Best Charcoal for Grilling – Lump Charcoal vs Briquettes

In the barbeque world, where it’s all about aroma, taste, and authenticity, lump charcoal vs briquettes It is not less than batman against superman.

However, we won’t be getting into the endless debate of which one is better. Instead, we’ll present an unbiased opinion about the best charcoal for grilling your desired meat according to the occasion.

There are many fuel options on the market, including lump charcoal, pellets, briquettes and briquettes. wood chips for smoking. You will need to know which one to use with various grills if you want a barbecue guru. pellet grill Or gas grill.

Grilling: Best Lump Charcoal


Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal – 2 x 20LB

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The Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal Lump Charcoal has been voted the best in lump charcoal. Kamado grill Because of its large-sized lump coal. The new waterproof bag protects the charcoal against external damage and keeps it fresh.

Made from South American hardwood, the Jealous Devil lump charcoal doesn’t have any unpleasant bitterness like the coal made from oak or hickory. That’s why it comes with a mild and smooth flavour without overwhelming the original meat flavour.

The wood is also hand-picked to make coal in brick kilns. Consequently, the lump charcoal is safer and doesn’t cause any dramatic lighting, making it the best charcoal starter.

Jealous Devil can reach temperatures of 1,172F, which is amazing. Moreover, the lumps don’t contain any chemicals or fillers, with a minimal amount of dust.

If you don’t know How to start a charcoal barbecue, don’t worry because we’ve got it covered for you. To cover the charcoal in your chimney, you will need three to four newspaper sheets. Next, light the newspaper and wait for it to start burning. The Jealous Devil doesn’t pop up or spark during the lighting process.

These solid lump charcoals have a much longer burn time than most brands. They also produce less ash than other brands.

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  • Waterproof and dustproof bag
  • Doesn’t include any chemicals or fillers
  • The maximum temperature at which a fire can be started is 1,170F.


  • May have a tar-like smell


Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal – Missouri Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Pecan Wood Mix

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Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal contains 100 percent natural wood. It is composed of Oak, Maple, Hickory and Pecan. This lump charcoal also produces mild and undetectable smoke.

The maximum temperature at which Rockwood lump charcoal can be burned is 900F. This is a great but lower than the one we mentioned earlier.

Unlike the previously discussed lump charcoal, it’s comparatively difficult to light up Rockwood lump charcoal. You might need five to six newspapers sheets to light the charcoal in your chimney.

The good news is that this lump charcoal doesn’t pop up or spark at a lesser temperature. However, it may spark at a higher temperature.

Although it’s difficult to burn this lump charcoal; nonetheless, it produces mild smoke and little ash residue. Moreover, it doesn’t overpower the meat’s natural flavour while incorporating a pleasant aroma and taste of different woods.

This lump charcoal is made from leftover hardwood from timber milling to ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness. This natural lump charcoal is made from the leftover hardwood from timber milling.

The lump charcoal is also packaged in a paper bag made from recycled paper and inks derived from soy. That’s why the bag is landfill-safe and doesn’t cause any environmental damage by producing harmful fumes when burned.


  • 100 percent natural composition
  • Slow-burning
  • Minimal ash production
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Recyclable bag


  • It is difficult to get started


Best Charcoal Briquettes for Grilling


Royal Oak Chef’s Select Premium Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

Royal Oak Chef’s Select Premium Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes for Outdoor Patio Grills and Smokers, 40 Pound Bag

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The Royal Oak Chef’s Select Premium Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes ensure consistent,  longer burning for low and high-temperature cooking. These briquettes contain 100 percent natural hardwood charcoal.

Barbecue enthusiasts know that more ash can cause the fire to go out. That’s why these briquettes produce lesser ash, enhancing overall burn time.

These briquettes can also be used in any type of grill or smoker. They are also a great choice for the Kamado Grill, which is the most popular. best charcoal grill.

Royal Oak charcoal brquettes come in large bags of 40 pounds to accommodate high-volume barbeque events. These briquettes are made from American oak and hickory hardwood and don’t contain any artificial flavours, chemicals, or ingredients. The vegetable starch acts as a natural binder.

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Royal Oak charcoal briquettes add a bold, smoky flavor to your meals. They produce cleaner smoke, and can be burned for approximately an hour at around 900F degrees. Since they don’t contain any artificial ingredients, they don’t infuse an unpleasant or bitter flavour to your grilled burgers.


  • Made from American Oak and Hickory hardwood
  • Use it for low- and high-temperature cooking
  • Produces lesser ash
  • Versatile
  • The consistent and rapid burning


  • It is difficult to store 40 lb of briquettes
  • Expensive


Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes

Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes, Two 12 Pound Bags

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The Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes are extremely efficient because they can be prepared in just 15 minutes. These briquettes can be heated up to 25 percent faster than charcoal ones.

Kingsford has been manufacturing charcoal briquettes for more than 100 years, making it one of America’s number-one briquettes selling brands. That’s why their briquettes come with a new refined formula. These charcoal briquettes were also patentable in 1987.

These charcoal briquettes are available in two separate bags weighing 18 pounds each. This makes them more affordable than other options. They are also smaller and compact, which ensures a longer and hotter fire. These briquettes also have more edges for quick and easy lighting.

Each charcoal briquette comes with Kingsford’s Sure Fire Grooves on both surfaces to facilitate quick and convenient lighting. These grooves help you maintain a consistent temperature, and even burn.

These briquettes also produce more ash than other briquettes and burn quicker. The Kingsford briquettes will still give your meals a charcoal-grilled flavor.

All ingredients are sourced from America, making this a premium charcoal product suitable for backyard grilling. These include mineral carbon for heating, wood char and mineral char. The limestone gives the mixture a light-ash hue, and the starch binds the ingredients together.

Other ingredients include borax to make a press release, sodium nitrate, and sawdust for faster ignition.


  • 15 minutes preheating
  • 25 percent faster coal lighting
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 percent North American ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Reduced time
  • Produces more Ash


Lump Charcoal vs Briquettes

First, briquettes and lump both are forms of charcoal. It is one of best fuels for grilling your favourite meat. To simplify things, lump can be considered a basic form charcoal. Briquettes have additives such as sawdust to keep them in pristine condition.

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Lump Charcoal: Why?

  • The temperature at which it burns is higher than that of briquettes.
  • This is a great recipe for searing, but slow grilling requires extra care.
  • This product has a woody, natural scent that will appeal to all barbeque enthusiasts.
  • It is well-known for its perfect smoky flavour.

Lump Charcoal has its drawbacks

  • These pieces may come in irregular or uneven pieces. You may need further breaking.
  • Sometimes, larger lump charcoal may not be carbonized completely, as it may contain lignin or cellulose, which could alter the natural charcoal flavour.
  • This charcoal burns faster so you will need to continue adding lump charcoal while grilling.
  • Be careful when breaking large pieces. They can become unusable pieces and dust, which will reduce airflow and cause slow-burning.

Why Use Briquettes?

  • They come in a uniform size and shape that allows you to place briquettes in the grill properly for even heating.
  • These are great for slow and prolonged cooking like smoking. They can reach temperatures of 800F to 1,000F.
  • It is relatively cheaper and easier to use than lump charcoal.

Briquettes have drawbacks

  • You can choose from a variety of natural and artificial additives.
  • They are slow to light up at first, making them difficult to burn.
  • Produces comparatively less ash than lump coal.


You don’t have to be a professional barbeque chef or a novice. wood pellet smoker electric smoker.

You will be able to follow the guide. How to use a charcoal grill With briquettes or lump charcoal. Both are natural hardwood charcoal. However, briquettes burn hotter and more consistently than lump charcoal.

Pro tip: When cooking on charcoal, you may be able to combine smaller amounts of maple pellet or hickory. best wood pellets for smoking meat. It gives your food a unique smoky taste.

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