Schlage FE595 Troubleshooting Guide

This post is just what the title implies. It contains tips to help you troubleshoot common issues with your Schlage Schlage FE595 lock keypad lock. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then let’s head right into it.

How to Troubleshoot a Lost Programming Code, or Programming Code That Does Not Work:

If you’ve lost your Schlage FE595 Programming Code or the Programming Code isn’t working, here is how to go about this issue:

Check the front of your user manual to find the preset Programming Code—usually printed on a white label.

If you don’t have the manual, remove the lock from the door to find the default Programming Code on the back of the keypad assembly—printed on a white label.

Next, you will need to restore default settings on the lock to override lost/inoperable Programming Code. That is, restoring factory settings on the lock will erase the current Programming Code (that isn’t working) and replace it with the default code, which you already have.

If you’re not sure how to restore factory settings on your Schlage FE595, here’s how:

  • Take off the battery cover and take out the batteries. Next, press and release. Schlage Click the button on your keypad.
  • Place the battery back into the case and replace the connector. Next, press the button and hold it. Schlage Click the button until it blinks red, followed by one beep. This step should be completed within 10 seconds.

Now your lock has been reset. If you’re not sure how to reprogram the lock (changing the default codes and programming other functions), go here Continue reading for more information about programming.

Can’t Change the Programming Code on Schlage FE595: How to Troubleshoot

If you’re unable to change the Programming Code on your Schlage FE595, chances are you’re not getting the steps correctly or not entering a valid current Programming Code.

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To change your Programming Code, you’ll need to enter the current code during the process. For instance, if your current Programming Code is 123456, you’ll need to enter the code before changing it. And if you’ve just reset your lock, your current Programming Code is the default code—find it on the front of your user manual or on the back of the keypad assembly.

Next, follow the steps below for changing the Programming code on your Schlage F595

  • Enter the current Programming Code. Next, wait for the Schlage to light three orange lights followed by three beeps. Next, press the Schlage button.
  • Press 3 Wait for the Schlage button’s three orange lights to be illuminated, followed by three beeps.
  • Enter a new programming code (6 digits), wait for the Schlage to light up three times, then three beeps.
  • Enter the new Programming Code once again to complete the operation. The Schlage button will turn green, and then a long beep will indicate that the operation has been completed successfully.
  • Can’t Change the 4 Digit Code on Schlage Lock FE595: How to Troubleshoot

    You will need to delete the 4-digit code from your Schlage FE595 lock and then add a different code.

    You will need to remove the default 4-digit codes from your Schlage FE595 and add your own codes for security.

    Follow these steps to modify the default User Codes for your Schlage FE595

  • Enter your current Programming Code and wait for the Schlage button flash orange lights three more times before you hear three beeps. Next, press the Schlage button.
  • Press 6, wait for Schlage button to illuminate orange 3 times, followed immediately by 3 beeps.
  • Enter your Programming Code again. If the Schlage button lights up green and then emits a long beep, the operation has been successful.
  • Now the default User Codes have been deleted, so you’ll need to add your own codes. Here’s how to do that:

  • Enter your current Programming Code and wait for the Schlage button three times to illuminate orange, followed by three beeps. Next, press the Schlage button.
  • After pressing 1, wait for the Schlage to flash three times, and then the lock will beep three more times.
  • Enter a new User code (4 digits), and then wait for Schlage to illuminate orange three more times, followed by three beeps.
  • Enter the new User Code. The lock will flash green once, followed by a long beep—showing the operation is successful.
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    So that’s all you need to do to create a new User Code on your Schlage FE595 keypad lock. Repeat the steps to add more User Codes—if you want to.

    Schlage FE595 Locking Not: How to Troubleshoot

    Issues like this could happen if your lock is set to “unlocked” or when the batteries are weak. With that in mind, the first step to resolving this issue is to check whether the lock is set to “unlocked”.

    The “unlocked” feature in your Schlage FE595 (if enabled) keeps the lock unlocked until you return it to the lock position.

    So, if you’re having issues locking your Schlage FE595, you want to check if the unlocked feature is active; perhaps you activated it in error.

    To check whether your lock is set to “unlocked”, head over to the interior assembly and check if the thumb turn is set to the vertical position. If so, it means “unlocked” is activated. To activate relock, rotate the thumb to the horizontal position.

    Try locking your door again to verify that it works.

    If the issue persists, replace the batteries. Low batteries can also cause problems. Make sure you don’t mix new batteries with old ones and only use alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries/rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

    If the problem persists after changing the batteries, you can restore factory settings to your lock (see how reset your lock above).

    If this doesn’t help, contact Schlage Customer Support for help.

    Schlage FE595 Won’t Open After Accepting a User Code: How to Troubleshoot

    Usually, the reason your lock Schlage FE595 may accept a code but won’t open is when Vacation Mode is activated. Vacation Mode (when enabled) makes all User Codes inactive, meaning no User Codes will unlock the lock until it’s disabled.

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    So if you’re currently experiencing this, try to turn off Vacation Mode on your lock, then enter the code again to see if it works.

    Simply enter your current Programming Code through the keypad to turn off Vacation Mode. A Schlage button will light up green and then sound a single beep to indicate a successful operation.

    You can now attempt to open your doors again using a valid User-Code.

    It worked! Awesome! You can try again, but replace the batteries.

    If the problem persists then you should check that the lock is properly installed. If it’s a new lock (recently installed), and it won’t open with a User Code, chances are it’s not properly installed.

    To check if the latch retracts correctly, rotate the thumb turn. If not, it appears the lock isn’t installed correctly. Reinstall the lock by removing it from your door. You want to get a professional to help you with the installation if you’re not sure how to do it properly.

    To see if the problem is resolved, you can reset the lock. Learn how to reset Schlage FE595 below.

    Wrapping up

    Most issues can be fixed with the Schlage FE595 by restoring the default settings. Other issues may require a battery replacement or other settings. Be sure to try every possible solution.

    If you’ve reset your lock, ensure you change the default Programming Code to ensure security, and as well prevent anyone else from tampering with your lock’s programming.

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