5 Quick Steps on How to Mount a Hangboard Without Drilling A Hole Into Your Walls

Whether you’re into wall climbing or rock climbing, finger strength is very important. Hangboard training can be added to your regular climbing. Hangboards can be easily installed in your walls using drilling. But what if you can’t drill a hole into your wall? Is there a way to mount a hangingboard without drilling holes in your wall?

If you’re renting or living in a dorm, drilling a hole in your wall seems impossible. Unless you’ll pay, maybe your landlord would say yes. This can be a costly expense that could eat into your budget. Lucky for you, it’s possible to mount a hangboard without the need to drill a hole in your walls.

We’ll show you how! So you can still strength train your grip even if you’re staying indoors.

Simple Ways to Mount a Hangboard without drilling a hole in your Walls

Instead of drilling holes in your walls and hang boards, we will use a pull-up bars. This will minimize damage.

Instead of hanging it on your wall, we will mount it in your door frame. These are the steps.

1. Gather all the necessary materials

The following will be required.

  • Hangboard
  • Mountable pull-up bars
  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Bike hooks
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2. Pull-up bars should be able to be mounted on your doors.

Doorway frames are more durable than walls and are better for the environment. This structure can withstand greater pressure from climbing.

Then mount the pull-up bars on your doorway following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Attach a block of wood to your hang board.

Take a block of wood slightly larger than your doorway. Make sure it is securely attached to your hang board.

4. Screw the hangboard into the block.

Next, attach the bike hooks on the same block. Make sure that the hooks are securely attached.

5. Hang the block of wooden and the hangboard to the pull-upboard

Now that we have a new system (the wood and hang board), it’s time to hang them on the pull-up bar that you have just installed.

And then you’re all set for practice!

Is there a downside to this method?

Space needs to be given some thought.

There is a significant loss of space because you mount the pull-up bars on a doorway, and not on the walls. People who are taller may have restrictions on the heights they can climb.

Do you always need a pull up bar for this method?

Technically, yes. Technically yes.

Pull-up bars offer the most value and function.

Is a Hangboard Worth It?

So, why not make an investment in one?

Yes can make a big difference if used correctly. And climbers who don’t have access to indoor and outdoor climbing will benefit most from installing a hang board in their homes.

It can also be used by climbers to make up for lost climbing days. And consistency is rather important for improving one’s skills.

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Are Hangboards boring to use?

Some people may find the hangboard boring. This can be a problem for beginners. That’s why beginners should focus on training the entire body rather than just focusing on finger strength training.

Hang boards are best for elite and intermediate climbers with a clear goal. Hang boards can be boring, but they make you stronger.

There’s no other way to increase your finger strength than by training with a hang board.

Can every hangboard be mounted without drilling?

Technically, yes.

You can mount any type hangboard using the right technique and creativity without drilling into your walls.

Even if your old hangboard is no longer in use, it can still be used for this type mounting.

What is a Hangboard?

Hangboards are specialized boards for climbing that improve grip strength. This board will help you improve your skills in rock and wall climbing. This board will enable you climb more difficult boulders.

These boards can be used for sports-specific grip positions. It can also help reduce or prevent injuries or damage. That’s why hang boards are considered as one of the best tools or equipment for isometric finger strength training.

Photo credit: Cory Hatten

How Often Should You Use Your Hangboard?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a good schedule for isometric strength training?” How often should you use your hanging board?

Well, it depends if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an elite climber. Let’s try to break it down into details.

For beginners climbers

Beginers should train on the hangboard 1-2 times per week. And this is recommended if you don’t have access to indoor or outdoor climbing options. Why is this less important for beginners? Because a beginner climber shouldn’t only focus on finger grip strength.

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A beginner must not only have good grip strength but also learn how to use his forearms and the whole body to climb. He must be able to use his entire body to climb, not just his finger strength. A coach can help beginners with isometric finger strength training.

Intermediate climbers

Intermediate climbers can gradually increase the number of training sessions for finger strength. This could be as low as 1-2 sessions per week, or even every 5-10. At this stage, climbers will begin to notice significant improvements in their finger strength.

Hang board season is just one part of a complete training session. Climbers can choose from a variety hang boards to best suit their goals.

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Elite climbers

Hang board training is essential for elite climbers to maximize their strength gains. This will result in a greater volume and frequency of training than the intermediate and beginner climbers.

Final Say

A hang board is the best tool to improve your finger grip. For climbers, this is essential. And mounting a hang board on your wall can damage it, especially if you’re renting, that is not an option.

The best method to mount the hangboard on your doorways is ours. This stringer structure will allow you to attach the hangboard to it without drilling directly. This will lower the chance of any damage.

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