Office Stationery Item: Top 12 Picks for This Year!

Every office needs stationery. Without them, it can be difficult or impossible to complete a task. Whether it is writing, annotating, or piecing paper together or cutting it – without these items, you won’t be able to do any of that.

That’s why we bring an office stationery items list in this article. We want you to be able to identify the essential items that you need in your office.

Next, you’ll have all the items we’re talking about.

12 Essential Office Stationery Items Everybody Needs

There are many items that you can purchase for your office. However, only a small number of these items are essential. We are focused on these.

1. Pens & Pencils

If you have an office or art workshop at home, you will need at least one pencil and one pen. A pen will let you annotate things, so they don’t erase away. If you need to write down what someone says, an idea, a number, name, or whatever – you use a pen for that.

A pencil may be used in this situation. They’re not only for high-school like everyone thinks, but they’re also helpful for annotating stuff temporarily or without having to use the bright ink of a pen. It will cost you a sharpener to sharpen the pencil, but it will last much longer than any pen.

2. Highlighters & Markers

Have you ever written something too long? How do you highlight a specific part of it? Easy – you use a highlighter. You can also use it to highlight documents, books, and other items. Whatever you need to highlight wherever there’s an enormous paragraph, a highlighter will do the job.

Similar to the previous, you should also have markers. You can write in thicker fonts and have the same experience as highlighting. It can be used for annotating, highlighting, and other purposes.

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3. Erasers

You have the pencils, markers, and pencils. how can you erase If you write something wrongly or erratically, they will erase it. An eraser is what you use.

There are many types of erasers. Most of them can only be used with pencils. So they’re essential to have. But others will also work with pens, so they’re even more helpful. There are also erasers available for markers.

Each one should be at least one. Of course, if you don’t have a pen, pencil, or marker – then you don’t need an eraser for it. Get one if you don’t already have one.

4. Stamps & Ink Pads

A stamp set is the best way to stamp your art projects. A rubber stamp and an inkpad are the best choices. This allows you to have the custom stamp, depending on what you want, and enough ink so that you can continue the process until the ink runs out.

5. White Paper

What surface will you use to annotate, write on, highlight, mark, stamp, or mark stuff? White paper is the most common surface.

Not only they’re useful for noting down ideas and comments or marking stuff, sometimes they’re useful even for stamping documents and the likes. They could also be used as a tool for organizing ideas, creating mental maps and making drafts.

It is essential to have a stack or ream of paper in every art workshop. So don’t miss it.

6. Notepads & Notebooks

The notepad and notebook are two other surfaces that can be used to write notes, take notes, draw sketches, highlight things, or create mental maps.

A notepad is extremely practical due to its size. They can be useful for small details like dates, names, and short comments. Some notepads come with sticky paper so you can keep ideas/notes organized in a convenient place.

Notepads are a bit smaller than notebooks, but they can be used as a way to keep track of things. They can be used to draw, write essays, paragraphs, and other longer documents. If you need to store medium to a large amount of information or explain things in-depth to yourself or others – a notebook is the way to go.

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7. Envelopes & Folders

If you’re continually writing notes, working with documents, or sending invitations and cards, then envelopes and folders are a must-have set of items to have.

You may use envelopes to mail letters to customers in a company setting. They can also be used to distribute flyers. business cardsYou can use them to send invitations and even money. Some people even use them to deliver small stuff that doesn’t fit well in boxes or bags.

Similar to folders, folders can be used to organize and transport documents. Handling paperwork or other types of physical documents can be messy. It is best to keep them organized and safe with folders. And what’s even better, they help identify stuff with tabs and so on. You can learn a lot about them. how to printing on A7 envelope, as we’ve done on our another post.

8. Staplers, Pins & Clips

You can use a stapler, pins, and clips to hold several sheets of paper or docs together. If you need to keep them together for long periods of time, a stapler is the best choice. They can hold multiple sheets together from one angle, and ensure that they stay attached.

You can achieve the same result with a clip but you don’t have to pierce sheets. They just hold them together from a side or angle, sometimes firmly enough, so they don’t separate easily.

Similar experience can be provided by a pin such as a pushpin or drawing pin. You can pin paper sheets and other objects without causing any damage.

9. Tape & Glue

How do you stick pieces of paper together? What if you have to fix a tear in a sheet? How about packaging and securely storing your stuff?

It is essential that you have something that can hold it all together. And sure enough, there’s nothing better than a few drops of glue or a portion of plastic tape. A tape dispenser can be brought along, and a bottle of glue can be kept nearby.

10. Scissors & Utility Knife

Need to cut paper? A scissor and an X-acto will be your best options. Sooner or later, you’ll have to cut something, probably paper. In that case, using the old trick of saliva and folding won’t do the job, especially if there’s someone else around.

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Instead, you can instead use scissors to cut. precise and relaxed cut. Or even better, use an X-acto and enjoy even better accuracy – especially in long cuts.

11. Printer & USB Stick

You will need a printer if you plan to print designs or images from the internet. A small one will do the job, especially if you’re not working on large art projects. There are numerous printer reviews for home and office. our website.

You may also need to save designs, images, and documents from a computer. A USB stick is needed in such cases.

12. Computer & Calculator

You also need a computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or a large art studio at home, a computer is essential. From designing to writing stuff, researching, or just getting new ideas – you need one of these almost without fault.

A scientific calculator is also useful for making calculations. If the calculations are complicated, a scientific calculator will be able to do the job. A small calculator will suffice.


These items will be your best friend if you are looking to outfit your office or art shop. These items will make your life easier and save you time.

This office stationery list will help you ensure a well-equipped office. So don’t hesitate and start looking for these items now. You’ll love having everything close when you need it.

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