Best Replacement Crystals for Chandeliers

If the crystals on your chandelier are getting old or perhaps broken, then it’s high time to replace them. Perhaps you’re not sure how to find suitable ones; this article contains all the information you need to get durable and elegant crystals for your chandelier.

Basically, we’ve handpicked the best replacement crystals for chandeliers that won’t fade out even after prolonged use. They are also made out of clear glass, and look very elegant.

So whether you need crystals that won’t get blackened overtime or ones with stunning designs that make a bold statement in your room, you’d find them in our top picks.

Are you ready to take a look? Here you go:

Chandeliers: Best Replacement Crystals

1. Fushing 20pcs of Crystal Glass Ball Chandelier Pirisms

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If you’re looking to replace the crystals on your chandelier or add to a chandelier without crystals, here’s one option to consider. Crystals are made from glass and make a bold statement.

Each crystal ball measures 1.18 inches/30mm in length and has a rounded form similar to a diamond. It also contains 0.5 inches/14mm top octagon beads. The total hang is approximately 3 inches (75mm) and it’s connected with stainless jump rings. These features give you many options to customize your chandelier.

Moreover, the crystals are of excellent quality, meaning they won’t wear off quickly. This pack contains 20 pieces. You may need more depending on how large your chandelier is.

2. Aiskaer 15 Pieces Clear Teardrop Crystal for Chandelier

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These crystals can be used to update your chandelier. They can replace old crystals and are also great for chandeliers that don’t have crystals.

Each crystal comes with one oval bead. The crystals are available in 15 pieces. They are made of crystals of high quality; they are pure, clear, lustrous, and shiny.

Crystals have gold/brass connectors with open eyes that can be bent into any shape. This makes hanging easy.

3. HIGHROCK Teardrop Chandelier Crystal Replacement

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These teardrop chandelier crystals are a great replacement for old or out-of-style crystals.

If you’re looking to decorate your chandelier with large clear crystal teardrop glass, you won’t be wrong choosing this. The main prism measures approximately 2 inches (50mm), the top octagon piece measures 5 inches (14mm).

They are top-quality clear optical glass prisms that won’t wear off quickly.

4. H&D 20pcs Pendants Teardrop Chandelier Crystal

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Here’s another pattern of chandelier crystals you may like. It is both beautiful and durable. It comes with a clear optical K9-glass that will add additional colors to your chandelier.

Each crystal measures 15 inches in length and contains many pieces of top-octagon chandelier beads.

Crystals don’t fade or become blackened over time. You can also clean them if they get dirty to restore their color.

The 20-piece crystal pack is well packed before shipping.

5. Poproo Teardrop Pendants Octagon Crystal Glass Beads Pendant for Chandelier Lamp

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Many users have recommended Poproo teardrop glass beads. So if you’re looking for high quality and elegant crystal beads to decorate your chandelier, this is one of the best options to consider.

The beads have strings, 6 strings per octagon bead with goldtone connectors. They have a total of 6.3 inches in length, 0.55 inches’ octagon, and 1.5 inches’ teardrop.

Overall, the beats look great and are built to last. They are great replacements for old chandelier crystals.

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6. H&D 10pcs 63mm Chandelier Crystals Ornament

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This is another set of stylish and durable crystals by H&D. They measure 63mm for the icicle pendants and 144mm respectively for the octagon bead.

They make great ornaments and can be used to decorate your chandelier. ceiling lights Candle holders are also useful for hanging crystals of any type.

They are made from K9 crystal, which has reflective and sparkling effects.

7. Ulove Prs Acrylic Teardrop Crystal to Make Chandeliers

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Crystals are still very popular and can be used on chandeliers. And here’s one of our recommended crystals that can give your chandelier a more impressive look.

Each of these prisms beads measures 7 inches in length, while the teardrop prism is 2 inches long and the octagon beads—is 0.5 inches in diameter.

These crystals can easily be broken into the length you prefer for decoration. It’s perfect for chandeliers, garlands, etc.

8. Beaded Trim Beebel 158″ Clear Crystal Beads

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Clear crystal beads that are unique and can be used to decorate your chandelier or similar lighting fixtures. The beads are made of crystal glass and are elegant and durable; they don’t get scratched easily.

The beads have a metal ring to hold the strands together. This allows for easy adjustment of the strands to adjust their height.

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You can easily adjust them to fit your chandelier. The beads are 14mm in size, that’s for the octagon bead. Each strand of crystal beads is 3.95 inches long and the chain measures 158 inches.

Crystals can be used to decorate ceiling lights, trees and other ceiling lights.

9. BronaGrand 20pcs 38mm Replacement Clear crystal

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This pack contains 20 pieces, enough to make replacements or spares. The clear icicle crystal prisms are made from a metal bow, and crystal glass. You can bend the metal bow to make your chandelier look better.

There are also sparkling clear crystals that can create rainbows when exposed sunlight. The octagon beads measure approximately 0.55 in diameter, while the bottom prism measures approximately 1.5 in.

These crystals are a great replacement for your chandelier crystals, decoration for Christmas tree, wind chimes, or any other type of crystal.

10. MerryNine Clear Crystal Ball Prism Suncatcher

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MerryNine crystals ball prisms are quite elegant and durable—made of K9 advanced material with high transparency and refractive index.

These crystals can be used to decorate your chandelier, creating a cozy atmosphere.

A small hole is included at the top of the ball prisms, making it easy to assemble them. It is easy to hang by simply passing a rope, nylon, or fishing line through it.

These are great for replacing old crystals in a chandelier or for outdoor decorations.

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11. BIHRTC 12 Clear Crystal Chandelier Prisms Pack

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Do you want to create beautiful light reflections in your home? These crystals are worth a try. These crystals come in a unique design that can make a big difference in your space.

Moreover, they are made of high-quality materials and won’t fade away quickly.

Each prism is 2 inches in length, and the top octagonal part is 0.5 inches. The total length of the prisms is approximately 3.5 inches.

These are perfect for chandeliers but you can also use them as decoration for outside and ceiling lights.

12. Fushing 20Pcs Crystal Chandelier Prisms

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Although these crystals have many similarities to the ones mentioned above, they have a unique form and color that blends well into traditional and vintage home designs. They are made from high quality crystal glass that will not fade or become blackened. You may just need to clean them if they get filthy.

Each crystal teardrop glass measures approximately 1.8 inches. The jewel octagon beads measure 0.5 inches.

The pack contains 20 clear glass crystal chandelier prisms. These crystals are elegant, and can be used to replace your old chandelier crystals.

FAQs about Replacement Crystals for Chandeliers

How do I add or remove crystals from my chandelier?

If you’ve gotten your desired crystals teardrops, it’s now time to get them on your chandelier. But you can’t hang the beads without putting them on a strand to create your desired chandelier crystals.

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Measure the length of the strand. This will determine the length and shape of your crystals. Next, calculate the number of crystals teardrops needed for a strand. Finally, attach them. You may need additional accessories depending on which crystals teardrops or strands you choose. To suspend the crystals, add bobeches or other accessories to your chandelier.

You can now attach the beads/teardrops to your chandelier by combining them. Depending on the height of the crystal, you may need to remove the chandelier from the wall before attaching it.

Your experience may dictate how long it takes. If you wish, you can outsource it.

How can you restore crystals to a chandelier?

You can clean your crystals with a soft, damp cloth if they are covered in dust. Depending on how dirty the crystals are, you can clean them with vinegar and water. However, you might need to remove each crystal from the chandelier before you can begin cleaning.

Broken crystals and blackened crystals must be replaced with new ones.

Can I add crystals to an existing chandelier without crystals design?

No matter whether your chandelier has crystals or not, crystals can be added to them. It’s all about decorating or updating your light fixture, and you can simply get the required accessories and make your crystals.

Are crystals on a chandelier no longer fashionable?

Crystals are still a popular choice for modern and traditional home decor. So they’re not out of style but still used for chandeliers in living rooms, dining rooms, and the like.

Wrapping up

If the crystals are not damaged, you may not need to replace them. As you have read, you can restore the shine on your crystals by cleaning them with water and detergent—depending on the level of dirt. But if you’re looking to upgrade to modern designs, then you can change them, regardless.

And if you’re ready to get the crystals, we have featured elegant and durable replacement crystals for chandeliers here, so you may not need more research to find the ones that appeal to you.

If you’re wondering where to buy these replacement crystals for your chandelier, we already recommended where you can shop them above.

Were you influenced by our recommendations to purchase any of these products? We’d love to know about your experience in the comment section.

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