watch my favorite baseball match.

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Here’s an exciting part: TP20 comes with a feature that lets you program an alarm to your count up and count down timer.

The thermometer allows for you to set your count-up and count-down alarms to a maximum of 99 hour.

After it has reached its countdown, an alarm sound will be played to notify you. The LCD screen lights up.

And in case if you miss the alarm- don’t fret. It will automatically sound again after 60 seconds.

The alarm function doesn’t stop here: if you customize your temperature settings or use a preset temperature, the alarm will alert you once you reach your target temperature.

If the temperature drops below your minimum temperature, the alarm will sound.

If you lose signal for less than 4 minutes, the alarm will sound to alert you. Isn’t that great?

Remote Range

I have a big backyard, and that’s one of the factors I considered before purchasing TP20. The thermopro T20 has a range of 300ft. This means that you can get your temperature readings 300 feet away from your grilling area.

Ensure that your environment is in a perfect condition and free of any barriers.

I believe that the 300ft range is sufficient to cover any grill-related separation. You can take a quick trip to the living area to change the TV or reach for a cold drink from the fridge.

Most of the time, I use my receiver in my living room, which is about 100 feet away from where my grill is located.

And I’ve never had a connection problem.

A Look at the Probes

The probes are essential for the use of all other features on the Thermopro TP20.

These probes are a real thermometer. They have two. They also send the temperature information the receiver.

The box comes with two probes. Both probes can be used in your food. I use one to cook my meat, and the other to check the temperature of my grill.

I checked the probe’s material, and it was made from stainless steel. The 40″ wires contain more stainless steel.

These probes are extremely easy to clean and resist rust. They are not waterproof, however.  Be careful how they interact with water. Never immerse them in water.

I was also able attach the probe to my grill grate to monitor the cooking surface temperature. That’s a big plus. The handy clip is a big plus.

A look at the Speed and Accuracy

Speed is important. Although this thermometer cannot be read instantly, you can still expect your reading to be within 5 seconds.

Thermopro reported that the probe accuracy is +/-1.8F. This sounds great. I’ve seen many units fall below this precision level.

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Warranty and Support

ThermoPro TP20 is included in the box with a generous 1-year warranty.

I also registered my TP20 online. I was able to extend my warranty to 3 years.

You can also enjoy the same. If you are interested in any problem with the probContact their support. They will ship the replacement to your address within a short time.

And if you’re unsatisfied with what you receive, thermopro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this model. It’s a good thing knowing that a company is confident in its product.

When you check their website, you’ll see pages that are dedicated to lots of information such as the FAQs, how-tos, tips, and set up videos.

Furthermore, I’ve used the online platform to make inquiries. There’s also a dedicated phone number for the UK, North America, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Are you looking for a way to make friends? Connect with Thermopro via Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike many other companies I’ve reviewed, Thermopro support is super easy to contact.

Are you having a problem?

I’ll be happy if Thermorpro can add more probes. Well, they already called it a DUAL probe, so I don’t think I have merit complain here.

Final Verdict

I’m a fan of any product that provides real value for money. The Thermopro T20 is one of my favorites.

It perfectly matches my grills or smokersMy oven, in fact. And thanks to the two probes, I don’t have to purchase an extra thermometer.

You can set the preset to cook all types of meats, even those with no done-in. You can get your temperature and timing right, even if you’re not a professional BBQ enthusiast.

The thermometer is made of rugged rubber and enclosed in rubber. The receiver is also splash-proof. I’m confident that the whole unit can withstand any backyard issue.

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