8 Modern Replacement Glass Shades for Pendant Lights

Are your pendant lamp shades getting old and stained? It’s high time to replace them with new ones! This post will provide you with the best replacement glass shades for pendant lamps.

There are many types of pendant light fixtures. We have tried our best to find standard lampshades that will fit most of them.

Before you buy any, however, make sure you check the dimensions to ensure they match your existing shades.

If you’re ready to look through our selections, here you go:

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Clear Hammered Replacement Glass For Pendant Lights

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Clear Glass Cylinder Lamp Shades For Pendant Light Fixtures

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Clear Globe Seeded, Bubble Finish Replacement Glass

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XIDING Oval Cone Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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Pendant Light Fixtures: Crack Finish Glass Lamp Shade

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Anmire Water Pattern Style Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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Modern Crack Style Replacement Shade

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B&P Clear Glass Deep Cone Replacement Shade

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Best Replacement Glass Shades for Pendant Lights—Reviews

1. Clear Hammered Replacement Glass For Pendant Lights

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This unique hammered clear glass shade can be used to replace various pendant light fixtures. It can be used in the living room, dining area, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you have pendant light fixtures. Before you buy it, make sure you check that the dimensions are compatible with your existing light fixture.

It measures 4 inches wide by 6.5 inches high. The fitter size for this item is 1.75. It’s safe to hang upwards or downwards. It can be used as a pendant light or as an island light replacement. wall sconcesOther compatible lamps.

The lampshade has a clear glass which can be used with any color or finish. Its clear glass gives off a great amount of brightness. It’s also solid and won’t wear off quickly.

Based on the light fixtures you have, you may only require the socket rings to replace your glass shades with this. Note that it doesn’t come with the socket rings and you have to purchase them separately.

2. Clear Glass Cylinder Lamp Shade to Fit Pendant Light Fixtures

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If you’re looking for a clear glass lampshade for your pendant light fixture, this is one replacement glass shade that ticks all the boxes. It’s durable, elegant, and comes in a size that fits most pendant light fixtures.

That’s not all about it; you can use it for other light fixtures aside from pendant light. Ceiling lightsOther light fixtures that are compatible with this glass shade include wall lights, chandeliers, or wall lights.

The clear glass allows the bulb’s light to shine through, creating a great atmosphere in the living room, dining area, and other rooms.

Like other glass light shadesBefore ordering the lampshade, verify its dimensions. This lampshade measures approximately 3.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high. The bottom circular hole measures 1-5/8 inches and the thickness is 1/10.

It is easy to install if your existing light fixture is compatible.

3. Clear Globe Seeded, Bubble Finish Replacement Glass

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This lampshade, which is slightly smaller than the original pendant light fixture’s seeded globe shade could be a great replacement.

It’s a high-quality clear globe that combines durability and aesthetics. It will bring elegance to any place it is used. Of course, it’s a great fit for pendant lamps (mini pendant lights inclusive) and also works for island hanging lights, desktop lamps, and more.

It comes in a standard size and should fit most standard light fixtures. The main size is; 6 inches’ height, 6 inches’ weight (outer diameter), and 1.5/8 inches for the fitter (bottom diameter).

It’s sold in 3 pieces and properly packed to prevent damage.

4. XIDING Oval Cone Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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This modern glass shade will transform your old light fixture. It should even upgrade your room’s décor with its contemporary design. It’s designed with quality materials and getting it means you have a glass shade that would last for a long time. That’s value for money, right? The benefits extend to adding more colors to your home’s décor.

It is not always easy to order glass shades online. If that’s your worry, it’s been addressed here. In fact, all of the glass shades we offer come with secured wrapping before shipping. This particular glass shape is packaged in bubble wrap to strengthen the packaging. The seller also provides a replacement free of charge in the event of damage.

The size of the glass shade is 5.5 inches’ diameter and 6.29 inches in height. The top circular hole is measured at 2.16 inches’ diameter.

5. Pendant Light Fixtures: Crack Finish Glass Lamp Shade

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There are many glass options for pendant lights. You might want to consider a crack-finish lampshade if you are looking for a unique style. You get style and value for your money, as well as the beauty that will enhance your home’s lighting fixtures and decor. This is because it’s durable and won’t wear off quickly. It can even withstand being struck by a stray item and breaking.

The glass shade can also be used on pendant lights and other light fixtures. So if you’re looking to change your ceiling light glass shades, island hanging light, or desktop lamps, you want to consider using this if the shape and dimension are the same or even similar.

Here is the dimension; 6 inches in height, 4 inches wide outer diameter, and a 1 5/8 bottom base diameter (that’s the fitter). This is a standard size and will fit most standard light fixture sizes. However, it is important to measure the light fixture before purchasing.

6. Anmire Water Pattern Style Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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Another style of pendant light glass shade that you might like is this: You may also have an old lampshade that you would like to replace. It’s a modern clear glass with a ripple style finish. It displays your bulb in a stylish way and creates a warm ambiance in your living or dining room.

The package contains two clear cylinder glasses shades. They are securely wrapped to protect them during shipping. For the size, it’s a 3.5 inches’ diameter glass shade, with a height of 5.5 inches. The bottom hole measures 1 5/8 inch. These dimensions will help you determine if the fixture fits.

You won’t have a hard time replacing your old lampshades with this if you follow the unmounting process carefully. Perhaps you don’t just want to make mistakes during installation, you can get an electrician to help you out.

7. Modern Crack Style Light Fixture Replacement Shade

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This is a great replacement glass shade for pendant lamps with a modern crack style. Maybe this is what you are looking for? If your old shades are anywhere between 3.5 inches’ diameter and 5.5 inches in height, this would be a suitable replacement. The bottom circular hole is 1.6 inches (41mm).

For this glass, you may need to purchase a light socket cover if your old fixture doesn’t have one.

This lampshade can be used on ceiling fan lights, wall light fixtures, and other light fixtures if you like the style. The modern design will match most home decors.

It comes securely packaged, so you won’t have to worry about receiving a broken glass shade.

8. B&P Clear Glass Deep Cone Replacement Shade

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You’re better off with this replacement lampshade if you have a B&P light fixture. But that’s not a limitation for those with different pendant light fixtures. All you need to use this glass shade is the size; if the dimension fits your existing light fixture, you’re good to go with this.

The fitter’s height is 1/4 inches, while the size of the lampshade measures 7 inches. Also, it’s 1/2 inches in height. It’s a clear glass deep cone light shade that fits both residential and commercial interior spaces.

To attach it, you will need a pendant holder and set of screws. If your existing shade holder fits, you can use it. It is very easy to install and takes only a few minutes.

Replacement Glass Shades for Pendant Lights—Related Questions

How can you take off pendant light shades?

Here are the steps to remove your pendant lights shades

Carefully hold the glass and remove the bulb from the socket. Next, remove the lightbulb. Now you can remove the shades safely—ensure you handle the glass with care.

If you’re removing your pendant light shades to replace with new ones, ensure you follow the process carefully to help you replace easily.

How do you measure pendant light replacement glass shades

To determine the correct size, measure your old glass shades. The fitter size is what determines whether the glass shade will fit your existing shades. So start by measuring your fitter size on your light fixture; that’s the inner/outer diameter of the shade holder. Here’s how to measure your fitter size.

  • A ruler or measuring tape is necessary.
  • Wrap the string around your fitter (the outside diameter the shade holder)
  • After wrapping the fitter, mark the place where the string touches. The actual size is important.
  • Now stretch the string. Use tape or a ruler to determine the length. Please note that the measurement is in inches. The diameters of most shade holders are between 2 1/4 and 12 inches.

To measure the length and width, you have two options: either using the same string method to measure or using a tape or ruler. Shades should be 1 to 2 inches larger and taller than the current ones in order to get a good fit.

How do I clean my pendant lamp glass shade?

After removing the shades from your pendant light fixtures, you can wipe them clean with a soft cloth. Below are the steps to remove a shade of a pendant light fixture. Follow these steps to remove a glass shade from a pendant lamp fixture. Make sure you take care to handle the glass.

If your glass is covered in hard dirt, you can use warm soapy water to soak it for a few moments. Next, wipe the glass with a soft cloth. Do not place your pendant glass shade in dishwater.

Can you purchase replacement globes for light fixtures

Yes. You can get replacement globes to fit your light fixtures. So if your light fixture’s globe is filthy or broken, you may not need to change the entire fixture, as you can update it with new lampshades.

Check out our list of durable and modern replacement glass shades.

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Final words

You may not have to replace the entire fixture if your pendant light shades are damaged or too old. You can give them the new look they deserve by replacing them with new glass shades.

We have provided classic replacement glass shades for pendant lighting here, which is a great thing! Don’t worry about receiving lampshades that might be broken, we only recommended the ones that featured secured packaging. You can still get a replacement if the lamphades are damaged.

What’s more, check the sizes and shape carefully. If it matches your old ones, then you have new lampshades to upgrade your interior living space décor.

Are you looking to find a pendant-style lamp shade that is not listed here? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll do our best to point you to the best of them.


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