Top 7 ID Card Printing Software For Mac and Windows

It is exciting to receive a new ID card when you are looking for a job, or if you want to start a new chapter in your student life.

It can be one the most effective ways to incite a student or employee.

The main purpose of issuing ID cards to you is to ensure security and efficiency for all your employees.

We will be discussing seven examples of ID card printing software that you can use for Mac and Windows to help you create unique official cards. Any of these software can be used to create functional cards with striking designs.

7 ID Card Printing Software for Mac and Windows

1. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe, a globally recognized company, offers several software systems that will allow you to be more creative without sacrificing your efficiency.

Adobe Spark was created in May 2016 to help you design business necessities such an ID card.

You can also choose from thousands of templates that include your preferred colors, fonts, and images to take a different route than the standard ID card.

This software will allow you not only to print, but also to share your newly designed ID card digitally with others for business and bureaucratic reasons.

It runs on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 operating systems. It can also be used on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or later.

2. ID Flow

Jolly Technologies Inc. in California developed the software ID Flow to design and implement a variety of sytems. print out professional ID cards. 

It can be used with a plastic card printer for printing on either one or both sides of the card. It supports smart cards, magnetic stripe encoding and UV panel printing.

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You can use the information to include additional data, such as photographs and full name, that will allow you to identify your students or employees more effectively.

This data can include biometrics such as fingerprint images and signatures. It is ideal to use in small and medium-sized companies.

You can add encoding to them for door access control systems and turnstiles. This will increase security. It can be designed with either one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes.

You can use it to scan a driver’s license to enter his or her required information into the designated fields automatically.

3. Card Desiree CS

This software was developed by HiTi, a Taiwanese tech company. It makes it easier to print ID cards.

Card DesireeCS has a major advantage: it is free. You can use it to design your ID cards’ front and back using an easy-to-understand interface.

This software does have some limitations. Card Desiree cannot be used with any printers other than those made by HiTi, its owner company. It severely limits your use of Card Desiree if you don’t invest in a printer from that series.

The software cannot be used with macOS or Linux operating system. It is designed to be used only with Windows devices.

4. Formtec Design Pro

Formtec, a Korean company is well-known for producing complex labels and adhesive material.

Formtec Design Pro was developed by the company in 2001 to help schools and businesses create their ID cards. This is another option for anyone looking for free software to print id cards.

This software, like most free software, has some limitations. It can only be used with Windows operating system and does not include any clip art.

However, you can include the necessary personal information by using text, geometric shapes and images or WordArt.

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5. EasyBadge

EasyBadge makes it easy to realize your ID card design ideas. It prints plastic ID badges quickly and easily with its simple interface.

The developers promise that the entire design process will take less then 10 minutes, and that you can print them right away!

You first need to choose the type of ID card that you require based on its purpose. You can then choose from their templates, colors, logos, or create your own design.

Before printing, import all information from your database.

This paid software also includes UV security overlay, 24/7 support and a mobile app.

It is possible to use it, however. can do both single and double-sided printingIt cannot print to Windows printers. It has two versions – one with a single database of 100 records and another with unlimited databases.

6. AlphaCard ID

AlphaCard has been providing reliable advice and support for ID card creation since 1998.

They can print and use both software and hardware to create a whole batch of ID cards. The software will allow you to design the cards as well as manage the information for your students and employees.

This software comes in many versions, depending on how many users you have, how many cards you have, 2D barcodes, and whether or not you need advanced features, such as the ability to remove the background from images.

Printing is a more expensive option. You will need to purchase the more expensive packages to print in batches, receive post-print database updates, or use an automated print server.

Light, the cheapest package, allows only dual-sided printing and selective black panel support. printing usual materials like laserInkjet, thermal, and plastic, etc.

Their free trials are available for up six weeks. They are compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.

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7. CardPresso

CardPresso is another great choice for plastic card printing software, which works with both Windows OS and macOS. 

It combines the best innovations in ID security technology and database management to create ID cards with perfect functionality.

CardPresso ID software is available in several versions, including XXS and XM. You will have the following features: QR code, 2D barcodes and automatic face detection.

The software is available for both Apple and Windows, but many of its advanced features can only be found in the Windows edition.

Comparison Chart of ID Card Design Software





Adobe Spark Post




ID Flow



Free & Paid

Card Desiree




Formtec Design Pro








AlphaCard ID Builder








Final Word

You can print ID cards on Windows and Mac both for free or for a fee. Look into free options if you are tight on funds.

However, the software is limited in features and may not be able impress your clients.

This is why it might be more beneficial for your budding business to invest in the affordable packages of the paid versions.

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