The 8 Best Outdoor Sconce Lights

Wall sconces still have a lot of popularity. However, there are more modern designs that can be used to decorate your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to get any of the recent outdoor sconce lights, you want to take a look at our top picks.

Yes, we spent a lot of time researching the best sconces. They are not only beautiful, but also weatherproof, durable, safe, and long-lasting. These are the main factors to consider when shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures. You might also want the wattage and dimensions of the bulbs to your measurements. This ensures that you get the best light fixtures with excellent lighting.

In our selection process, we have taken into account all of these factors, including consumer ratings. What’s more? You can also easily scan through our selections with the accompanying reviews to find the ones that best suit your needs.

If you’re ready to do so, we will start by presenting you with a quick list of our choices.

Our Top Picks



Beionxii Transitional Outdoor Wall Sconce Lights

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Bowery 1-Light Outdoor Indoor Wall Sconce

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Hykolity Outdoor Wall Lantern With ST19 LED Bulb

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Globe Electric 44165 Sebastien 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Outdoor Wall Light Fixture With Matte Black Wall Sconce 

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Outdoor Wall Sconce Lights by Osimir

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AZAVA Outdoor Wall Mount Light Fixtures

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Architectural Outdoor Wall Light—Exterior Sconce Lantern 

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Best Outdoor Sconce Lights — Reviews

1. Beionxii Transitional Outdoor Wall Sconce Lights

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These outdoor wall sconces lights are elegant, functional, and durable. This light comes in a sleek, black frame and cylindrical glass. This combination is versatile and can be used in many different designs.

On This modern outdoor sconce light has excellent lighting thanks to its E26 medium base bulb. It’s compatible with LED, CFL bulbs, and incandescent. You can dim the light, but you need to have a dimmable bulb with a dimmer switch and a dimmer switch. The bulbs or dimmer accessories don’t come with the light fixture, so you have to buy them separately.

Easy installation is possible with the included mountain accessories. This light can be used indoors and outdoors. This light fixture can be mounted in a variety of places including hallways, front doors, and staircases.

2. Bowery 1-Light Outdoor Indoor Wall Sconce

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This light fixture is classic black in color and will complement any outdoor decor. It features clear glass panes that show off your bulbs to add some style.

That’s not all; this light is weatherproof and constructed with sturdy metals, which means you can use it in wet and sunny locations. It won’t wear off even when exposed to direct sunlight and rain. The kit includes all the hardware needed to mount it and a guide.

Not all bulbs will work with this fixture. The recommended bulb is an E26 medium-base bulb with 60 watts (line voltage).

Hardwiring is required for the light to work. Before you attempt it yourself, make sure you are familiar with how to do it properly. Call an electrician to assist you.

3. Hykolity Outdoor Wall Lantern With ST19 LED Bulb

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This sconce light has a beautiful design that emits excellent ambient lighting. It’s quite elegant, and you can use it to decorate your entryway, doorway, patio, foyer, balcony, corridor, porch, and more.

It’s weather-resistant, so you can install it anywhere fit even though it’s open to rain and sun. The materials are strong enough to withstand damage from stray objects.

Outdoor wall lights should be installed properly. This has been considered in the design. It takes only three steps to mount the light in the desired location. They are easy to use.

  • Attach the crossbar to your junction box
  • Connect the wires
  • With the available screws, tighten the light to fit the crossbar.

That’s all you need to get the light up and running. You would need an E26 medium base bulb of 60W on this fixture, and it’s sold separately.

Yes, the light is safe for use, and it’s ETL listed for safety.

4. Globe Electric 44165 Sebastien 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Exterior sconce lights should add style to your outdoor decor, and that’s what this Gobe light represents. But style without efficiency is as good as nothing, so this light doesn’t only offer style but functionality inclusive. The light fixture features a modern industrial design with a black finish and sleek curves. This light fixture will match many outdoor designs and could be extended to commercial settings.

The light can be dimmed with a dimmer switch. This feature can reduce energy consumption and can be used to reduce the brightness. It requires two bulbs—E26 base bulbs of 60 watts.

Please note that bulbs and dimmer must be purchased separately.

The installation of this outdoor sconce light fixture is easy. This kit includes all the hardware needed to mount it easily.

5. Outdoor Wall Light Fixture With Matte Black Wall Sconce 

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This outdoor LED sconce light is ideal for use in corridors, entryways, and other areas. It is available in a seeded-glass shape, making it an ideal choice for adding more color to your outdoor setting.

You can use the light wherever you are without worrying about harsh weather conditions. Yes, it’s weatherproof and constructed with sturdy metal.

To get the best lighting experience, you will need two E26 medium base bulbs (60W). You don’t have to buy an additional LED bulb unless you need one.

Installation is also easy and requires only three steps—attaching, connecting the wires, and fastening it to the crossbar. To make it even easier, all necessary hardware is included. Safety is assured by the ETL-listed light.

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6. Outdoor Wall Sconce Lights by Osimir

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This fixture, like other wall sconce lights in this selection, is made of sturdy metal for long-lasting durability. It also has a black finish and a bubble glass lamp shade that will fit many outdoor decors. It’s suitable for use in corridors, balconies, garage doors, patios, and more.

While you mount it outdoors, you’d also have the peace of mind that the light fixture is weatherproof. This makes it impervious to water and rust. It can still retain its color and finish even when it’s exposed to direct sunlight, rain, or snow. It is suitable for both commercial and residential settings.

On installation, the process requires hardwiring but won’t get you sweating. To install it easily, you can refer to the instructions in the guide. All mounting accessories are included.

Required bulbs are E26 base bulb and A60/ST58/G45 standard bulbs—60W maximum. Bulbs must be purchased separately

7. Outdoor Wall Mount Light Fixtures from JAZAVA

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The JAZAVA wall sconce lights have received a lot positive feedback from users. Of course, that’s one of our metrics for determining how best the light fixtures work.

The lamp can be used indoors or out in front of entrances, hallways, porches, porches, and entryways. The light has an outer metal enclosure and an inside cylinder-shaped glass lampshade. This light is stylish enough to match your home decor.

Of course, it’s durable and equipped with waterproof technology. It can be used in wet locations and won’t wear off quickly.

One E26 base bulb with 60 watts maximum is required for the light. The installation is difficult and requires hardwiring. However, it can be done by anyone with some experience in light wiring. The pack also includes all necessary hardware to ensure a seamless installation.

It’s UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.

8. Architectural Outdoor Wall Light—Exterior Sconce Lantern 

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This outdoor wall light is ETL-listed and meets the American Electric Standard. By this, you’re assured of its safety and functionality.

The light is rated IP54, making it the perfect weatherproof outdoor light—that can withstand weather conditions like rain, sun, and snow. It’s made of aluminum and tempered glass, which makes it more durable.

An E26 base bulb with 60 watts is required. That’s the maximum recommended wattage for this light fixture, and you only use recommended bulbs for the best lighting experience.

This is a simple installation that you can do yourself. It’s ideal for use on outdoor pillars, garden, corridor, patio, balcony, etc.

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It’s quick and easy to install outdoor sconce lights

As you may have noticed, we often mention that the installation process can be very simple. So here’s how to actually get your sconces installed in no time.

First, make sure you have the right tools. All hardware is included in our selections. So you might only need the basic tools like a screwdriver, pliers, electrician’s tape, etc. However, here’s what you need if there are no accessories/tools included in your pack.

Installation Tools

  • Screwdriver—standard and flatheadThis is necessary to drive the screws into your mounting surface.
  • Tape for electric motors: Used to insulate wires where needed.
  • Light bulbFor the fixture to emit light, it will need a bulb.
  • Utility knifeThis tool is used to cut wires or similar items.
  • Pliers: To ensure that wires and other materials are held securely during installation.
  • TesterTo verify the flow of electric current to the light fixture.
  • Drill: This is important if you have to drill holes.
  • Wire: To connect your lamp to a power supply.

How to Install Outdoor Sconcesights

Now that you have all the tools/accessories handy, let’s get to work:

1. Turn off the power source

To ensure safety, it is a good rule of thumb to turn off the power source before you start an electrical installation. Before you begin installing, ensure that the power supply is turned off completely.

2. Mounting plates available

Now, you will need to remove the mounting plate from the wall light fixture. You can do this by unscrewing and safely removing the screws. Attach it to the outlet box, and then tighten the screws.

Make sure the outlet box wires do not get behind the mounting plate. You should direct them through the middle portion of the mounting plate.

3. Connect the wires

After mounting the plate, connect the outlet wires to both the hot and neutral wires of the fixture wires. It may not be necessary to have any electrical knowledge to connect the wires correctly. This can be found in the installation guide provided by your manufacturer.

After connecting the wires, wrap them with electric tape. Make sure all metal parts are covered.

This step is crucial. If this step is not done correctly, your light may not work or produce an electric spark.

4. Place the sconce on to the mounting plate

Now you’re done with the hardwiring and ready to cover the outlet box with your wall fixture. First, grab your wall sconce and attach it to its mounting base. The screws should be tightened using a screwdriver. Next, insert the shade cups and tighten the thumbscrews. Ensure they’re tight enough to secure the shade but don’t over tight.

5 Insert the bulb

This is the final step in getting your wall sconce installed to illuminate and beautify you home. Now, grab your compatible bulb and insert it safely. Now turn on the power source. Also, turn on the light switch.

If your light comes up faultlessly, congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your wall sconce from scratch.

If you have additional items to install around your house, you can repeat the process.

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Final Thoughts

Outdoor sconce lighting can bring out more colors in your outdoor spaces. You want them to complement your outdoor design. But is it worth sacrificing style for functionality? No! You must consider both aesthetics and optimal functionality.

Since you’re going to use the lights outside, which may leave them open to rain, sun, or snow, the weatherproof feature becomes quite imperative. Check Before you buy, make sure to check the weather resistance of the wall light fixture. All the sconces in this selection are weatherproof so you don’t have to do any more research.

Another important aspect to consider is how the lights are installed. Many of these lights require hardwiring. To ensure optimal performance, you must have your lights properly installed. Make sure you install your lights correctly. If you have the skills, you could do it yourself or hire an electrician.

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