What is Skirt Steak?

What piece of meat is most popular at your local supermarket? Some people prefer the chunky ribeye, while others might like the NY strip’s fatty marbling. These meat cuts are costly, so not everyone can afford to buy them.

Nevertheless, there are many other meat cuts you can go for if you’re looking for flavorful protein without burning a hole in your pocket. The skirt steak, for example, is a versatile cut of beef that’s often overlooked on supermarket shelves.

It is made from the lower rib muscles and the abdomen of the cow. It has long grains and a strong beefy flavor. Are you curious to learn more about this meat cut? Check This detailed answer is available What is skirt Steak? Get all the information you need.

What is Skirt Steak?

Skirt steak is a cut of beef from the area under the lower rib section. Also known as the diaphragm area, the part produces mid-range meat cuts that aren’t very fatty or highly lean.

The distinguishing feature of skirt steaks is its long, well-defined muscle fibers. These give it a more tough texture than other steaks. It’s also an unusually-shaped steak with a narrow profile. That’s why it is best served sliced thinly after cooking.

There are two types: the inside and the outside skirts. They are almost identical in flavor, but they differ in size and tenderness.

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The Inside Skirt Steak

If you’re looking for an expensive steak to incorporate healthy proteins into your everyday diet, the inside skirt is the ideal option for you. It comes cheap because most people don’t prefer it because of its tough, chewy texture.

It is still delicious and requires little extra care and attention when cooking.

The 6th-12th area of the rib is the source of the inside skirt. It is slightly shorter than its outside counterpart, measuring approximately 5-7 inches. It is half as thick than the outside skirt, which allows for quick cooking and easy preparation.

The Outside Skirt Steak

Most skirt steak fans prefer the outside cut to the inner. That’s because the outside part is larger, thicker, and more tender.

The outside skirt steak is typically sold whole and cooked whole. To ensure that the bites are easy to eat, it is important to cook the skirt steak against the grain.

This makes it the ideal steak for recipes such as fajitas and tacos.

Besides that, the outside skirt steak is covered with a white membrane you’ll need to remove before marinating it. You can ask your butcher for the sinew to be removed so you can save your time.

Although you can remove the membrane yourself as well, you might end up peeling off some of the meat underneath if you’re an amateur.

As a new buyer, you might not be able to tell the difference between the outside and inside skirt steak. That’s why make sure to ask the butcher about the location of the cut so you can get your preferred steak.

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Is Skirt Steak Nutritious?

If you’re going for skirt steak as an affordable protein option for your family, you must be concerned about its nutrition content. The good news about skirt steak is that it is a lean cut of meat, high in beneficial proteins, and low in fats.

A typical skirt steak may contain around 22 grams protein and 4 grams of saturated oil. A skirt steak is healthier than other fatty steaks that have a silky texture.

How to cook skirt steak?

It can be tricky to cook skirt steak due to its tough texture and long muscles grains. If you cook it the wrong way, you’ll end up with a rubbery, chewy meat dish.

The best way to marinate steak is with enzyme-induced substances. These ingredients include Worcestershire sauce, citrus juices and soy sauce. Then heat the pan to the right temperature, and then sear each side for about 2-3 minutes.

Skirt steak doesn’t need to be cooked for too long. Overcooking the meat will cause it to become dry and difficult to chew.

Once you’re done cooking, slice your skirt steak against the grain. Slicing parallel to the grain will produce tougher bites that’ll be difficult to chew.

Another tip for cooking skirt steak is drying it off before placing it on the hot plate. To achieve a crispy crust with a smoky taste, you should drain the marinade.

You can make a crust by adding extra moisture to the dish.


This concludes the basic information about skirt steak. When buying skirt steak, ensure you choose the right cut for your recipe.

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It is important to not overcook meat. This can cause it to lose its natural flavor. Just pay attention to the details, and you’ll be able to cook anything from a stir-fry, nachos topping, fajitas, and much more using this modest meat cut.

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