10 Best Meat Slicers (September 2022) Reviews

A delicious meal is incomplete without well-sliced meat. You will love the delicious taste of perfectly sliced meat. You now know. And that’s why you need the service of the best meat slicer, Consumer Reports.

Meat slicers, which are amazing kitchen appliances, allow you to quickly and finely sliced meat, vegetables, and other foods in just a few seconds.

You can also easily adjust the thickness of your meat and other foods. So how do you find the best meat slicer to suit your cooking needs and preferences?

We have researched some of the top brands on the market.

I’ve written this review to help you narrow down your selection and make a perfect choice.

Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

View Item Details Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

BASSWOOD Premium Chromium-Plated Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

View Item Details BESWOOD Premium Chromium-Plated Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

View Item Details KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer Reviews

View Item Details Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer Reviews

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer Reviews

View Item Details Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer Reviews

VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Slicer Reviews

View Item Details VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Slicer Reviews

Consumer Reports – The 10 Best Meat Slicers in 2022

These 10 products were selected based on their features, price, value, and cost.

1. Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Chef’sChoice 615A000 Tilted Food Carriage for Fast and Efficient Slicing with Removable Blade for Easy Clean, 15.5 x 10.4 x 11 Inches, gray

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Specially designed for smooth slicing operation, Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is the ideal choice for anyone who craves perfectly sliced meat.

This kitchen equipment tested meats and other foods such as bread, cheese, vegetables, and pasta. In addition, it did a great job of slicing.

Although it looks rugged, the meat slicer’s material is cast aluminum and stainless steel.

I checked the power rating and found that it runs at 120 watts. This is quite reasonable for a fast slicing operation.

Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer also features a high torque motor and smooth gear drive to deliver an excellent slicing experience.

The stainless blade’s 7-inch length can be removed for easy cleaning. After use, I removed the blade from my hand and thoroughly cleaned it.

The device includes the food carriage and the food pusher to make it easy to transport and store your sliced beef within the machine.

The carriage is large, so I was able quickly to cut my large hams for roasting.


  • Blades of premium quality and efficiency
  • Also, cut through fruits, vegetables, or bread.
  • For easy cleaning, removable features
  • For greater efficiency, use high torque power


  • Although not as attractive, it works well.

 2. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-Plated Electric Meat Slicer

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Commercial and for Home use

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Do you want a high-quality meat slicer that is comparable to commercial slicers? Then, look at the BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-Plated Electric Meat Slicer.

However, this meat slicer looks heavier than the other brands I’ve reviewed so far. The aluminum and stainless steel coatings protect the meat slicer and ensure its durability and long-term use. It is easy to slice your meat thinly. The slicer can also easily cut semi-frozen meat to the size you prefer.

The durable build quality is what I love. The blade of stainless steel is coated with chromium. This coating makes the blade strong and durable. It will also last a long time.

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Many Amazon users said they hadn’t sharpened their blades since purchase. The meat slicer features a v-shaped feeding bely that vibrates softly and is quiet.

And if you’re planning to cut large chunks of meat, BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-Plated Electric Meat Slicer has a large blade size to fulfill your needs. Although you don’t need to sharpen the blade often, it does require occasional cleaning. However, removing the blade may require some effort.


  • Great for commercial purpose
  • Excellent build quality
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications


  • Difficulty in removing the blade

3. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Meat Slicer

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The EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer from Elite Platinum is a premium-quality, high-quality meat slicer that will save you the time, effort, and money spent on a meat slicing service.

This food slicer allows you to enjoy a delicious, comfortable cut right from your kitchen. Elite Platinum EMT-503B does more than just meat slicing. It can also cut down your snacks, sandwiches, and appetizers in minutes and with minimal effort.

The stainless steel blade measures 7.5 inches and cuts through food easily. Many Amazon users have reported that the blade is durable and can be used for many years.

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer has the thickness knob feature. This allows you to adjust the thickness of your sliced meat up to 1/2 inches.

The slicing platform can be used in large quantities. We were able to place large meats for slicing. The slicer’s feet are rubber-made, making them stable and safe for use.

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Cutter can also cut through bread, salamiss, ham, cheddar, pepperoni, firm vegetable, turkey breast, or other foods.

The slicer is made from plastic material and should be handled with care.


  • Features that resist rust and are durable
  • Large slicing table for fast cutting
  • The adjustable knob allows for the selection of thickness level


  • Not for heavy-duty cutting
  • Carefully handle the plastic material.

4. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

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If you’re looking for an average quality slicer, check out the Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer.

I removed all parts of the meat slicer using the removable feature. The meat slicer can cut meats up to 1/32-1/2 inches thick. This allowed me to pick my preferred thickness. You can also slice your sandwiches, snacks, and appetizers.

To avoid injury, it is possible to hold your food with one hand and concentrate on the other. The meat slicer heats up after 10 minutes.

You may have left them for a few minutes to cool off, reducing your work efficiency. As a result, you may be able to do less in a shorter time. However, if you do not hurry, this food slider is something to consider.


  • Adjustable knobs for thickness levels
  • For easy cleaning, removable features
  • Quality construction


  • Requires extra careful handling

5. VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Slicer

VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

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If you want a meat slicer with a high-quality blade and a more efficient power, VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Slicer will be good. The whetstone is an additional function that this model offers.

You don’t have to purchase a sharpening tool separately because the meat slicer kit comes with whetstones for effective sharpening.

I only had to push a few buttons to initiate the sharpening process. It’s super easy to do.

The blade is made of stainless steel and is resistant to rust. It also features a cover to protect the slicer from water damage.

Although the manufacturers claim it is small and light, the 50-pound weight contradicts this. In addition, this might be too heavy for someone who wants something lighter for their kitchen.


  • Material made of stainless steel
  • It comes with whetstones to sharpen your blades
  • Waterproofed cover


  • It can be very heavy

 6. NESCO FS250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer

NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer, Adjustable Thickness, 8.7″

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The NESCO FS250 Stainless Steel Meat Slicer has a powerful motor. The blade is high quality and very efficient.

The powerful motor can quickly slice through the thickest meats in seconds. Likewise, the blade edge is capable of cutting through tough pieces of meat.

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The food press’s blade is made from stainless steel and aluminum. These coatings improve the durability of the meat slicer and increase its longevity. In addition, the durable slicing protects your finger during operation.

The power switch is professionally designed. The manufacturer inserted the power switch into the chassis of the slicer.   This ensures that you won’t flip it off or on incorrectly.

Unfortunately, a serrated blade cannot be purchased. This can be problematic as some meats can only be cut with a smooth blade.


  • Powerful 180W motor
  • Durable stainless steel materials
  • Powerful slicing guards


  • The smooth blade is not offered

7. Super Deal on Premium Electric Meat Slicer

SUPER DEAL Premium Stainless Steel Electric Meat Slicer 7.5″ inch Blade Home Kitchen Deli Meat Food Vegetable Cheese Cutter – Thickness Adjustable – Easy to clean

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Are you a professional chef searching for a top-quality meat slicer? Take a look at this Super Deal Premium Electric Meat Slicer. This superb slicer is powerful enough for all culinary tasks. You can slice your zucchini, eggplants, and cheese.

I tried the blade, and it was sharpener-like even after long use. The motor power of 150 watts is also impressive. The thickness can be adjusted up to 3/5 inches.

One of my favorite features about this meat slicer is its ease of use. The removable feature makes it easy to clean. It took me just a few seconds before I could remove most of the slicer.

I also removed and cleaned the ring guard cover- which is a part that prevents debris from accumulating — the slide rod extension, carriage system, and even the meat-grip arm all support removal and cleaning. The material buildup is die-cast aluminum, which you can use for many decades.

You can cut through various cheese, vegetables, fruits, bread, deli thin meats, and boneless meats.


  • Can perform a heavy-duty function
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Adjustable knobs for thickness adjustment
  • Protective cover for your carriage that is easy to clean
  • This is a great recipe for the professional chef
  • The knife remains sharpened for a long time


  • The blade can be difficult and time-consuming to remove
  • Unreadable manual setup

8. Kitchener Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer 9 Inches

Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli and Cheese Food Slicer, Stainless Steel Blade. 150 Watt

View at Amazon

If there’s anything special about this food slicer, it’s in the high motor power and removable blade.

First, I love that this meat slicer has a removable blade that can be removed for cleaning. It is made of stainless steel and resists rusting. The 200-watt meat slicer quickly and easily cuts through all types of meats, meats, vegetables, and meats.

The suction cups keep the device stable when it is being sliced. In addition, it is compact and easy to store. The removable blade comes at 8-5/8″ for smooth slicing work and easy cleaning.

The carriage surface is made of stainless steel and provides finger protection.

If there’s anything else I appreciate about the excellent slicer, it’s the anti-microbial protection.

This premium quality slicer has been FDA approved and is available at an affordable price.


  • It’s easy to keep clean
  • You can cut through many food types
  • A 200-watt motor powers the motor
  • The adjustable knob allows you to control the thickness
  • When the slicer is in use, the suction cups keep it stable with their support
  • Stainless steel and rustproof materials


  • Blade speed can be very slow

9. KWS Premium Electric Slicer for Meat

KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer 320W 10-Inch with Nonsticky Teflon Blade, Frozen Meat/Deli Meat/Cheese/Food Slicer Low Noises Commercial and at Home

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This premium quality meat cutter comes from KWS. It promises to slice through your food quickly. So if you’re a professional cook looking for the best meat slicer for your cooking regimes, KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer is what you need.

The blades made of carbon steel are large and 10 inches long and are chromium-plated for easy slicing.

The meat slicer cuts all types of meat perfectly and evenly. This electric meat slicer is used by many people who want to cut thin potato slices.

If you’re a professional chef or butcher, you’ll love the fast cooking time offered by this device. The 200-watt-powered device works optimally to cut through meats.

It comes with a sturdy aluminum case that will last a long time. I can’t but praise the cutting power of this slicer. In addition, its compact design makes it easy to store.

It also has a dual whetstone sharpener, which allows you to sharpen your blade.


  • High-quality product
  • Slice meats easily
  • Features vibration and a noise-reduction feature
  • Made from stainless-steel materials
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  • It can be very heavy

How to Choose a Meat Slicer

There are a few things you should consider before you make the decision to buy the best meat slicer. Let’s get started:

Motor efficiency

The motor of a meat slicer determines how fast it cuts meat and how much power it puts into each piece. Horsepower is the measure of motor power efficiency. The more horsepower, the higher its efficiency.

1/4-1/3 horsepower is a common power rating for lighter-duty slicers. They can be used for up to one hour per day. These slices are great for thin meats.

Slicers used for average duty usually have between 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower. These slicers are ideal for cutting cheeses or meats for a few hours every day.

Motors with higher horsepower typically have more than half the horsepower. It’s the best option for those who want to use meat slicers every day. Most high-duty slicers work all day.

If you only plan to use your meat slicing machine for a few occasions, the lower horsepower models are best. In addition, they are generally budget-friendly, so you’ll be able to save money instead of buying an expensive one that you necessarily don’t need all day.

Blade size

It is important to consider the size and shape of the blade. A large-sized blade is best for heavy-duty cutting. However, it can also cut other foods, aside from meats.

For light-duty cutting and slicing thin meats, smaller blades are better. You can also clean smaller blades.

Low-duty slicers have a blade that measures between 9-10 inches. Strong slicers have blades between 12-14 inches. The blades of the most powerful commercial meat slicers are usually 12 inches in length.

There is no universal size blade. The best results will be achieved if you choose the right size for your needs.


Many meat slicers come with safety features that eliminate the risk of injury. However, meat slicers may cause injury, so it’s better to go for a model that is designed for safety.

You should inspect the blade guard included with the meat slicer. If you want to be safer, you can purchase a cut-resistant glove.

It’s easy to use

There are two types of meat slicers on the market: manual and automatic. It is easier to use an automatic slicer. All you have to do to cut is place the meat on the slicer and let it do the rest. You don’t have to operate the blade for every cut.

Automatic slicers can also cut large quantities of meat into small pieces. Therefore, we recommend buying an automatic slicer if you plan to slice meat every day.

Most automatic slicers can also be fitted with a manual setting for better control. Automatic slicers are the best choice for large-scale operations. Manual meat slices are much easier to use and take less time to prepare.

Cleaning leg kickstand

You should also consider whether you want a meat slicer that has a kickstand or cleaning legs. A cleaning leg or kickstand makes it easy to clean your meat slicer.

Size of the meat tray

Also, think about the size of the meat tray. A larger meat tray will allow you to cut more meat. On the other hand, the smaller tray may require you to frequently remove the already-cut meat before putting another, which might be stressful if you’re cutting more meats.


I hope we’ve been able to walk you through everything you should know about the best meat slicer Consumer Reports. The Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat slicer is our most preferred of all the reviewed products.

This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves perfectly sliced meat. All of the products we reviewed are efficient and versatile, and you will love using them.

We hope you are able to create the best meat slicer. Good luck!

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