Top 7 Label Printing Software For Mac And Windows 2022

While labels may not seem very important to the average person it is crucial for every business-owner.

These small pieces of adhesive paper usually contain all the information a client needs before finalizing the purchase decision. Counterpersons would also need to scan the product.

Let us introduce you to several options to help you choose the right label printing software for Windows and Mac for your business.

Top 7 Picks For 2022: Label Printing Software for Windows and Mac – Top 7 Picks

1. Easy Barcode Creator

This software has one of the easiest interfaces you’ll ever see! You just need to type the numbers, modify it if necessary, and then save it.

Although the barcode generator in this software was originally intended for Macs, it can be used with Windows systems as well.

Easy Barcode Maker allows you to create vector EPS barscodes in 100% vector format that support industry standard formats such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, I2of5 or more.

Because of the integrated OCR characters, fonts are not necessary. It can be used with popular graphic design applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

2. Barcode Producer

Another useful software to make labels that supports both Mac and Windows. Barcode Producer is the creator of this awesome software. 

It allows you to enter necessary information such as barcode type, value, and prefix. You can also modify its output resolution, factor percentage, and bar height.

You can either send the EPS graphics completed directly to the printer, or to apps like Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

It offers all the most popular barcode types including UPC and QR Code as well as DataBar. The QR code is only available on Mac devices.

It has been awarded over two decades for its smooth functionality and easy to understand interface.

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It allows you to create barcodes that can be used for printing labels and tags.

3. FileMaker Pro

One of FileMaker Pro’s many capabilities is the ability to print and create labels. There are several templates available for creating your label. You can also modify the dimensions to meet the product’s requirements. You can use either the standard Labels layout or a Verticl label layout if you need.

Before you press the print button, verify that all settings are correct.

That is because FileMaker Pro takes the selected printer into account while calculating the label’s margins and other relevant measurements.

4. Shippo

Shippo is often misunderstood as a shipping company when it actually offers label-printing services.

You can use either standard inkjet or thermal printers avery label printers with it using 8.5×11 pages and 4×6 adhesive papers respectively. The latter is the best option to print large volumes of labels on an ongoing basis.

Inkjet printers use horizontal papers. Each page can hold up to two labels, as one takes up half the space.

On the other hand, the thermal printer labels are usually vertical and much smaller at only 4×6 inches each. Check Before printing, make sure you have all of the properties displayed on your dashboard.

5. Peninsula Labeller

Peninsula Group has developed label software that can be used to create professional labels using inkjet, laser, or thermal printers. 

It is compatible to many popular brands, including Datamax and Zebra, TEC, and TSC. You have complete control over the printing job, including speed, gap width, dark, and more.

You can print all kinds of labels with this software, including black mark labels, rewinders and butterfly jewelry labels.

It allows you to print them directly from Excel or CSV files, and then modify their design or information as per your needs.

6. Computalabel

Computalabel was one of the pioneers among pioneer barcode generators. They have two different softwares for Windows and Mac – named as WBC4 and MBC4 respectively. Although they are different, they share many similarities such as creating graphics in TIFF, EPS, and JPEG files.

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DataMatrix and GS1 Databar have been added to their feature list. These softwares can be used to make your labels modern and easier-to-scan. These labels can then be printed as self adhesive labels depending on your needs.

Software for Label Printing Only Windows Operating System


MarkMagic software was developed by Cybra All your printing and designing problems regarding barcode labels can be solved by us.

It supports more than 450 printers of different brands, so it will work well with your printer! It’s used by approximately 2700 people to handle label printing tasks.

MarkMagic is embedded in several WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) packages, including VAI S2k, Manhattan WMi, Infor CloudSuite and VAI S2k, due to its features and versatility. You can find many templates and formats in the Compliance Format Library.


NiceLabel has been around for over 30 years. It is a one-stop shop for creating, scanning, customizing and printing labels. It allows inventory management and serial numbers tracking to ensure a smooth operation of the label produced.

Although it doesn’t work with Mac computers, it works with Windows and Android phones. It is available 24/7 via live chat to reach customer support.

The software can be used by businesses of any size and users can print the labels from anywhere using cloud access.


DocketManager is different from other software systems. It focuses more on labels than any other software system.

This management information system (MIS), is essentially a cloud-based web to print platform. It offers management and printing services for businesses of all sizes – startups, SMEs, agencies or enterprises.

Since it fully integrates both MIS and W2P, you don’t need to maintain the two systems separately anymore. All requirements can be managed and updated from one place.

You can use it on a Windows PC or on a Android mobile device.  

Only Mac Operating System Label Printing Software

Swift Publisher

Belight Software is an Apple brand that specializes drawing vectors for different purposes on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Swift Publisher, a publishing software that works only on Mac systems, is one of their many endeavors.

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Other than standard labels, there are also envelopesIt can also print other types of products such as ID card, brochures, business cardsCalendars, CD labels, and calendars.

There are more than 500 templates available online that you can use to create new labels.

Swift Publisher also includes about 100 image masks as well as 2,000 clipart illustrations for free! You can also get 100 more fonts and 40,000 images with the paid packages!

Mac Barcode Label

This software was originally in German, but it is now available in English.

OnlyMac Software developed it as the ideal barcode design and exporting tool to Mac users.

It supports all popular barcode standards, including UPC, EAN and PZN. You can use it to create, export, print and save barcode files in various formats, such as PSD, EP or TIFF.


This software is easy to use and allows you to print and create new labels, even though the name sounds a bit strange.

TBarCode/X includes many useful features, such as a shared library and a spool filter. It is compatible with macOS as well Linux and UNIX systems.

It also has a print server that can be used for ORACLE and SAP R/3 as well as other ERP applications. It can be used for creating the most common barcode types such as linear, GS1 databar and 2D. It can also serve as a document management tool and logistical tool.

Final Words

This is a complete list of Label printing programs for Windows and Mac. There are many options for both Mac and Windows, but you can also find options for each operating system separately!

Make a decision about which one is best for your business or personal project, and then start shipping!

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