Best Schlage Z-Wave Door Locks

Smart locks have eliminated the worries about losing keys, the cost for rekeying, as well as the fear of having your locks picked.

Smart locks allow you to go keyless, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors via access codes. It’s just got even better, as some smart locks come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and the like—that lets you control them remotely.

Perhaps you’re accustomed to controlling your locks remotely, and you want a reliable Schlage Z-Wave smart lock—we have featured the best ones in this article. Schlage has some the best smart locks on market. A Schlage smartlock that works with Z-Wave may be the right one for you. 

That said, if you’re ready to have a look, here you go!

Our Top Picks at A Glance:



Schlage BE469ZP CAM 625 Smart Deadbolt

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Schlage Home Keypad Lever w/ Z-Wave Technology

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Schlage BE469ZP CAM 716 Smart Deadbolt

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Schlage BE469ZPVCAM716 Camelot Touchscreen Smart Lock

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Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt

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Best Schlage Z-Wave Locks: Reviews

1. Schlage BE469ZP CAM 625 Smart Deadbolt

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This is one of the best. Schlage’s Connect models that use Z-Wave to connect. It’s compatible with Z-Wave smart home systems, and you can also pair it with security systems like Ring Alarm.

You can lock and unlock your door from far away by pairing it with one of these smart home systems.

This door lock has a keyed entry as well as passcode access. You can create up 30 passcodes that you can share with your household members.

You can also use the alarm’s built-in alarm to secure your home. The alarm notifies on the spot if anyone attempts to gain illegal entry.

This lock works with any other locks Amazon Alexa for voice control. You may need to purchase a compatible hub to pair with Alexa and other devices.

2. Schlage Home Keypad Lever w/ Z-Wave Technology

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This Schlage smart lock, which is Z-Wave based, has many interesting features.

The lock can be set up to alert users when someone opens it via a specific code. You can share access codes with your family members and receive text messages regarding any code used.

This enables you to know who enters your home anytime—based on the code used. You can also remotely change, add, or delete existing access codes. You can immediately revoke access to a code if you detect any suspicious activity.

This lock is also easy to install, and it fits perfectly on pre-drilled standard doors—a good option for replacing your existing deadbolts.

Of course, the lock is Z–Wave enabled. It can be connected to multiple Z-Wave devices within your home. It also works with Nexia Home Intelligence, which facilitates remote access.

The lock is strong and resistant to break-in attempts.

3. Schlage Z-Wave Lock (BE469ZP, CAM 716 Smart Deadbolt).

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This Schlage lock uses Z-Wave communication protocol. So you can pair it with Z-Wave-based smart home systems and the like—via a compatible hub.

You can also connect the lock to your phone for remote access.

The lock offers many other exciting features beyond its Z-Wave capabilities. These include a keyway as well as access codes entry access that allow you to switch between keyless and keyed entry.

You can easily create access codes via the touchpad. You can create up to 30 codes—and share them with anyone you want to allow access to your home when you’re away.

The lock also has an alarm that can be set to your preferences. It can notify you when someone approaches your door or if there is a forced entry attempt.

The lock can be used with SmartThings and Ring Alarm Home Security System as well as Alexa Voice Assistant.

It is a Z-Wave-based locking device, so the battery consumption is minimal. There is also a low battery indicator that will alert you when your battery is low. It may start sending notifications within a few weeks, before your battery runs out.

4. Schlage BE469ZPVCAM716 Connect Touchscreen Smart Lock

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Like other Z-Wave locks above, this lock supports remote access via a compatible hub—such as Samsung SmartThings and Wink. That is, you can connect it to your smartphone, lock and unlock your door via the Schlage Home app—from miles away.

And if you’d like to control the lock hands-free, you can connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. The Alexa app allows you to create and modify access codes.

You can also create access codes via the touchscreen. The lock can store up to 30 codes.

The lock also has an alarm system that notifies you when the battery is low and when it is opened or unlocked by someone.

5. Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt—Z-Wave Plus Enabled

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Are you looking for a Z-Wave locking device that works with Ring Alarm Home Security System’s Ring Alarm Home Security System? This Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is the right choice.

Yes, the lock can be connected to Ring via a compatible hub. It works remotely via the Schlage Home app. You can also remotely lock and unlock your door using the Ring app.

That’s not all. The lock is compatible AlexaIt can also be operated via voice commands.

You can also program 30 access code for keyless entry using the touchscreen.

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FAQs about Schlage Z-Wave Locks

Do I need a hub to use Z-Wave smart locks with Z-Wave smart locks

Yes. Yes. This is because smartphones are not native to Z-Wave but Wi-Fi, so a hub is required to interpret data between the different communication protocols—Wi-Fi and Z-Wave.

What hubs work with Schlage Z-Wave locks

Most Schlage locks are compatible with Z-Wave. Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings (Wink), etc.

Are Z-Wave locks superior to Wi-Fi locks or are they just as effective?

It depends on your requirements. Wi-Fi locks can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or other smart device. Z-Wave locks, however, require a hub to connect. To be able to remotely control them, they need a smart hub.

Both Z-Wave-based and Wi-Fi locks have their advantages and disadvantages. The best lock for you will depend on your needs.

What Smart Home Systems are compatible Schlage Z-Wave Locks with?

The following Smart Home Systems can be used with Schlage Z-Wave locks (especially Schlage Connect Deadbolts).

  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Wink
  • Nexia
  • Alexa


Remotely controlling your door locks doesn’t only provide convenience but extra security to your home. As you can see, connecting your smart locks with Z-Wave devices allows you to monitor what is happening at your door. If you see suspicious activity, you can take immediate steps.

These Schlage Z-Wave lock can be used with any Z-Wave device. A compatible hub can allow you to connect to WiFi-based devices like your smartphone.

To enjoy full functionality, it is important to make sure your locks are properly installed and connected to the correct device. While the locks are easy to install, you want to get a locksmith to handle the installation if you’re not sure of doing it correctly.

There are other issues that may occur when connecting to your smart-home devices. Make sure you follow the instructions to ensure a successful connection.

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