How to Program a Defiant Electronic Deadbolt

Are you looking for a way to reprogram an existing Defiant Electronic Deadbolt? This article is your guide!

I’ve put together a detailed guide on how to program a Defiant digital lock. These include creating user codes and changing the Master Code. changing/deleting old access codes. Let’s begin!

The image below demonstrates the functions of the Defiant electronic deadbolt keypad/buttons. You want to look at it closely if you’re not familiar with the keypad/buttons functions.

Image adapted from the Defiant Electronic Deadbolt Manual

How to change the Master Code on an Electronic Deadbolt

The 6-digit Defiant Electronic Lock Master Code allows you to access all settings. Your Master Code allows you to add and delete user code, restore factory settings and unlock the lock. It also allows you to troubleshoot and troubleshoot.

The default Master Code for this is 123456. After installation, you should replace it.

So, here’s how to change your Defiant digital lock Master Code:

  • Step 1: Press and hold the button to lock the programming mode SET Push the button until it beeps. The SET The button is located just above the Interior Thumbturn.
  • Step 2: Release the SET Click the button, then enter your current Master Code. Next, press the Lock Button (See image above to locate the Lock Button.
  • Step 3Press 1 Then, follow by the Lock Button. Enter your 6-digit Master Code and press the button. Lock Button.
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That’s all about changing the Master Code. To test the new code, you need to verify it works.

Adding/creating User Codes to a Defiant Electric Deadbolt

  • Step 1: Press and hold the SET Push the button until it beeps.
  • Step 2: Release the SET Enter your current Master Code (6-digits), and then press the Lock Button.
  • Step 3: Press 2 or 0 and then press Lock Button.
  • Step 4Enter your 4- to 6-digit new user code and hit the “Enter” button. Lock Button.

Your new user code has been set. You can now lock and unlock your door with it.

Notification: Your Defiant electronic keypad lock can store up to 10 different user codes—4 to 6 digits. You can also add additional codes to the same account.

How to delete user codes from a Defiant Electronic Deadbolt

You can delete one user code or all of them at once with the lock. Let’s begin with deleting a single user code:

  • Step 1: Press the SET Hold the button down until it beeps.
  • Step 2: Release the SET Enter your Master Code by pressing the button. Next, press the Lock Button.
  • Step 3Press 3 Then, hit the Lock Button.
  • Step 4Enter the user number you want to delete, then press the Lock Button—to delete it. Repeat to delete more codes—if you want.

All user codes deleted at once

  • Step 1: Press the SET Hold the button down until it beeps.
  • Step 2: Release the SET Enter your Master Code, then click the Lock Button. Next, press 4 Next, press the Lock Button twice.

This will erase all user codes. If you don’t have any user codes yet, you can use the Master Code to unlock and lock your door.

Turn on the Auto-lock Function

After a few seconds of unlocking, the auto lock feature (when enabled), will lock your door automatically. Here’s how to enable the auto-lock function on your Defiant Electronic Deadbolt:

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  • Hold the button down SET Push the button until it beeps.
  • Release the SET Enter your Master Code, then click the button. Lock Button.
  • Press 8 Next, press the Lock Button.
  • Press 1 + Lock Button To turn on the auto lock function.
  • To turn off the auto lock function, repeat the above steps but press 1 + Lock Button The last step.

    Vacation Mode

    All user codes stored by Defiant locks will be erased if you put them on Vacation Mode. That means the codes won’t be effective until your lock is off vacation mode. You can only use your Master Code during this time to unlock your door.

    That said, here’s how to put your lock on vacation mode:

  • Hold the button down SET Push the button until it beeps.
  • Release the SET Click the button and enter your Master Code. Then, press the Lock Button.
  • Press 5 Press the button again Lock Button.
  • Press 1 Press the button again Lock Button.
  • That’s all about enabling vacation mode. To disable vacation mode you can repeat the process but press + Lock Button For the final step.

    How to Factory Reset an Electronic Deadbolt

  • Remove the lock’s battery cover and then remove one battery.
  • Hold the button down SET button. Next, hold the button while you insert the battery. SET button. After a short, but loud beep is heard, do not release the SET button.
  • To complete the factory restart, enter the default Master Code.
  • Remember that factory resets will erase all your stored information including user codes, current Master Codes, and other Master Codes. You can reprogram your lock after the reset—add user codes, new Master Code, etc.

    Defiant Electronic Deadbolt Questions/FAQs

    How do I reprogram a defiant lock to work?

    You can reprogram a defiant lock by restoring its default factory settings—and then start the programming again. Learn how to restore factory settings.

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    Why is my lock’s keypad not responding?

    If your lock’s keypad isn’t responding, chances are the batteries are not properly placed or are getting low. If they are low, make sure the batteries are correctly fitted.

    Why can’t I change the existing Master Code?

    This can be fixed by restoring the factory settings, then reprogramming all codes. See above—how to reset and program new codes.

    Why is my lock’s red indicator still on after the setting is complete?

    The SET button may be jammed. You will need to check if the SET buttons are actually jammed.

    Why is my Defiant lock indicator constantly flashing/beeping?

    This is a sign that the batteries are becoming low. You should replace them with four alkaline cells. You should use non-rechargeable, alkaline batteries to get the best performance.

    If the flashing/beeping continues after you have replaced the batteries, hold down the set button until the beep stops.

    You may also want to read our article about how to program Trilogy T2 locks.

    Final words

    So that’s how to change the Master Code, add user codes, and more on a Defiant digital lock.

    The programming process is straightforward, as you can see. However you will need to use the appropriate keypad/buttons for it to work.

    Note that your lock may have the SET button and/or other buttons located elsewhere—depending on the model. Refer to your lock’s manual for a more detailed guide.

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