Printify vs Printful: Which One to Print With?

Do you want to start your own T-shirt printing business but don’t want to spend money on screen-printing machines, blank T-shirts, vinyl cutter, or anything that is way too expensive?

You are now in the right place.

Choose Printify vs Printful. But What are these companies and how do they work?

These two companies are well-known and offer print-on-demand services without the need to purchase expensive machines. Which one should I choose?

This article will discuss the main differences between these two print on-demand services. We will also discuss which one is best for you.

Printify: What is it?

Printify is a company that you most likely have come across if you’ve done any research on print -on-demand services.

Printify is a reliable and high-quality print-on-demand service. With Printify, you don’t have to spend money on any printing machine. Printify makes it easy for anyone to start printing without any previous experience.

It allows you to collaborate with many different print companies from around the world, who will send your beautifully-designed T shirts quickly.

Printify offers many benefits

It’s mind-blowing just how easy it is to print on T-shirts nowadays. In order to get your company off the ground, you would have spent hundreds of dollars a few years ago. You can do it anywhere in the world.

No Investment

It is no longer necessary to pay upfront for printing investments. It was extremely difficult to get your business started. Only a few people were able to hit the jackpot. It is now much easier.

Print-on demand services have made all this obsolete. Your customers can now have their products delivered faster and with less investment upfront.

No Bulks

This is the most difficult challenge for entrepreneurs. It can be extremely stressful to stock up on hundreds and thousands of inventories without any guarantee of future sales. You are spending a lot of money and you want to get your fair share.

It is risky business. This is why so many people are turned away by the idea. But with Printify, you don’t have to buy items in bulk.

Your money is now free from any financial constraints. This is extremely helpful and a game-changer.

No More Warehousing

This is probably one of the best things about Printify; you don’t need any warehousing. This is how the system works: Customers simply order any product from you, and it is then sent directly to them via one of the printing services.

You don’t have to manually handle any shipping. The days of long, tedious warehouse work are gone.

A powerful tool for creating

Great designs are a great way to stand out among the rest. It might be a challenge if your design skills are not the best. Printify has the right tools to help you.

The mock-up generator can help you bring your ideas to life. It is very easy to use, and you will soon have a great idea for your T-shirt.

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You have control over your prices

Your business’s success is determined by how much you make. It is amazing to watch it grow and take flight.

Printify is unique because you have complete control over your prices. After you have completed the mock-up generator, you will be asked to set the price for your T shirt. This is done based upon the original raw material cost.

Printify’s disadvantages

Printify is a great tool that offers many amazing features. But there are also some drawbacks. Here they are:

Long processing times

Printify may have had long processing times if you’ve ever used it. If you’re in a hurry or need to get back to as many people possible, this can be quite frustrating.

This will depend on the product you use. Sometimes it takes a little while, other times it takes a lot of time. Printify is a service that allows you to upload files quickly.

No Address Change

One of the biggest issues you might face while using Printify is that you can’t change the address after you put an order through.

You can make changes to an order that is still under quality assurance. However, once the order is no longer under quality control, it cannot be changed.

This can be a problem due to long processing times. What if a customer has been waiting to get their hands on your product but hasn’t received it yet?

If they ask for you to change the address after it passes quality control, there is nothing you can do.

A bit messy

It doesn’t happen as often, but at some point, you might come across this issue. The majority of your products are not shipped from the same printer.

So, let’s say a customer orders multiple products from different printers, what is going to happen is that their products are going to be shipped at different times.

They may end up with different processing times. This can get super messy, and you might end up with angry customers asking why you can’t ship at the same time.

Although you might not have to deal with this issue every day, it does occasionally happen.

What is Printful?

This is the most popular print on-demand service. Many Shopify users use it to open their Shopify stores.

This is the company that made that T-shirt you’re wearing. Printify does the printing and packing, just like Printify.

Printful’s Benefits

It has never been easier to start a business from home than it is today. This was something you had to do by yourself before. It took a lot time to learn the basics about printing.

You would have to spend money on machines as well as warehousing. These days are over.

Here are the benefits of Printful

No Bulk

You would gamble with your money back in the days before these services existed. When you start a business for the first time, you don’t really know whether you are going to make any decent amount of money.

For most people, the fact that they had to purchase bulk items in order to get their business started was very discouraging.

However, with Printful, you don’t have to worry about such things. Once the order is placed, the printer prints the product. So, you won’t end up with T-shirts left behind unnecesarily.

It’s easy to design with

Printful’s flexibility is one of its greatest assets. Printful makes it easy to put your customer’s name on a T-shirt.

This is great as it allows you to offer a customized experience to customers once in a while. It doesn’t take long to change it up.

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Branding Features

You might have noticed that some companies put their logo on the packaging if you have ever used a POD service. This is a problem for shop owners.

Third party signs on your packing are not something anyone wants to see. It can also be a little bit confusing for the customer when they see someone else’s brand on your packing.

But with Printful, you don’t have to worry about other brands. Printful lets you personalize both your products and your packaging with your label.

So, when customers receive their long-waited T-shirt, there isn’t any other brand name on it but yours.

Super Compatible

Printful’s ability to work with popular ecommerce platforms such BigCommerce, Shopify and many other well-known platforms is one of its best features.

This is great, as it saves you the time and effort of setting it up in your Shopify store. You don’t even need any programming experience to get it running.

Printful offers all the tools you need to set it up on your e-commerce platform.

If you are concerned that it will be difficult to set up, don’t worry.

No Warehousing

You don’t need a warehouse, and you don’t need to worry about shipping your products to customers. Printful takes care of everything.

So, it’s not like you will have to manually package your products and ship them to several customers.

Printful’s Disadvantages

Printful can look great from the outside, but there are still issues that you need to be aware of. Here are the most common problems you’ll encounter with Printful:

Beginning Price

These products can be quite expensive so you may have trouble making a decent income.

If it’s only two to three shirts, you might not even notice. But as soon as you move on to bigger orders, it’s quite hard to make a profit with such high prices.

Limited Tools

While they are great tools, you may be disappointed by the limited options.

Some areas are also very limited when it comes to art placement. This can be a problem if the customer needs a custom T-shirt. Printful just doesn’t have the tools to help you fulfill that order.

Difference between Printful & Printify

Both of these companies are well-established. Both of these companies have been a great option for anyone who wants to start a print-on-demand company.

It begs the question: What are the main differences in these print-on-demand services and why? To answer this question, let’s take a look to learn more about these two companies.


You should expect customers from all corners of the globe when you own a business. The internet is becoming more accessible to everyone around the globe.

The question is: Which print-on-demand option is best for me if I want international shipping?

We’ve noticed that Printify is a far better choice if you want to ship internationally. Printful seems to struggle to ship outside the US.

Printful is not a bad choice. Printful offers shipping advantages as well.

Printful’s shipping within the US is very fast and you will not experience delays like international shipping.

Printful is the best option if your shipping destination is the US.


Profits are reduced when taxes and fees are added. So, it’s only natural that you would choose the cheapest service to keep as high profits as possible.

After using both services, we’ve come to realize that Printify is way cheaper than Printful.

Printful has a slightly lower margin than Printify, but we still consider it a great option.

Quality Print

Let’s start off with Printify. Printify has a different approach to printing than Printiful.

Printify works with many different businesses. Printify has many options when it comes time to choose a company.

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There are many companies that can help you choose, whether it’s price or print quality.

However, there are obviously some disadvantages to this, such as not being able to tell whether the company you’re working with might deliver a high-quality product.

We’ve had T-shirts looking cracked before. You might also notice that those T-shirts aren’t in great condition to be sold.

Printful, however, is a company that does all the work.

This has obvious benefits, such as the ability to have the same print quality and a fixed price for any product you choose.

But if you don’t like the current quality, you’re stuck to it. However, we’ve ordered several T-shirts from Printiful before, and we’ve never had an issue with them.

The print quality is quite good and is far better than Printify’s print quality.


Both companies offer an internet editor that allows you customize your T-shirts to your liking.

Printify’s editor is quite easy to get used, even if you little to no experience.

To begin, you will need to manually upload the photo you wish to put on your T-shirt. You can then edit it from there. Pretty straight forward, and you probably won’t need to look up anything online.

Printful also features an editor, which is easy to use no matter how much experience you may have.

But when it comes to versatility, we’ve noticed that Printiful has many more tools that Printify does not have.

Printify can help you with your customization needs.

Printful is the best choice if you want maximum freedom.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any questions about print-on-demand that we didn’t address throughout this article, this section aims to fix so. These are the most commonly asked questions about Printify as well as Printful:

Is Printful good quality?

Printful is the best print-on demand service for anyone looking to expand their printing business. They can take care of almost everything you need.

Do I need Shopify in order to use Printful

Printful works with many popular online e-commerce sites such as WooCommerce and Bigcommerce.

Which is better Printify or Printful?

Both are excellent services but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Printify, for instance, is far more efficient when shipping to countries outside the United States. On Printful, on the other hand is not as good when shipping internationally.

Can I use Printful or Printify?

Yes, you can. You can use both providers simultaneously. If you feel that it will improve your workflow, then you should go for it.

Is Print on Demand still a profitable business?

Yes, it’s still possible. Print-on-demand is still a profitable business, despite the fact that there is more competition these days.

Final words

Both services can be extremely helpful, as you will see. One might be better suited for you depending on your needs. We would be happy to tell you the difference between Printify and Printful. Which is better?

Printify seems more open to international shipping. Printful, on the other hand, seems to have trouble shipping outside the United States.

Printful still has many great features, including the ability to integrate with Shopify. It is also a great choice if you need to quickly link it to your Shopify Store.

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