How to Program an Emtek Electronic Lock

You will need to program new access codes and change the preset programming code if you just bought an Emtek Electronic Deadbolt (EMTouch Classic Style or EMTouch Classic Style) Do you sound like it? You’ll want to continue reading.

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to add and delete user codes, change programming code, reset your lock to its factory settings, and more. Let’s begin!

Image adapted by Emtek (Assa Abloy), Electronic Deadbolt Manual.

How to Change the Preset Programming Code of an Emtek Electronic Deadbolt

Emtek electronic locks (presets) programming codes are generated randomly and are located on each lock’s inside trim plate. For the preset programming code, make sure to check the inside of your lock’s trim plate.

This code is needed to set up your lock. You should change it after installation for security reasons.

So here’s how to change the preset programming code on an Emtek lock:

  • On Press and hold the keypad. EMTEK The button should be held down for approximately three seconds. This will cause the Yellow LED to flash for approximately 3 seconds. It will then continue to illuminate and stay constant. The number keys will also light up.
  • Enter the preset programming code. (If the code has been previously changed, enter it again. The yellow LED will blink and beep once and then illuminate again. Your lock is now in programming mode.
  • Press 1 Enter your new code (6 digits) and continue.
  • Re-enter the new programming code and wait for the lock indicator to flash green and beep—four times each. This indicates that the new programming code has been activated.
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    You can also change the programming code of an Emtek lock you already own using the above method. However, make sure you are familiar with the current programming code. programming code, as the preset code won’t work if it was previously changed.

    How to Add or Remove User Codes on an Emtek Electronic Lock

    Your digital keys are user codes. To unlock your door, simply enter a unique user number via the keypad Your lock. You can also create more user codes and share them with people you want to give access to your home, especially when you’re away.

    You must first set up the user code. So here’s how to set up user codes on an Emtek lock:

  • Press and hold the button to program your lock. EMTEK After three seconds, press the button again and enter your current programming code. The lock indicator will flash yellow, then a constant yellow light.
  • Press 2 Enter a new code and continue to enter it.
  • Re-enter the new user code and wait for the indicator to flash green and beep—four times each. This indicates that the code has been successfully added.
  • Removing a User code

    A user code is automatically deleted. This means that no one can unlock your door with the code. You can delete one user code at a time or all at once. Let’s start with deleting a single user code:

  • Hold the button and press the “Remember Me” button EMTEK button for about three seconds and then enter your current programming code—to put the lock in programming mode.
  • Press 3 Then, enter the user code to be deleted.
  • To complete the process, enter the user code that you wish to delete.
  • Each time the lock indicator flashes green, it will beep and flash four times. These beeps and green flashes are indicators that the code has been successfully removed.

    All User Codes Must Be Deleted at Once

  • Hold the button down EMTEK After pressing the button for 3 seconds, enter your current programming code. The yellow LED will flash, beep, and then illuminate constantly—showing your lock is in programming mode.
  • Press 5 Then, enter your current programming code.
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    Did the green LED flash three times and beep each time? If yes, all user code have been successfully deleted.

    How to disable/enable all User Codes

    This feature allows temporary disablement of all user codes (instead deleting) and can be enabled anytime.

    Here’s how to disable/enable all user codes on an Emtek electronic lock:

  • Hold the button down EMTEK After three seconds, click the button and then enter your current code of programming.
  • Press 4 Then press 4 You can also disable all user codes again.
  • For all user codes to be enabled, repeat steps 1 through 2.
  • As usual, each action will be accompanied by a green LED that flashes and beeps to indicate its success.

    Note: When user codes are disabled, you can’t unlock your door with any of your programmed user codes.

    How to Factory Reset an Emtek Electroniclock

    Factory resetting your lock will erase all user codes and settings, as well as the programming code. To reprogram your lock using the default programming codes, you will have to start from scratch.

    That said, here’s how to factory reset an Emtek electronic lock:

  • Hold the button down EMTEK For approximately three seconds, press the button and then click Enter. 000000.
  • The lock will sound twice and then flash green twice. Now, remove the battery and wait for 5 seconds.
  • Replace the battery after 5 seconds. To confirm factory reset, the lock should beep two times and flash green once more.
  • So that’s all about resetting your Emtek lock to its factory default settings.

    You can also read our article on how you reset a computer. Gatehouse electronic lock, Defiant lock, and other smart locks.

    How to lock and unlock an Emtek Electronic Lock

    • To Unlock: Press the EMTEK Enter a 4-digit code into the button and then rotate your thumb turn.
    • To Lock: Press the EMTEK Rotate the thumb turn by pressing the button. You can also touch the screen to enter a 4-digit user code and then rotate your thumb turn.

    How to turn off Emtek Electronic Lock Beeper

    • Hold the button down EMTEK For approximately 3 seconds, click the button and then enter your program code.
    • Press 6 Then press 6 Turn off the beeper again.
    • Repeat steps 1 and 2 to turn on the beeper.
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    Are you unsure why your Emtek Electronic Deadbolt beeps or flashes green/yellow when it is in operation?

    You can also see LED Indicator and the Beeper Functions.

    Function Indicators
    Accepted Access One green LED flash with two short beeps.
    Valid code EMTEK button flashes Green with a short beep.
    Access denied/invalid code One red LED flashes and two short beeps.
    Lock-out mode error The duration is comprised of two short beeps and a short beep every second.
    Accepted button press One short beep and one yellow LED flash
    Outside thumb turn enabled Two green LED flashes.
    Low battery Four short beeps and four red LED flashes
    Blackout battery One long, red LED flash and four long beeps.

    Similar Questions

    How do I reprogram my Emtek lock?

    Emtek electronic locks can easily be reprogrammed by restoring the factory settings. Then, reprogram new user codes or programming codes. Learn how to factory reset Emtek electronic locks.

    Why is my Emtek Electronic Lock not working?

    Check Verify that the batteries are properly placed and/or active. If not, get a replacement and ensure they’re properly placed.

    Emtek electronic uses alkaline batteries that are not rechargeable. Be sure to get the right batteries.

    If the lock doesn’t work after trying several resets and replacing the batteries, contact the seller/manufacturer.

    Are Emtek Electronic locks good?

    Emtek locks are generally better quality than Baldwin or other top door lock brands. However, their electronic locks are not as good as Schlage, Yale, or Kwikset.

    Wrapping up

    As you can see programming an Emtek electronic lock (new or used) is easy as long as you follow all the instructions.

    So that’s it! Hope this article was helpful, and you could program your Emtek lock—based on your specific needs.

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