Paper Crafting Tools: Top 15 Essentials Items Revealed

Since childhood, paper crafting has been a popular hobby. There are many types of paper crafts, including scrapbooks, cards made at home, and many other DIY projects. This hobby has become a profession.

A variety of tools are necessary to create artistic masterpieces. This is both for hobbyists as well as professionals.

You will need the essential tools to start or improve your cards. This article will provide you with the information you need. we have created This is a list of all the tools that you will need to make the best crafts.

Essential Paper Crafting Tools

Paper crafting is about creating unique pieces of art from paper. It is easy to do and even children as young as three can participate.

Most of the tools you’ll need can be found at home, while others can be found in shops and bookstores. These are the tools you’ll need.

1. Paper Cutter

This tool is also known as a paper trimmer and is an essential tool for crafts. They can be used to cut paper boards, mats, and many other materials. A paper trimmer makes it easy to achieve a professional and neat cut.

There are two types:

  • The rotary cutter It is the most commonly used type of cutter among crafters. This cutter is ideal for cutting low volumes of paper. This cutter features a small blade, a flat base and a measuring grid. It is safe to operate and gives a straight cut.
  • The Guillotine trimmerThe, on the contrary, is more efficient at cutting larger volumes of paper. It can easily cut through a bundle. It has a large handle and a sharp blade attached.

2. Cutting Mat

Blades will be used so you need to protect the table as well as other surfaces. That protection is provided by the cutting pad.

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It can also be self-healing, meaning it will heal itself even after being cut into. Non-stick silicone mats are another type of mat. They are thinner than the self healing mat. It protects surfaces from glues and other adhesives.

The size of the mat depends on how much work you do and what type of cutter you use.

3. Heat glue gun

This is another essential item to have in your collection. This is not only important for papercrafts, but it can also be used on fabrics. A hot glue gun is a type that can only be heated. The gun produces heat, but no flames.

Make sure to get a glue gun that has adjustable heat control. Different materials require different temperatures. It is used for a variety of purposes, including shrinking images, removing vinyl, and embossing.

4. Scoring Board

Crafters are known for their creativity. need to fold paper You can’t have one or the other. If you want to create a professional look, perfect folding is essential. All you need is a scoring board to do this.

It is a clear plastic board with markings in inches. These markings are usually located on the sides and top of the board. This allows you to draw perfectly straight lines on paper.

5. Advanced Tape Glider

In paper craftingJoining two or more pieces is an inevitable task. There are many options, but it is important to consider whether the result will be neat and tidy.

Adhesive tape is one method. The ATG is a better option. You just need to place the adhesive tape into it and then apply it. Voila! Your paper is now neatly joined.

6. Ruler

There are many types of rulers, each with different uses. The metal ruler and the see through ruler are the most important.

They are used for many purposes, including drawing straightlines. cutting different shapesYou can create many forms, and many more.

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7. Envelop Punching Board

This tool is primarily used to make cards and envelops. This tool can be used to measure and create unique designs on paper.

The Envelop Punching Board measures paper size, score line, and card size.

8. Scissors

Everybody has a pair of scissors at home that they can use to cut. Its use in crafts cannot be overemphasized. It can be used for quick cutting of paper or to cut out shapes. You can also find decorative scissors that can be used to create decorative edges.

You want to get the best quality scissors, so weigh your options before you buy. Too heavy scissors can cause fatigue. Also, before you cut with scissors, make sure you draw lines on the paper.

9. Distress tool

Ever wonder how people can create a rough and smooth surface on their craft? It’s not rocket science. All you need is a distress tool. It also features a notch that allows you to cut the edge of paper. This creates a delicate and elegant look.

You can also choose from a smooth or rough end and a metal bristle which acts as a distress tool.

10. Crop-A-Dile

This versatile tool is essential for all crafters. This tool can be used to perform many functions, such as punching holes of different sizes, fixing embellishments, and so forth.

11. Pick Me Up Tool

The pick me up tool, a small tool that has a glued surface, can be used for small materials such as paper or other decorative pieces. After picking up the item you need to remove it with glue and then apply the paper.

12. Bone Folder

Do you know how to fold a piece paper before cutting it? There is a tool that you can use to for that and get a remarkable result; and that’s the bone folder.

It is multi-purpose and can be used to hold paper while gluing, burnish paper, and create scorelines. There are two types: the Teflon or animal bone folder and the Teflon folder.

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13. Craft Sheet

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Consider using a stencil if you are distressing, stamping, or painting. craft sheet. It will collect all the mess and reduce your cleaning time. It makes your work space more attractive.

14. Adhesive Cleaner

Crafting is not possible without using one type of adhesive. It is human nature to make mistakes. Adhesive cleaners are available to help you clean your adhesive. erasers are essential.

This tool is similar to a pencil eraser. It is easy to use. It is easy to use. Simply switch the eraser between glue and erasers.

15. Stamping Tool

This tool can be used for creating a design on paper. This tool is used to stamp your craft layout, just like its name.

To do this, you will need a tool to place the design, a stamp, and a different colour than the paper. You have now transferred the design.

You can also use these tools for paper crafting:


No matter what your reason for making a craft, whether it’s for hobby or professional use, the tools listed above will make it worthwhile. These tools are essential for your daily life.

These tools can be purchased at craft shops or bookshops near you. These tools are not for sale. essential ones needed You might need additional tools for specific fields of paper crafting.

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