Do You Smoke Brisket Side Up or Down?

When you grill for the first time, there are many things that will come to mind. But you’re not alone. Even BBQ experts are afraid to ask these common questions. Should you cook brisket fat side up or fat side down?

To finally answer this question, we’re here with solid facts and supplementary information that will help you understand your brisket better.

Let’s dive in to know which brisket fat side is better.

Should you smoke Brisket Fat-side Up or Down?

The answer to this question is: Do you prefer to grill brisket fatside up or down, isn’t quite simple.

However, in case you’re ready to toss your seasoned brisket on the grill, here’s your quick answer. It’s brisket fat side down. Read the rest of this article to learn why.

What’s the Brisket?

In case you’re wondering, the brisket comes from the lower chest area of a cow. You can divide the brisket into 2 parts to make delicious dishes.

Let’s take a quick view of what brisket is.

You can separate the brisket into 2 parts:

  • The point
  • The flat

The ‘point’ is thicker and fatter and is also called the deckle. When you cut off the deckle, you get the ‘flat’ which lies straight. Also, the flat part is leaner if you’re looking for a healthier option.

Now that you know the brisket cuts, you’re probably thinking which brisket cut is better for grilling? We have the answer.

The ‘point’ part is smaller and marbled with more fat that gives a punch to the flavor. It does not contain as much meat. The point is usually ground into delicious recipes.

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The flat, on the other hand, is longer but thinner and cooks more evenly. You can make a great dinner for your guests by slicing the flat up neatly.

To smoke the brisket, however, we recommend that you grill the entire piece. This gives your beloved brisket a strong flavor.

What Does the Brisket Fat Look Unlike?

To grill with confidence, you must be familiar with the brisket fat. Let’s look at the layers of the brisket.

The fat cap is a thick layer of hardened fat on the top of the brisket. The fat cap is made up fat, while the meat’s red portion contains water. Water and oil don’t mix.

Take a moment to consider this information.

The fat cap is usually 1 inch thick, but it is unique to each cow. Similarly, the brisket’s quality also depends on how the butcher guy cuts the meat.

This video gives you a close-up view of the brisket.

Why is Brisket Fat Important

The brisket fat should not be removed in order to make your meat leaner. Learn how the brisket oil affects your meat. Only then you’ll realize your meat is worth all the goodness of brisket fat.

  • Flavor Booster

Brisket fat is the main source of all the delicious and savory flavors. The fat will drip onto the coals as it melts from its fat cap. This causes smoke to rise into the air, which infuses the brisket’s flavor.

  • Moisten the Meat

Fat acts as a shield against heat and protects the meat. The fat helps to moisten the meat and keeps it from drying out by keeping the water from vaporizing.

However, there’s a downside to it.

Excess fat can get in the way of a good brisket’s bark. The bark is a dark crusty texture on your brisket that forms after drying. And excess fat doesn’t let the meat dry because it retains moisture.

You can also remove the fat from your cooking afterwards. The best part is that extra fat will increase your cooking time.

Hence, we’d recommend you trim the excess fat. Anywhere from one-fourth to one half inch is acceptable. The right tool is recommended to trim safely and accurately. brisket knife.

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How to make a crusty brisket bark

Before you go to grill your brisket, it’s imperative you know the process behind a tempting bark. A chemical reaction occurs when spices and smoke combine with the protein in the meat. This chemical reaction is known as the Maillard reaction.

For the perfect bark, rub your favorite spices onto the brisket and grill it. But wait, there’s more.

This is where temperature plays a crucial role. High temperatures can turn your meat bitter by caramelizing it. Alternatively, you also won’t get the bark at a low temperature.

What happens if you cook brisket fat side up?

Many people have misconceptions about cooking brisket fatside up. The idea is that the fat will melt through the meat, making it moist and juicy. They are wrong.

Why is this?

You know the drill. As mentioned before, water and oils don’t get along well. The connective tissue lining acts to protect the fat cap from the red meat. This makes things even more difficult.

What does all this mean? This means that the myth of moist, juicy meat with brisket fat on top is false.

But there’s an exception. If you’re grilling the meat with a heat source above, you can cook the brisket fat side up.

Smoking Brisket Fat Side Up VS Fat Side Down. Who’s the Winner?

Do you prefer to cook brisket fat down or up? If you haven’t tried yet, try cooking the brisket fat side down on our request and see it for yourself.

It adds a punch to the flavor and a tantalizing appeal for the eyes. You can also enhance the smoky flavour with the right ingredients type of wood for smoking brisket.

On the flip side, when you cook brisket fat side up, you’re going to end up charring the bottom of your grill. That’s not what you want.

The fat cap will melt and render, allowing the seasonings to be incorporated into your grill. This will result in bland, unsatisfying meat. On top of that, it’s a waste of your spices, time, and money.

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To keep the seasonings in place, cook the brisket fatside down

What is the best way to smoke brisket fat side up or down?

Choosing which brisket fat side to cook doesn’t guarantee you quality meat. The type of grill you use will also affect the quality of your meat. To grill the most flavorful and succulent meats, use a charcoal grill. you must have the best pellet grill.

Most importantly, you will need the skills to do it. smoke brisket on a pellet grill.

But if you’re a rookie, you’d love an electric smoker. An electric smoker grills your meat faster and with less effort, without compromising on quality.

To grill a perfect brisket, slow and steady is key. However, we understand that you’d like to fast forward this tedious process to get delicious brisket on the plate. You have the option to always smoke brisket in an electric smoker.

Beware, brisket loses its tenderness right after you’re done eating.

Enjoy your leftovers! reheat the brisket Temperatures up to 140F. This temperature is ideal for a juicy, fresh brisket. Any temperature change can make your brisket beef jerky.

Final Words – To Smoke Brisket Fat Side Up Or Down?

We have outlined our reasons to save you the hassle of searching the internet. We hope that you are now more clear about which side of brisket to cook.

If someone asks, do you cook brisket with the fat side down or up? You tell them that it’s always brisket fat side down.

Now that you have the answer, you can start smoking your famous brisket. You can always read this article if you have any questions about smoking it. how to smoke a brisket.

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