Schlage Connect Programming Code Not Working? (Solved!)

To make changes to your Schlage lock programming, you must first enter a 6-digit Programing Code. So if the code isn’t working, you can’t make essential changes, such as adding/deleting a user code.

Sounds like what you’re looking to solve in your Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt? This post has valuable information for you. Let’s head right into it!

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If your Schlage Connect Programming Code isn’t working, the odds are you’re not entering the right Code or there’s a glitch in your lock. You can fix this problem by entering the correct Programming Code, or resetting your lock to factory default settings.

Well, the above explanation might not be enough—I get it. Let’s get into more details on how to fix the Schlage Connect Programming Code not working glitch.

Schlage Connect Programming code not working: How to fix the problem

1. Ensure You’re Entering the Right Programming Code

Schlage Connect Default Programming Code can be found on the back of the user manual, and the back of the Alarm Assembly—on a sticker. But it’s recommended that you change the default code, which you probably did.

So if you’ve previously changed the default Programming Code, you can’t use it to program your lock anymore. You must use the current code.

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So you want to confirm that you’re entering the right code, otherwise, it won’t work—just like what you’re probably experiencing.

But assuming you’re certain that you are using the right code but still not working, then the odds are it’s a bug. You can fix the bug by following the next steps.

2. Reset Factory Settings to Fix the Problem

As mentioned, if you’re sure your Programming Code is correct, but still doesn’t work, then factory resetting the lock is your best bet.

Be aware that all user codes and any other changes to the lock programming will be erased/returned back to factory default settings. So you’ll have to reprogram the lock using the default Programming Code.

That said, here’s how to reset your Schlage lock:

  • Take off the battery cover and unplug the batteries.
  • Hold the Schlage button on the outside. Next, hold the Schlage buttress and reconnect the battery.
  • To complete the process, release the Schlage button.
  • So that’s how to reset a Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt. This should fix the Programming Code bug.

    It is important to test it to ensure that the reset went smoothly.

    You can do this by pressing the Schlage button and then enter one of the Default User Codes—to see if it unlocks the lock.

    Notification: Factory resetting the lock can also help you fix the problem if you’ve lost/don’t remember your current Programming Code.

    Now you can change your default Programming Code to a different one. And here’s how to change the default Programming Code and add new User Codes.

    Changing Schlage Connect Programming Code After Factory Reset

    • Step 1Press the Schlage button, then enter the 6 digit default Programming Code. Now your lock will be in programming mode.
    • Step 2: Press 3 and then enter your new Programming Code—6 digits.
    • Step 3: Enter the new Programming Code once more and wait for it to blink and beep two times.
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    The process is successful as evidenced by the flashes and beeps.

    Programming new user codes with Schlage Connect

    • Step 1: Press and hold the Schlage button. Enter your current Programming Code. This will activate programming mode.
    • Step 2: Press 1 and then enter a new User Code—4 to 8 digits.
    • Step 3: To complete the process, enter the User Code again.

    To confirm that a new code was successfully added, the lock will blink twice and sound twice.

    If any of the methods don’t work for you, refer to your user manual for specific instructions.

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    Similar Questions

    Where can I find my Schlage lock programming code?

    Schlage Connect’s Programming Code can be found on the back side of the User Guide (on stickers) and the backside of the Alarm Assembly.

    And for other Schlage models, you may find the Programming Code on the backplate of the keypad—on the exterior of the door. The code is located on a sticker.

    What if I lose my Schlage Programming Code

    If you’ve lost your Programming Code, you can factory reset the lock and then use the default Programming Code to put the lock in programming mode—and then add/change codes.

    What is the default Programming Code for Schlage locks

    Different Schlage locks have different programming codes. You can always find your Schlage lock default programing code on the back or alarm assembly of the user manual. The exact location of the code may vary depending on which model you have.

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    Why is my Schlage Connect blinking a red light?

    If your SchlageConnect continues to blink red, it’s likely that the batteries are low and need replacement.

    How can I delete a User Code that I don’t remember?

    The only way to delete a User Code you don’t remember is to delete all existing user codes and then add new codes.

    Schlage BE365 Programming Code not working—what to do?

    Like Schlage Connect, if your Schlage BE365 Programming Code isn’t working, you can fix the problem by factory resetting the lock. Learn how to factory reset any Schlage locking device by clicking here.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you lost/don’t remember your Schlage Connect Programming Code or the Programming Code is not working because of a glitch, you can solve it by factory resetting the lock.

    But as mentioned, once you reset your lock factory settings, you’ll lose all User Codes, including all previous programming changes you made.

    Assuming your lock was previously paired to your Home Automation System or Security system, such as Ring Alarm And Vivint, you’ll have to start all over again to pair them.

    You’ll also have to reprogram new User Codes and change the default Programming Code to ensure security.

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