The 10 Best Smoker Thermometers for 2022 Reviews

Do you desire to master grilling by cooking precise meals? Do you want to present properly? steaks Your family, keeping in consideration all the different requirements for done-ness?

The following guide has been prepared for review The 10 best smoker thermometers in 2022 To achieve your grilling goals at your convenience.

A smoke thermometer measures not only the meat’s temperature but also the ambient temperature. It is possible to monitor different types of meat simultaneously in the same smoker.

ThermoPro TP25 500ft Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Reviews

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MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer Reviews

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Inkbird IBBQ-4T WiFi Wireless Smoker Grill Thermometer Reviews

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Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer Reviews

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Inkbird IBT-6XS Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with 6 Probes Reviews

View Item Details Inkbird IBT-6XS Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with 6 Probes Reviews

The 10 Best Smoker Thermometers in 2022 Reviews

After testing and comparing different meat thermometers, I’ve been able to confirm the 10 best smoker thermometers you can ever find on the market.

1. ThermoPro Bluetooth 500ft Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP25 500ft Bluetooth Meat Thermometer With 4 Temperature Probes Smart digital Cooking BBQ Thermometer Grilling Oven Food Smoker Thermometer Rechargeable

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The ThermoProTM TP25 is a four-probe temperaturemeter with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s designed to display the cooking temperature on your smartphone or tablet.

The smart thermometer has a Bluetooth range of 495 feet. Bluetooth operates at 2.4GHz, which happens to be the most suitable frequency for wireless meat thermometers.

It can measure temperature from 14F to 572F degrees, allowing you to cook precise meals.

This thermometer features a lithium battery and a USB charging port. You can charge it quickly using your phone charger, laptop, or power bank.

It also featured a convenient backlight button at the front that stays on for 10 second when you press it.

This simple thermometer has only three buttons. The Power/C/F button allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units quickly.

The Bluetooth button is located on the back. When you hold the button for three seconds, Bluetooth functionality will activate.

It comes with a wire stand that allows you to position it at a comfortable viewing angle. You can also hang it.

The transmitter is divided into four sections, one for each probe.

Additionally, these six inches probes come in four different colors – black, blue, silver, and gold.

The meat probes are equipped with two grill clips to prevent them charring on the grill grates and oven racks.


  • Includes four probes
  • Preset temperatures for nine types
  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Features Bluetooth Range 495 feet
  • Temperature range from 14F to 572F
  • USB charging port


  • Buggy app
  • The app isn’t user-friendly

2. MEATER PLUS | 165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

MEATER Plus | 165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer for The Oven Grill Kitchen BBQ Smoker Rotisserie with Bluetooth and WiFi Digital Connectivity

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The MEATER Plus comes with 165 feet range and two sensors to monitor smartphones or tablets’ cooking process.

These two sensors can be used to monitor both the ambient and internal temperature. The internal meat temperature can be measured up to 212F degrees, while the external ambient temperature can be measured up to 527F degrees.

The free MEATER app displays the temperature information on both your Android and iOS smartphones.

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This smart thermometer can be used with the app to calculate the cooking times based on real-time information. The app will notify you when the food has been cooked, thereby preventing you from overcooking your food.

This multi-purpose thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of indoor stoves, outdoor grills, and smokers.

Let’s talk about the package. It comes in a beautiful, sleek bamboo box that measures approximately 6.1 x 1.x 1.1 inches and weighs about 3.5 ounces.

An LED light can be found on the box. It turns green to indicate that full charging is complete.

By the way, this ultra-slim probe doesn’t come with any On/OFF switch. To turn it on, you just need to take the probe out of the charger and put it back in the charger.


  • Two temperature sensors
  • Guided cooking system
  • Advanced cooking estimator algorithm
  • Connectivity suite
  • Simple design


  • Comes with one probe
  • Bluetooth range of 165 feet

3. Inkbird WiFi Grill Thermometer IIBBQ-4T, Rechargeable Wireless Barbecue Thermometer with 4 Probes

Inkbird WiFi Grill Thermometer IIBBQ-4T, Rechargeable Wireless Barbecue Thermometer with 4 Probes. Calibration, Timer and High and Low Alarm. Digital Meat Thermometer for Oven, Smoker, Kitchen, Drum.

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Inkbird, an Australian company, designed the website. Inkbird WiFi Grill Thermometer (IBBQ-4T) By incorporating WiFi technology.

It includes all the necessary components such as a USB C charging cable, two grill clips and three meat probes.

You can use the meat probes as grill probes.

The transmitter has a large, bright screen that allows for one-touch operation with a button on the front.

To keep your eyes on the important things, you can see a visible contrast in the orange and black colors.

It comes with a WiFi connection, which is a significant improvement over the previous thermometers.

It is easy to measure the temperature from 32F to 482F degrees.

The app allows for you to adjust the temperature as well as the internal temperature.


  • WiFi connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Downloadable temperature graphs
  • Calibration capabilities
  • 32F to 482F degrees
  • Rainproof
  • Customizable high/low alarms


  • It is not recommended for long-term smoking.
  • Non-existent data log

4. ThermoPro Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer ThermoProTM TP20 Wireless

ThermoPro Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Thermometer with Dual Probe For Smoker Grill BBQ Thermometer

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The ThermoPro T20 This advanced thermometer features a wireless remote temperature monitoring function.

This high-tech thermometer features a double test innovation screen that displays two different meat temperatures.

It includes the USDA-approved temperature for different meat types, including beef, ground chicken, pork, and beef.

It also has the done-ness levels for meat like medium, medium well, rare, and well done.

The transmitter has dual-purpose write that can be used to snare on the stove’s entryway or as a stand.

It has a range of up 300 feet and a temperature accuracy of +/– 1.8F degrees.

The temperature can be measured between 32F to 572F degrees.

Long-term cooking will cause the receiver to flash and beep when it reaches the predetermined temperature.

Moreover, you don’t need to follow tedious steps to set the transmitter and synchronize it. The display shows the temperature of the food and oven temperatures. There is also a backlight for evening cooking.


  • Dual probes
  • Multiple programming options
  • 250-300 feet wireless range
  • Lost connection alarm
  • Cout up/down Timer
  • Grill/BBQ ambient temperature


  • Absence of control/button lock
  • There is no physical labeling of probes

5. Weber iGrill 2 Temperaturometer

Weber iGrill 2 Temperaturometer

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The Weber iGrill 2 Temperaturometer Four probes are available to measure the temperature in two types of meat using Bluetooth connectivity via the iGrill App.

The probe can also be used to measure the temperature of the smoker, grill, or other area.

The app can be easily paired with the transmitter without any difficulty.

The package contains two meat probes, two probe covers, two probe indicators, two AA batteries and a quick start guide.

It can measure temperature from -22F to 572F degrees. The probes can withstand temperatures up to 716F.

Once fully charged, the battery can last for up to 200 hours.

On The downside is that if you walk away and lose connectivity to the transmitter, you might also lose the temperature graph.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth range is only 150 feet which is the shortest among all the reviewed thermometers.

This reliable thermometer is covered by a two-year warranty to ensure that you make a sound investment.


  •  Four probes capacity
  • Probe resistance up to 716F
  • Simple LED display
  • It’s easy to pair app and transmitter
  • Warranty of two years


  • Disconnected data can cause data loss
  • Bluetooth range low
  • No waterproofing

6. Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Tormometer IBT-6XS, 6 Probes

Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer IBT-6XS, 6 Probes,Rechargeable Battery, Digital Cooking Grill Thermometer for Smoker,150ft Oven Meat Thermometer, Magnet, Timer, Alarm for Kitchen, Food, Red

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The Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Temperaturometer IBT-6XS Bluetooth connectivity allows for remote temperature monitoring hands-free.

It has six probes, which is what the name implies. This thermometer has the most probes of any thermometer in this review.

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This allows you to insert multiple probes in a single piece meat of different thicknesses, ensuring consistent cooking.

The best part about this thermometer, is that each probe has its own display in your app.

You can also set the desired temperature without worrying that your steaks will turn out medium.

Once the meat reaches the desired temperature, it will sound an alarm on your phone.

The app allows you to plot temperature fluctuations graphs to guide you when you grill.

This thermometer is versatile and can measure temperatures from 32F to 572F degrees. It can also accurately measure temperature within one to two degrees.

The temperature range of the sensors and steel cables is up to 570F.


  •  Includes six probes
  • Clear digital display
  • User-friendly app
  • Temperature range from 32F to 572F


  • Bluetooth range is limited to 150 feet
  • Doesn’t come with batteries

7. Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Tormometer for Grilling, 4 Probes

Inkbird Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer with 4 Probes, Rechargeable Batterie, Timer, Alarm, 150 ft Barbecue Cooking Kitchen Food Meat Temperaturometer for Oven, Drum

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The Inkbird Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer IBT-4XS Two temperature ranges are available for both short-term and continuous coverage.

The box contains four stainless-steel temperature probes, a USB cable, two cooking grate clips and a setup manual.

Temperature can be measured between 32F and 572F degrees in a short time and 32F- 482F degrees in continuous monitoring.

The four probes can be easily paired with Android and iPhone to monitor the cooking temperature anywhere in your home. Bluetooth connectivity allows for a precise monitoring distance of 150 ft or less.

The magnetic design on the back allows you to place it on your smoker or oven to prevent accidental falls.

After fully charging, the battery lasts 60 hours. This is enough time to cook multiple meals.

On the downside, the transmitter body isn’t waterproof, so it’s better not to use it in wet conditions.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Four probes made of stainless steel
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • 4.9 feet probes
  • Dual temperature range


  • Transmitter made from plastic
  • Only four probes included
  • No waterproofing
  • Limited graph functionality

8. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker BBQ Grill Oven Oven Thermometer with Dual Probe Cooking Food Thermometer

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The ThermoProTM TP08S It is a dual probe meat thermometer with a transmitter AND a receiver.

It transmits the data wirelessly to a receiver, rather than via a smartphone, unlike some of the previously discussed thermometers.

The transmitter can remotely measure temperature, even from a distance of 300 feet.

The two six inch food probes can be used to measure both meat and ambient temperature.

It includes both high-temperature and low temperature alarms to prevent under and over cooking.

The receiver measures 4.5 inches high and 2.5 inches wide. It has a sweet belt clip to keep the receiver in a standing position. Simultaneously the transmitter measures 3.5 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width. The transmitter also comes with a stand/hanger.

The probes are also equipped with 42 inch long cables that can withstand heat up to 716F degrees.

This thermometer is able to measure temperatures between 32F and 572F degrees.


  •  Two six inches food probes
  • Affordable
  • Backlit screen
  • Hands-free design
  • Preset temperature settings


  • Old-school design
  • Bulky receiver and transmitter

9. Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer For Grilling, Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling, Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Digital BBQ Cooking Thermometer with 4 Probes, Alarm Monitor Cooking Thermometer for Barbecue Oven Kitchen, Support iOS & Android

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The Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer It comes with four probes that measure the temperature. It also displays the temperature via Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone or tablet.

This smart thermometer can measure temperature between 32F to 572F degrees.

The probe cords can withstand heat upto 716F degrees and the probes up to 482F. The probe cords can be organized by wrapping the probe cables with plastic probe cable.

Magnetic back is included with the transmitter to attach it to a metal surface.

Install the Easy BBQ app on your Android or Apple smartphone.

You can also set alerts for high and low temperatures.


  • 11 preset temperatures
  • Notification alerts about the temperature you desire
  • Magnetic back
  • 32F to 572F degrees  temperature range
  • Durable probe cords


  • Only 100 feet indoors and 170 outdoors

10. Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer

Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer for Grilling Smart with 6 Stainless Steel Probes Remoted Monitor for Cooking Smoker Kitchen Oven, Support iOS & Android

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The Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Features six heat probes that resist water.

You can easily measure the temperature anywhere from 33F up to 572F degrees.

This innovative thermometer features two BBQ meat claws as well six meat probes with racks and a manual.

Once the temperature is reached, the transmitter emits a beep sound.

It also has 11 preset temperatures that include pork, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and hamburger.

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The probe wires are equipped with metal braiding to prevent tangling. The Teflon core can withstand temperatures as high as 716F degrees.

Temperatures can be easily monitored at distances of 100 m or 300 ft.


  • Affordable
  • Wraps for stainless steel probes
  • Pairing with smartphones is easy
  • Includes probe clips
  • Water-resistant probes
  • 33F to 572F degrees temperature range
  • 1-year warranty


  • Probes can easily snap
  • Doesn’t include batteries

How to Select the Best Smoker Thermometer

After reading the reviews, you might be tempted by the smoker thermometer.

Wait, how do I choose the right thermometer for my grilling and smoking needs?

Don’t worry; we’ll explain the selection criteria to choose the best smoker thermometer.

Clear Read-out

You should be able read the temperature reading from a safe distance away from the transmitter.

However, you can still see the temperature remotely from your smartphone or receiver. What if you are standing at the grill or smoke and want to check the transmitter’s temperature?

That’s why many models also come with a backlight to facilitate temperature reading.

Alarms and timer

A timer, alarm or beep sound are all important factors. A smoke thermometer has the greatest advantage: it can be used to reduce continuous monitoring.

That’s why you need to set a count-down timer with an alarm notification when the food reaches the desired temperature.

Remote Range

Advanced smoke thermometers allow remote monitoring. So, it’s better to check the required range and, more importantly, the obstacles.

The majority of the thermometers discussed above have a temperature range of 150 to 495 feet.

This distance depends on the type of connectivity. WiFi connectivity is more reliable than Bluetooth connectivity if there is an Internet connection.

Else, it’s better to opt for Bluetooth connectivity if you don’t trust your WiFi speed.

Other factors include temperature, accuracy, probe, cable length, and construction.

How does a smoker thermometer work?

In order to find out the answer to the question under discussion, it’s better to understand the smoker thermometer types. You will be able to understand the operation of various types of smoker thermometers.

  • Thermocouple probes – Are the fastest instant-red proves with two- to the five-second readout. Digital thermometer measures the temperature at the intersection point of two fine wires.
  • Semiconductor-based sensor- It measures temperature with its bimetallic wire. It takes approximately 20 seconds to get a reading. To accurately measure temperature, probes should be placed two to three inches below the food.
  • Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor – Measures the temperature according to the protein’s resistance changes. The temperature is measured by the resistance, which falls as the temperature rises. This results in a precise and quick temperature reading.

How to Use the Thermometer to Smoke?

It’s an essential section because you won’t measure the accurate temperature if you don’t insert the temperature probes correctly.

  • The digital meat probe should be inserted into the meat piece’s deepest part. This is where the length of your probe plays a crucial role. Don’t contact the probes with bones; else, you’ll end up with inaccurate temperature. Lastly, don’t insert the needle so far that it reaches the other side of the meat.
  • If you have a dual BBQ probe system, the probe can be attached directly to the grill grate to monitor the temperature of the meat and the smoker. The clip helps you keep the probe in its proper place.
  • The thermometer will take around 30 seconds to read the correct temperature after you have inserted the probe.

To accurately measure the temperature of your meat, you need to keep the needle in its middle.


Many smokers have a lid that has a thermometer. These thermometers cannot measure the ambient temperature. To cook succulent steaks for your loved ones, you will need a smoke thermometer.

Moreover, you can’t use the hit and trial method to check the meat’s condition by poking it from the outside or analyzing its juice.

You will be able to grill flawlessly if you have a meat smoker thermometer. This allows you to monitor your exact temperature remotely.

Not only can a smoker thermometer measure a wide variety of temperatures, but it also has the best temperature accuracy.

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