How To Remove Printer Ink From Carpet?

Our lives have been made easier by printers. Documents are essential for any project, whether it’s personal or professional.

Without printers, it would take us hours to type every line of every document.

This blessing can sometimes turn out to be a curse. It is quite common for printer ink to get spilled. If ink spills onto the carpet, it can cause permanent stains.

Here are four ways to handle such situations. Continue reading to learn how to remove printer ink off carpet.

There are several ways to remove printer ink from carpet

1. Soap and Lubricant


  • WD-40 or Triflow lubricant
  • Soap
  • Warm water
  • Vacuum cleaner (optional)

Test on a small area

You can use a spray lubricant in your home to remove the ink stain from the printer on your carpet. Triflow or WD-40 would be the best lubricants.

To test the lubricant’s effectiveness, apply it to a small area of inked surface before you apply it to the entire surface.

This is a good precaution as some lubricants can stain the carpet permanently, making it even more dangerous!

If you are confident that the lubricant can easily be removed without leaving a more difficult mark, you can use it to remove ink stains. WD-40 is more likely to pass this test than the other lubricants.

Wipe down

After you’re done with the lubricant use a soap and warmwater to make soapy waters. Use a little of the liquid to wipe down the stained area. This should remove both the ink as well as the lubricant.

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If you feel too lazy to prepare soapy water, you could also use carpet cleaner.


Now it’s time to remove excess soapy residue left on the carpet. For rinsing the carpet, you will need warm and clean water.

While you are applying the stain, be sure to keep an eye out for the edges. It is a common error to not pay attention. Be sure to rinse the stain thoroughly with water.


You deserve a pat on the back for finishing the job! Now comes the hard part: scrubbing and cleaning. Now it’s time to just let the carpet be and dry up properly.

If possible, test the fibers by running your fingers through them. To speed up the drying process, use a vacuum cleaner.

2. Rubbing Alcohol


  • Clean cloth
  • Drinking alcohol
  • More than one liter of water
  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner (optional)


Don’t wait too long to take measures once you observe the printer ink spilling on the carpet.

Grab a clean cloth, and the bottle of rub alcohol. Apply some to one corner of your cloth.


Use gentle dabs to blot the stain. The wet corner of a cloth should absorb the ink. The stain will get worse if you scrub it.

It is a good idea to start at the edge and work your way clockwise towards the center. This ensures that the stain parameters are maintained.


Continue to rub the wet cloth on the stained area. If the cloth dries out too quickly, add some more rubbing alcohol.

It will take the alcohol a while to work its magic so keep at it for half an hr or more. The rubbing alcohol basically eats the ink and leaves your carpet looking brand new.


Dabbing too often can cause damage to your carpet. In order to prevent that undesirable outcome, mix up ¼ cup of vinegar with 1-liter warm water.

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This solution will rehydrate the surface and counter the dryness that is caused by rubbing alcohol. Next, rinse the surface with water and dry it.

3. Detergent, Ammonia, Vinegar


  • 1 tsp of liquid detergent or 5g
  • 1 tbsp of ammonia or 15g
  • 2 or more cups water
  • 2 clean clothes
  • Vinegar
  • 2 spray bottles

Detergent Mixture

First, prepare the detergent solution by combining 1 cup of water with the amount of detergent listed above. This mixture should be poured into a clean, empty spray bottle.

Use enough detergent to make the stained area wet. Any detergent can be used. We recommend Dawn and Joy.


Start by taking the first clean cloth and blotting the stain using it. Remember to not scrub the stain as it will settle further into the carpet fibers. Make gentle dabbing motions while you blot the ink.

Ammonia Solution

Now it’s time to move to the ammonia solution. Mix one tablespoon of ammonia and half a cup water.

Spray the solution in a spray bottle. Spray it on the stained area, and then use the second cloth to blot it.

Vinegar and Water

Combine vinegar and water in an 1:3 ratio to make the third solution. This mixture can be used to blot the spot once more.

This will make it appear that the mark has almost completely left the stained area.

Apply Detergent again

You can use the detergent solution to remove any residues from the solutions that you have applied to the carpet.

This is an important step because the carpet must be free of all ammonia that it has been treated with. These chemicals could cause further damage to your carpet.

Rinse and dry

Once you’re done cleaning the carpet spot thoroughly, rinse it off with clean water. Blot the carpet if necessary. Let it dry for a while.

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You can then return for a checkup and run your fingers across it to feel the texture. Vacuum it if it is not right or not enough.

4. Shaving Cream

Use shaving cream for the most stubborn marks that have not responded well to any of these methods.

Spread a little bit of it on the stained area, and then rinse with water. Some foam may form, which is not necessarily a problem. Vacuum is a good option to dry up and remove any residual.

How to Keep Printer Ink from Spilling

Now that you have got rid of printer stains on the carpet, it’s time to take some precautions to prevent such situations from happening again.

During the cartridge change, ink can get spilled from your printer. You should take extra precautions to protect your carpet during this process.

To place the cartridge, use a plastic bag. Take off the cover strip and insert the cartridge.


You might find it helpful to learn how to remove printer ink from carpets in different ways.

Don’t waste your time trying to find the most efficient solution.

The ink will penetrate carpet fibers if left untreated.

You can keep your home or office looking flawless by taking the necessary precautions.

Keep essential items such as plastic bags and rubbing alcohol close by so you can take action as soon possible.

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