Manscaped 4.0 vs Meridian: Honest Comparison

This is our Manscaped4.0 vs Meridian comparison.

On May 6, 2022, Manscaped launched its top-of-line, the Lawn Mower® 4.0.

Many of Style Recap’s followers asked me to write up Lawn Mower 4.0 review (with the Lawn Mower 3.0 comparison). Now is the time to compare Lawn Mowers 4.0 and Meridian.

This article complements our main article Meridian Grooming vs Manscaped guide. Check It’s available now.

Comparison of Lawn Mowers 4.0 and Meridian

Feature Trimmer Meridian Grooming Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.
Weight 4.23 Ounces 4.25 ounces
Size Bigger Smaller
RPM 6000 stroke/min 7000 stroke/min
Noise level Quiet A little quieter
Safety and nicks Very Good Good
Guide combs 2 (3-6 mm, 9-12 mm). 2 (3-6 mm, 10-13 mm)
Battery Life Expectancy 90 minutes 90 minutes
Battery Life  Excellent Average
Charging time 1 hour 5 hours
LED Light on trimmer head No Yes
LED Charging indicators Yes Yes
Charging Dock No Yes (wireless)
Travel Lock No Yes
Colors 2 (onyx, sage) 1 (black)
Water-resistant Yes Yes
Cost $ $$
Price Check The Price on Amazon Check The Price on Amazon

Meridian Grooming vs Manscaped 4.0

Manscaped 4.0 vs Meridian

Manscaped’s fourth generation trimmer is loaded with features. The leading men’s grooming brand tried hard to handle the Manscaped 3.0 issues and outperform Meridian Grooming trimmer.

Manscaped the Lawn Mower 4

Was Manscaped a success?

Okay. The winner of the battle between Meridian and Manscaped 3.0 was the Meridian trimmer. This is due to its higher safety margin, greater convenience, and longer battery life.

These issues were solved by Manscaped 4.0. What more did Lawn Mowers® 4.0 have to offer?

Performance & Safety

Safety and performance are determined by the components of the mower, including motors and batteries. The Lawn Mower 4.0 didn’t change any of these 3 components. It comes with the same blades and motor as the Lawn Mower 30.0.

The Manscaped 4.0 trimmer is still safer than the Meridian trimmer.

Winner: The Meridian trimmer.

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.

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The Meridian Trimmer

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Battery life and charging system

Many customers complained about battery decay in the Manscaped 3.0. Manscaped 4.0 includes a completely new charging system to hopefully address this problem.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 has a wireless dock and a Type-C USB. This allows you to wirelessly charge the trimmer. However, this comes at a cost: the charging time is longer. 5 hours With the same battery life (90 minutes). 

On On the other side, the Meridian trimmer requires very little. One hour To be fully charged to give it to you 90 minutes Runtime

The battery discharge problemThe Manscaped 4.0 groin trimming machine has an overcharging/over-discharging protection circuit that addresses this issue. 

However, many customers report that their battery problem is still present. The battery must be replaced completely in the next version. This includes the charging system.

So the battery life for the Meridian Grooming trimmer remains superior.

Winner: The Meridian trimmer


Attachments: The Lawn Mower 4.0 comes with 2 guards, a 3-6 mm and a -13 mm guard, unlike the Lawn Mower 3.0.  The Meridian trimmer also comes with 2 combs (3-6 mm, 9-12 mm). You can use the Meridian trimmer with either the pubic or the sacrificial combs to achieve any style of manscaping.

Colors: The Manscaped trimmer 4.0 comes in one color (mixture of glossy and matte black), while the Meridian trimmer is available in two colors (onyx and sage).

Power indicator: The power indicator on both trimmers allows you to check the remaining battery charge. This will help you avoid awkward, unplanned moments when the battery goes flat.

LED Spotlight The Lawn Mower 4.0 boasts a LED spotlight that you can turn on/off for better lighting and more precision, a feature that the Meridian Grooming trimmer doesn’t possess.

Travel lock: The Manscaped 4.0 has a travel lock while the Meridian doesn’t. For heavy travelers, the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 may be a better option.

Winner: The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.

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The Meridian Trimmer

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Verdict: Manscaped 4.0 or Meridian?

In short: When it comes down to Meridian vs Manscaped 4, I still recommend the Meridian trimmer rather than the Manscaped Lawn Mower. If you’re a frequent traveler, the Lawn Mower 4.0 would be more convenient.

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