Best Replacement Glass Light Shades

You can replace glass shades that have become worn, damaged or out of fashion with the right ones.

Perhaps you’re finding it a bit difficult to get suitable replacement glass light shades, we want to help you get the best ones that would fit your light fixtures.

Here are the best replacement lamps shades for seeded and glass lights, ceiling light fixtures, pendant light fixtures torchiere lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights. wall sconcesFind out more.

Where can I get them? We’ve also recommended where to buy these replacement lampshades and you do get them delivered in good condition.

If you’re ready to have a look, see our selections below. You can read on for more information, including dimensions.

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Replacement Eumyviv Seeded-Glass Shade

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Aspen Creative Bell Shaped Frosted Shade

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Giluta Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement Globe

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Clear Cylinder Glass Lamp Shade

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Dysmio Lighting Replacement Shade

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Shade for Crack Finish Glass Lamp

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Giluta Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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Bubble Seeded Lamp Shade

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Tiffany Lamp Shade Replacement Glass

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Best Replacement Glass Light Shades — Reviews

1. Replacement Eumyviv Seeded-Glass Shade

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This is an ideal replacement for light fixtures with a seeded-glass shade. It’s designed with quality materials so you can be sure of getting a durable replacement for your light fixture. The glass is very clear and showcases the bulb well.

This replacement glass is a great option if your old glass was fashionable. Although the design is simple, it adds a unique touch to your light fixture or home decor.

This replacement glass light shade can be used with multiple light fixtures. It will fit with various wall lamps, sconces or pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and other light fixtures. hanging lights. You will need to verify that the dimensions are correct for the fixture you wish to replace.

Its dimensions are—3.5 inches (D) x 5.5 inches (H). The bottom hole measures 2.25 inches.

2. Aspen Creative Bell Shaped Frosted Shade

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This glass shade is made for bell-shaped frosted glasses shades. It’s made with solid materials and perhaps a more unique design than what you have before.

It’s also suitable for ceiling fan light kits. But only those that measure 2 – 1/8″. The replacement glass itself is suitable for fixtures that measure 2-1/8 inches’ fitter size and 4-5/8″ high x 4-5/8″ in diameter.

Depending on your light fixture, it’s easy to replace this glass on your existing light.

If this doesn’t fit your light fixture, check the others below. Be sure to verify the dimensions.

3. Giluta Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement Globe

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Do you need a replacement floor lamp glass shade? This could be the best option. However, you need to be aware of the dimensions. It can measure up to 9.5 inches in width and 1.625 inches high. To determine the dimensions of your current lamp, you should measure it.

This glass lamp shade is not limited by its dimensions and can be used with many light fixtures. It’s suitable for chandeliers, torchiere lamps, pendant lights, vanity lights, floor lamps, etc. Its stylish design can match any home decor.

If you have old glass light shades, you’re better off with this as it brings in contemporary design to your home. It is also easy to install. You just need to follow the instructions for unmounting your old glass shades.

4. Clear Cylinder Glass Lamp Shade

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This lamphade is a great alternative to cylindrical lampshades. It features a high transmittance glass that won’t hinder the bulb’s brightness. The unique design could also add color to your home decor.

It’s also made with good quality materials, so you can use it for a long time. It’s 3.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. The diameter of the bottom circular hole measures 1 5/8 inches, while the thickness measures 1/10 inches. Before you buy this replacement lampshade, make sure to take note of the dimensions and verify that it fits in your existing light fixture. However, this replacement lampshade fits with most standard cylinder glass lampshades, so you may give it a try if you’re not sure of your current fixture’s dimension.

This lamp shade is made of glass and can be used as a replacement for ceiling lights or wall sconces. You won’t have difficulties installing it as you may only need screws based on the light fixture to hold it firm.

5. Dysmio Lighting Replacement Shade

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This replacement glass shade can be used to replace your ceiling fan lights or other shades. The glass shade features a stylish clear bell glass that gives off a warm ambiance to anywhere it’s used.

Aside from ceiling lights, it’s also an excellent wall sconce shade replacement and other lamps with a similar shape. Before you buy it, you should verify the dimensions. Here is what its dimension looks; 4.75 inches in height; 5.75 inches’ depth and a width of 4.9 inches. The size of the clear bell glass shade fitting is 2.25 inches. If this looks like what you have at home, it’s sure a great replacement option for your old light shades.

Furthermore, the mounting hole in the glass shade makes it easy to install. The entire process of installing the glass shade is easy and requires only a screwdriver.

6. Shade for Crack Finish Glass Lamp

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This replacement lampshade can be ordered in a crack finished glass. It’s ideal for bathroom vanity lights, chandeliers, sconces, pendant lights, island hanging light fixtures, and more.

This could be the perfect replacement for your broken glass shade. This lampshade can also be used to replace your old design with a cracked finish shade.

Its unique design adds elegance to indoor or outdoor spaces. It measures 6 inches high and 6 inches wide at the outside. The length of the fitter is 1 5/8 inches. Note that the fitter won’t work with light fixtures that require 2.25 inches fitter, so be sure to confirm your light fixture before you buy it.

You won’t have difficulties replacing your old shades with this. It will fit most standard light fixtures. There may be no need for screws to remove your old shade and replace it with this.

7. Giluta Clear Glass Shade Replacement

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This replacement glass is great for lampshades that are older or just for modern looks. It is modern and can be used with many home designs. Besides, it’s designed for multi-uses. It can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, and other areas. ceiling lights, pendant lights, etc.

It’s easy to install as the design is quite simple but durable. The glass is clear enough for the bulb to emit a warm glow.

Bubble wrap is used to protect the packaging. You can also get a replacement if there are any defects.

To use this glass shade, your old shade should be anywhere between 3.5 inches’ diameter and a height of 5.6 inches. That’s the dimension of this lampshade. The bottom circular hole measures 1.625 in diameter.

8. Bubble Seeded Lamp Shade

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If you’re looking for a bubble seeded glass lampshade to replace your old ones, here is one option to consider. It is a neat design that will add more color to your home. It can be used for pendant lamps, vanity lights, sconce lights and other similar purposes.

It’s 6 inches in height and 4 inches in width; this is for the outer diameter. The fitter (inner diameter), measures 1.5/8 inches. Do you think it’s good for your light fixture? You should confirm your light’s measurement to see if it’s a good fit.

This replacement lampshade is easy to install based upon your light fixture design. You can easily replace your old shades by following the steps of unmounting.

9. Tiffany Lamp Shade Replacement Glass

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Are you looking for a Tiffany-style lamp shade that isn’t broken or damaged? Here’s a replacement glass that will completely transform your Tiffany lamp. It’s 12 inches wide (the center hole—4.2CM) and makes a good fit for a pendant light, table lamp, or ceiling light fixtures.

It’s durable, and you may use it for a long time. Installation is simple and you don’t need an electrician to do it.

Before you buy a new one, make sure it is compatible with your old one.

Tips to Choose the Right Replacement Glass Shades

Because light fixtures come in different sizes, choosing replacement lamp shades can be difficult. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right light shade for your light fixture.


This is the first thing to consider when choosing a replacement shade for your light bulb. There are many different sizes of lampshades, so it is important to compare the sizes to determine what will work best for you.

Measure your light fixture to determine the dimensions. Depending on the type of fixture, you will need to measure the fitting size, the diameter, as well as the height. The fitter is the shade’s holder and what you need to measure is the inner diameter. Common diameters for shade holders measure between 2 1/4 inches, 3 1/4″, 4″, 6″ to 10 and 12″. You should determine your light shade’s size and ensure it corresponds with the one you want to buy.

If you’re not sure how to measure it, another good way to know the size is by checking your light fixtures manual. That’s if you still have them. Or you can visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the model. You can also check the body of your old shades for the dimensions.


When looking for a replacement light shade, you should consider the design. This covers the style, orientation, and materials it’s made of. Are you looking for a cylinder, squared, or round globe? Make sure you get the right ones and that you check the dimensions.


This might be optional, but you don’t want to waste your time returning a damaged product. Before you ship the glass shade, check that it is properly packed. If the manufacturer says they’d replace it if damaged as a result of poor packaging or whatsoever during delivery, you may proceed to buy.

Replacement Glass Shades Similar Questions

Can you replace glass lampshades?

You can replace lampshades if they have become damaged or if you prefer modern designs. It is important to find the right size for your existing light fixtures.

How do I replace a glass shade from a light fixture?

It depends on the type of light fixture. To replace the lamp shade, follow the same process as to remove the old one. Here’s a quick and easy way to replace light shades in pendant or wall-mounted lamps.

  • Turn off the light, and perhaps the power source. This is to protect against any type of electric spark, shock, or other form of electrical spark.
  • Remove the bulb
  • The retaining ring should be removed from the fitter. If there are other parts on your fitter that hold the lampshade, take them out using the appropriate methods, such as screws.
  • Next, remove the old shade
  • Slide in the new shade and take care.
  • Replace the retaining rings on the fitter and other accessories to hold the shade.
  • Make sure the shade is correctly placed
  • Turn on the lights and see if everything is in order
  • If your light comes up and the shade is tightly placed to prevent it from falling off of the light fixture, that’s all about replacing your glass light shades.

    Do you have other ones that need to be replaced? You can repeat the process again!

    Final words

    You don’t necessarily need to change your entire light fixtures at the sight of filthy or broken glass shades. You can change your lamp shades. All you need is the right ones for your current fixtures.

    Perhaps it’s been difficult for you to find suitable replacement lampshades, we have simplified the process. Check out our selections to find the right one. We have already discussed how to measure the size of your old light shades. This should help you determine the size and potential replacement of your glass shade.

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