How to Use Sizzix Big Shot: With Troubleshooting Tips

Sizzix Big Shot, one of the most used tools for die cutting, is one of its most popular models. A machine and a die are used to cut a particular shape.

The Big Shot will cut the shape in seconds.

The sizzix Big Shot offers the most affordable option. It can easily cut almost any material up to six inches wide without any difficulty.

This unit is a good choice for those who are just starting out in the world of die cutting because of its affordable price.

This article will provide a quick and easy guide on how to achieve the perfect shape every time you fire up your Sizzix big shot. Let’s get started.

Why would you use Die-Cutting?

Before we get started, it’s possible to wonder why you would even bother with die cutting. The answer is simple.

If you are a fan of arts and crafts, chances are you have spent a lot crafting specific shapes with scissors. If you had a Big Shot-style die-cutter, it would take just a few seconds for you to get the shape that you want.

The Big Shot allows you to create complex designs, from simple shapes and patterns, to complex structures such as animals, alphabets, symbols, and so on.

It is a great tool to create cards, scrapbooks or clothing embellishments on-the-fly. You can even use it to personalize gift wraps.

Not only is die-cutting great for home crafting, but it can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. Print marketing can be made more cost-effective and efficient by using die-cutting. You will save a lot of money on material costs because there is very little waste.

A little bit about the Sizzix big shot

We already mentioned that the Big Shot by Sizzix was one of their most affordable models die-cutting and embossing machines. It is small and portable. It might seem like a toy at first, but if you’re a skilled craftsperson, you can get lots of use from it.

This unit has a core of steel rollers and solid steel gears that allow you to cut through almost any material. The unit also features a solid base with hinged tabs for thin dies. The unit’s opening is approximately 6 inches. This allows you to cut any shape or pattern in a matter of seconds.

It is a manual machine that you must turn by hand. It does not have any electrical functionality. Even though the tool has no electrical functionality, it is very easy to use, even when working with hard materials. It is a very versatile tool that can greatly increase your crafting abilities.

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Once you take it out of its box, it is very easy to set-up. You can choose from a variety of colors and the unit can take a wide range of dies. You don’t have to worry about the 6-inch die limit.

The Sizzix Big shot can also be used for die-cutting. It can cut through hard materials almost effortlessly. You can use it to cut through tough materials. want to cut vinylYou should have no problems using this device with fabric, fabric, and even felt.

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How to Use the Sizzix Big Shot

Now that you know a lot about the Big Shot, and what it can do, let us show you how to use it. It can be difficult to navigate this machine if you’ve never used it before. With our help, you’ll be able to cut any shape or design you like like a pro in no matter how much time.

It doesn’t require any special tricks to make it work, let’s be real. The Big Shot is one the most simple die-cutters on the market. Even a child can use it without much effort. You get a multipurpose platform as a bonus with your purchase, making it even easier to do the cutting.

Place a cutting board on the base. Place your material on the cutting mat and then place a second cutting pad on top. This is how you make a sandwich.

Simply turn the crank and roll the material through Big Shot. The material will be neatly embossed at the other end. This is the basic idea of the Big Shot.

The multipurpose base will show you that you have many options for different cuts and designs. The base doubles as an instruction guide for different types of cutting.

The basic operation of the machine is the same, but some designs require additional steps. All the information you need to make specific cuts and slices can be found on the base. Follow this article for more information. know the details of sizzix big kick vs. big shot.

Sizzix Big Shot offers die cutting options

Sizzix Big Shot is a versatile machine for die-cutting. It has a 6-inch opening but it offers great flexibility in terms of the design and patterns you can make. Its multipurpose base is what makes it so versatile.

The unit basically gives you four options. The multipurpose platform can be inspected and you will see three tabs. You will see the base tab first, followed by tab one and tab 2. different levels of thickness. You also get a steel rule-die for the maximum thickness.

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The Steel Rule Die

The steel rule has blades that make the cuts. It is important to use it with care. You don’t want to open the box and poke holes in your fingers using the cutters.

It is very easy to use this platform. Simply take it and sandwich it between two cutting plates. You can then send it to your machine. You don’t need to use your multipurpose bases with this platform.

It will not pass through the Big Shot machine if it is too thick.

The Multipurpose Platform

The multipurpose platform will serve all your die-cutting and embossing needs. You have three tabs available to you, the base tab and tab one.

To make your life easier, the proper instructions for each tab are clearly printed on the surface. We will still discuss their functionality to make sure there is no confusion.

You can use the top tab by sandwiching a die between cutting pad and the Big Shot machine. It is too thick and won’t pass through. This means that you must switch to a different tab.

You won’t find every type or die on the platform, as new dies are constantly coming to market. It can be confusing for beginners to find the right platform for their dies using the Big Shot machine.

  • Tab one or the middle of the multipurpose tab should be used for Sizzlits or Embosslits. These types of dies are very thin and cannot be used in the top pad with the cardstock sandwiched between cutting pads.
  • Tab two or the top tab are better suited for Framelits and Edgelits, which are the most recent types of dies. These dies can be used to create an edge around your cardstocks. Because they are so thin, you must use the top tab to cut them.
  • The base platform is the best option for embossing files. This means you need to remove the tabs and place the bottom cut pad over the base. Next, place your cardstock and embossing folder. Finally, finish the sandwich by using the top-cutting pad.

Troubleshooting Your Sizzix Big Shot

The Sizzix Big Shot is a well-built machine. However, it can have some issues after prolonged use. There are several ways to fix the Sizzix Big Shot machine before you throw it out or replace it. This section will provide a detailed guide on how to repair your Big Shot machine, including fixing issues such as uneven cutting or scratchy handles.

After a while, uneven cutting with the Big Shot is the most common problem. This means that your sandwich will not cut properly if it is put through the Big Shot. You need to do this multiple times to get the best results.

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Another problem is that the handle becomes rigid. The handle will not be as easy to rotate as it was when you first started using your machine.

Steps for disassembly

You will first need to disassemble your machine in order to fix these problems. It is easy to disassemble the machine if you have a screwdriver. Start with the handle. To remove the crank, you can simply unscrew the screw from the handle.

Next, flip the machine upside down and remove the four screws at the bottom using a large Philips head driver. Eight other screws are located along the bottom edges that you will need to separate with a smaller screwdriver.

Now you can easily remove the sides of your machine to reveal the mechanical gears powering it. The unit will now be completely disassembled. Give the plastic parts a thorough clean.

Uneven Cutting Can Be Fixed

Oiling the gear mechanism of the unit is necessary to fix uneven cutting. As dirt and debris settles on the gears, it becomes less free to move. It can be lubricated with oil and made to cut perfectly by adding a little oil.

After applying oil to the gears, make sure they are moving smoothly. You can easily put the gear back together if you notice the circlet of the tool coming off. Sometimes, this can also cause uneven cutting.

Fixing rigid hands

There is an easy way to fix a slow-moving crank on your machine. You might not even need to disassemble your entire machine.

Begin by removing the handle from your machine by unscrewing one screw. Apply a little oil to the screw end of your handle for lubrication. Check to make sure there is no dirt in the slot.

Next, simply screw it back in. Now, your handle should move as smoothly as ever.

Final Thoughts

Because of its outstanding balance of price and performance, the Sizzix Big Shot machine is a fan favourite. Although you can’t go beyond six inches, basic home crafting doesn’t require much more. It is difficult to quantify the ease of creating any number of shapes or designs that you desire.

We hope you found our article helpful in learning how to use Sizzix Big Shot. You should now be able to emboss any design or pattern with this amazing tool. Good luck!

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