Kwikset SmartCode Lock Won’t Unlock? (Solved)

If you are interested in a Kwikset SmartCode lock doesn’t unlock after entering a User Code, and you’re locked out, here is a quick way to fix the problem:

  • Verify that the User Code is correct. Double-check your User Code and try again.
  • Use a physical key to unlock it—if it still won’t unlock with a User Code.
  • Call Kwikset technical support or a locksmith for help—if it doesn’t unlock with a physical key.

So that’s a quick way to unlock the lock/door—if you’re locked out.

Now let’s look at possible causes of this issue and how to fix/prevent it from happening going forward.

Kwikset SmartCode Lock Won’t Unlock: Possible Causes and How to Fix

1. Low Batteries

Low batteries can cause your lock not to work electronically. Low batteries can cause your lock’s electronic functionality to stop working. batteries on your Kwikset SmartCode lock are low, chances are your lock won’t function correctly and this might be the reason your lock isn’t unlocking after entering a valid User Code.

So you want to check that the batteries are active and ensure you replace them with the right batteries—if they are low.

Kwikset SmartCode locks use AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. You should use the correct batteries, as the lock may not function properly if you use the wrong ones.

The wrong batteries could include lithium batteries and any type of rechargeable battery. Kwikset recommends against using lithium batteries or any type of rechargeable batteries.

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You should also avoid mixing old batteries and new batteries as this could cause battery leakage. This can lead to unfavorable operation.

2. Incorrect User Code

To unlock your Kwikset SmartCode lock via the keypad, you need to enter a valid User Code and then probably press the Kwikset button—depending on your SmartCode lock model.

The lock won’t unlock if the User Code isn’t correct. So check that you’re entering a valid User Code.

3. A Glitch

Are you still having trouble unlocking your lock with User Code? Then it’s safe to assume that it’s a bug and you may fix that by factory resetting the lock.

If you’re not sure how to factory reset your Kwikset SmartCode, see how to do that below:

Factory Resetting a Kwikset SmartCode lock

  • Step 1: Disconnect the battery pack.
  • Step 2 – Press and hold the button Program button. Next, hold the battery pack in place while you replace it. Program button.
  • Step 3: Keep holding the Program Press the button for about 30 seconds until the lock flashes green and beeps
  • Step 4: To complete the process, press the Program button.

The lock will flash green and sound twice to indicate that it has been reset.

Ensure you perform the door handing process again as the lock won’t function without doing that. (Read step 4 to learn more about the door-handling process.

More so, keep in mind that restoring factory settings will delete all previous programming, so you’ll have to start all over again to program your lock.

And if you previously paired your Kwikset SmartCode lock with a smart hub or smart home/security systems—such as Vivint Ring AlarmAfter factory reset, you will need to reconnect them.

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4. Door Handling Process Not Performed

Kwikset SmartCode and other models require users to perform the ‘door handing process’ on the first installation or after restoring factory settings.

The door handing process allows the SmartCode lock to determine if the deadbolt faces right or left and your lock won’t function electronically if this is not done yet.

So, if you just installed the lock for the first time or restored factory settings, make sure to perform the door handing process, otherwise, the lock won’t work electronically.

Here’s how to handle a manual door opening process:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the battery pack. Next, press and hold the Program Press the button, then place the battery pack back in the case (while holding the device). Program button).
  • Step 2: Release The Program After the battery pack has been replaced successfully, click on the button.
  • Step 3: Press and hold the Program Press the button again. The latch bolt will now learn the orientation of your door by retracting and extending.

If the status LED flashes green, it means that the process was completed successfully. But if it flashes red, it means it wasn’t successfully completed—start the process again and ensure you’re doing it correctly.

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Wrapping up

You can fix a Kwikset locking device that refuses to open by simply changing the batteries or restoring factory settings. But it might not happen every time. This is because the problem may be more complex.

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Congratulations if you were able to fix your Kwikset SmartCode lock using the troubleshooting steps above. If not, contact Kwikset Technical Support to get further assistance.

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