Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working? (Explained & Solved)

Schlage Turn Lock, also known by Lock and Leave, can be found in Schlage BE365 and BE369 Keypad Deadbolts.

The feature, when enabled, allows you to lock your deadbolt from the outside without needing to enter a User Code. To lock the deadbolt, press the Schlage button and rotate the thumb turn.

This feature can sometimes malfunction (suddenly stop working), so you will need to enter a valid User Code to rotate the thumb turn to lock your deadbolt.

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Schlage Turn Lock Not Working: These Troubleshooting Tips will help you.

1. Make sure the Turn Lock Feature has been enabled

The Turn Lock feature is automatically enabled by default. However, it could have been accidentally disabled. You will need to check that the feature is enabled before you attempt to lock the deadbolt again.

Here’s how to enable the Turn Lock feature:

  • Enter your current Programming Code, and wait for the Schlage Button to turn on three orange lights, and it will beep three more times.
  • Press the Schlage Press the button, then press 7 To complete the process.
  • The Schlage button will flash a single green light followed by a long beep indicating that the process was successful.

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    Notification: You can enable/disable the Turn Lock feature using the same method as above.

    After the first attempt, lock the deadbolt again without entering a User Code. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps and try to lock it again.

    Also, ensure you’re locking the deadbolt correctly. Before turning the thumb turn, you must press the Schlage button. For clarity, see the image below.

    Is it possible to lock the deadbolt now by pressing the Schlage button and rotating your thumb turn? Congratulations! If not, please see the next troubleshooting steps.

    2. Factory Reset Your Lock

    This is your best bet if the first step couldn’t solve the problem.

    The Schlage Turn Lock feature, as mentioned, is enabled by default. Factory reset of the lock will automatically restore all factory default settings.

    You can also restore factory settings to fix other issues that may have caused the Turn Lock function to stop working.

    You can reset your Schlage keypad lock (BE365), by following the steps below.

  • The battery cover should be removed and the battery disconnected.
  • Press release Schlage button.
  • In 10 seconds, connect the battery again and press and hold for the remainder of the time Schlage Push the button until the lock illuminates green.
  • That’s all about resetting your Schlage lock.

    To confirm that the reset was successful enter one of the Default Codes to unlock the lock. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps and ensure you complete the last step within 10 seconds.

    NoteFactory reset your lock will erase all settings. So you’ll have to start all over again to program your lock—change the Programming Code, add User Codes, etc. Go here for Schlage BE356 programming instructions.

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    Next, lock the deadbolt by going outside and not entering a User Code. This will test if the Turn Lock feature is working.

    And if the Turn Lock feature still doesn’t work after resetting the lock, contact Schlage Technical Support for further help. Go here Contact Schlage

    Wrapping up

    Though enabling the Schlage Turn Lock feature helps you to quickly lock your door from the outside without entering a User Code, there’s also a slight downside to it; unauthorized persons can lock your door from outside. Before you decide whether to enable or disallow the feature, make sure you understand the implications.

    To recap, if the Schlage Turn Lock feature isn’t working in your lock, you can fix it by ensuring the feature is enabled or factory resetting your lock. You can enable the Turn Lock feature or reset your lock by following these steps.

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