How to Start a Charcoal Grill

If you know how to grill ribs on charcoal but don’t know how to light a charcoal grill, you are at the right place. You love the chargrilled flavor, texture and aroma of beef patties grilled on charcoal. pellet grill. It’s enough to make your mouth water just thinking about perfectly grilled steaks. But, we all know that starting a charcoal fire pit is different than a regular grill. propane grill Or offset smoker. That’s why the following article discusses three methods to start a charcoal grill.

How to start a charcoal grill with a chimney?

The chimney is the best charcoal starter in the chargrilling world because it’s easy and mess-free and doesn’t require lighter fluid. The chimney provides ventilation through the holes in its surface. First, open the grill’s lid and remove the cooking grates. Then, place the empty starter chimney on the lower charcoal grate and add the desired amount to the chimney. Royal Oak lump charcoal is also an option. best charcoal for grilling. For low heat cooking or tender fish fillets, fill the chimney to one-quarter of its capacity. Medium heat and food such as burgers require you to fill the chimney with one-half to three-quarters. The size of the grill also influences the amount of charcoal used. After you have filled your chimney with charcoal, you will need accelerants. This is where the trick lies: Place the accelerant at the starter and ignite it. The charcoal on the bottom will catch fire immediately and slowly burn the coal. The heat travels upward, drawing more air from the sides and bottom. Once the top coals have begun to burn and become grey with ash you can place them on the charcoal grate. It is important to be careful when you grasp the handle because it can be very hot. It’s better to use a towel to lift the handle and flip it over the grilling grate. The entire charcoal process can take between 15 and 20 minutes depending on how much charcoal is in the chimney. Caution: Make sure to palace the chimney on a heat-resistant surface like the charcoal grate.

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The Downside of Chimney Use

On The downside is that a charcoal chimney can be slow-burning. It takes 20 minutes to ignite the charcoal. In addition, igniting coal with newspaper can be dangerous, especially for beginners.

How to Start a Charcoal Fire Grill with a Lighter Fluid

If you are using lighter fluid, arrange the charcoal in a pyramid or pile it onto the charcoal grate. weber charcoal grillIt is the best charcoal grill. Additionally, the Kamado grill is also available. best portable charcoal grills. When creating a pyramid shape, place large coal lumps at its base and smaller lumps on top. You should also place the charcoal lumps and briquettes closer together to allow the fire to spread quickly. The next step can be a bit tricky. Spray the lighter fluid evenly onto the coals. After 30 seconds, light the coals to allow the liquid to absorb. Some people add more fluid to one charcoal than the others, which can lead to inconsistent charcoal burning. The charcoal can be used once it turns gray. After lighting the coal, do not add lighter fluid.

How to Start a Charcoal Grill with an Electric Starter

The fluids and accelerant cubes contain chemicals; that’s why many people refrain from using them to light the charcoal grill. Electric charcoal starters are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease-of-use. To burn the charcoal, you can use an electric starter to heat it. You can either also use a heat gun or a Looftlighter as they all serve the same purpose – ignite the charcoal. A Looftlighter combines a heatgun and a hairdryer to blow hot water at the charcoal. The heatgun usually has two heat levels. On On the other side, an electric charcoal starter has a metal heating prong attached and an insulated handle. To facilitate fast burning, you simply need to stack the charcoal closer together. Next, insert the starter in the electric plug and place the starter’s nose right in the middle of the coal. You should be careful while using the electric burner as the stick or rod shouldn’t be above the charcoal pile; instead, place it at a safer angle. Wait until the charcoal starts to burn. Only then can you remove the lighter from the charcoal pile. You can also move an electric starter around a coal pyramid until the fire starts. It’s the indication to remove the electric starter. You must place the electric starter grill near an electrical outlet if you use it.

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Other Methods

To ignite charcoal, you can use a propane torch. To ignite the charcoal, first stack the charcoal on a grill grate. Next, connect your torch to a propane tank. Be careful when aiming the torch at the charcoal. It’s better to keep it at a safe distance of two to three inches. You shouldn’t bury the torch in the charcoal, as it burns the nozzle as well. Turn on the gas, and then press the ignition button. Within minutes, the charcoal should start to burn. It’s one of the fastest methods to start a charcoal grill. Moreover, unlike lighter fluid, it doesn’t produce any unpleasant odour or taste.


You may be able to tell How to use a charcoal barbecueHowever, starting a grill can be difficult. You can quickly get started grilling by lighting a charcoal grill. You can also start a charcoal grill with the same method regardless of whether you are using a charcoal or non-charcoal grill. Small charcoal grill Or gas charcoal grill combo. To start a charcoal grill, you can use any one of the methods.

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