Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Open? (Solved!)

The indicator light on a Schlage keypad lock will normally blink green after you have entered a valid code. This indicates that your door should unlock once the code is accepted.

However, the reverse could be the case sometimes—the lock blinks green but won’t open. Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone! Recently, my Schlage BE365 Keypad Deadbolt developed the same problem, and I’m going to share with you how I fixed the problem.

So here’s what I did: I simply reset the lock to its factory default settings, and that got the problem solved.

Check first that the lock has been properly installed and that the batteries have been properly placed. Assuming your lock is properly installed with the batteries still in use, factory resets may be possible.

In detail, here’s how to go about this:

Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Unlock: How to Solve the Problem

1. Make sure your lock is properly installed

If your Schlage lock does not open after entering a valid code, the first thing you should do is to inspect your installation. Incomplete/wrong installation could cause your lock not to open even after entering a valid code—according to Schlage.

To check if your lock installation was correct, open the door. Next, rotate the inside lever or thumb turn downward to see if it retracts. If it retracts, the installation is complete. But if the latch doesn’t retract, that means the installation isn’t correctly done and you may have to contact Schlage or a locksmith to assist you further.

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Also, go here Find out more about installing a Schlage Keypad Lock.

Note: You need to open the door to verify the installation, so if you’re locked out and unable to unlock with user codes, switch to a physical key. The door should be openable with a physical key.

2. Check Replace and Charge Batteries

Your Schlage keypad lock might not work correctly if the batteries are low. Though most Schlage keypad locks come with a low battery indicator that notifies you when the batteries are low, it may happen unannounced sometimes—probably due to low-quality batteries.

Make sure the batteries are still in good condition. If not, replace them with new batteries and ensure they’re properly placed.

Do not mix batteries, replace all of them for the best performance. Click here Schlage locks batteries are available for more information.

3. Factory Reset the Lock

If your lock still blinks green after entering a user code but won’t open, then factory resetting it is your best bet.

That is, you should reset it after confirming that the installation is complete/correct and the batteries active/fresh—but blinks green and won’t unlock.

You don’t know how to factory reset your Schlage lock keypad? Check out the following:

How to Factory Reset a Schlage Keypad Lock

  • Take off the battery cover, then remove the connector.
  • On Press and hold the Schlage button on the keypad.
  • While you hold the Schlage button, reconnect the battery connector.
  • After reconnecting your battery connector, release the Schlage key.
  • Did the green light on the keypad or the inside Schlage button flash 3 times each? If the answer is yes, the lock has been successfully reset back to factory settings. This should resolve the problem.

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    Now you can reprogram your lock by using the default programming code.

    Keep in mind that Schlage keypad locks are of different models, so if this method of factory resetting doesn’t work on your lock, refer to your user manual for a more specific guide. This method works with most Schlage keypad locks.


    Factory reset your lock will erase all user codes and settings, including programming/master codes.

    The default code will be used as the programming code. So you’ll have to reprogram your lock using the default code and you should change the default programming code to ensure security.

    More so, keep in mind that all codes shared with third parties won’t be valid anymore, so you need to add new user codes and probably reassign them to those you previously assigned. How to add user codes and change the programming code Schlage keypad lock.

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