How To Make Waterproof Stickers Easily?

Stickers are great for making your items standout. Whether it’s a notebook, pouch, water bottle, or laptop, you’ll easily be able to identify your possession in case you see someone else leaving the exact item beside yours.

You might be tempted to stick your favorite sticker on your car’s rear window. But, as scary as it sounds, what happens if the design gets ruined by the rain?

There are many pre-designed waterproof stickers and custom sticker designing services. However, it might not be a good idea to dig in your wallet when you can make these items at home.

That’s what we’re here for! This guide will teach you how to make waterproof sticker and how to make your own waterproof stickers right at your home.

What makes a Sticker waterproof?

Some stickers may not be waterproof as they are not made from waterproof materials. Stickers made from paper or other materials, such as stickers, may not be waterproof. cardstock aren’t typically waterproof, but you can make them water-resistant by applying a water-impermeable coating, such as a UV coating.

The drawback of making stickers water-resistant is that they will succumb to moisture at some point, which means the stickers won’t stick well for extended periods of time.

On However, waterproof stickers are more long-lasting. They can withstand water immersion for up to a few years, and last for a minimum of a few years. To be considered waterproof, the material, adhesive, as well as inks must be able to withstand prolonged immersion.

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Vinyl and BOPP are two of the most commonly used waterproof materials in stickers.Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene). These materials can be used by professional printing services as well as waterproof adhesives. inks for printing.

Steps to print waterproof stickers using an inkjet printer or laser

You can use either a laser or an inkjet printer You already have the equipment you need. Laser printers are more expensive but they can print waterproof stickers.

On Inkjet printers, on the other hand, use water-based inks which can cause the printed sticker’s to smudge if it comes into contact with water. You can prevent this by adding an extra layer of protection.

Whatever printer you use, make sure you use the correct paper for the printer. Let’s discuss how you can print waterproof stickers with an inkjet printer.

Step 1: Choose a Waterproof Sticker paper

You should first get a pack good-quality waterproof stickers papers for your inkjet printing device. Stationery shops sell letter-sized matte and gloss papers in packs of 50 to 100. These papers are ideal for creating stickers because they are more water-resistant than matte papers.

Step 2: Check Your Printer’s Ink Levels

This is an important step to follow if you plan to print many stickers with a wide range of tones. If you print stickers with a specific color, your ink cartridge will run low quickly, so you will need to refill the cartridge more often.

If you’re planning to print stickers for outdoor use, such as in cars, you can try upgrading to UV-resistant ink. These inks are resistant to smudges, scratches, and minimize fading.

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Step 3: Create a Custom Design

Next, comes the design phase. You can use any app or software you’re comfortable with to create a design. PicsArt and Photoshop are just some of the many photo editing software options available. To add text and images, you can also use a word processing program like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Before you start creating any design, make sure you use a letter-sized paper and properly scale the image. You can use one sheet if you plan to make multiple stickers by arranging the images. Make sure you leave enough space for the stickers to be cut easily.

Step 4: Print a Test Page

Once you’ve created your design, you’ll want to check how the sticker turns out. You might try printing on a plain paper to see if it works. Sticker papers can run around 20 cents per sheets. You can keep using that paper until you’re satisfied with the design quality.

Step 5: Insert the sticker paper

When you’re ready, it’s time to print on sticker paper. If your printer has a single-page document feeder, it’s a good idea to insert sticker paper in that feeder because sticker sheets are thicker than regular ones. It won’t be a problem if you place the sheet in the regular feed as long as you insert one at a time.

Before inserting the sticker paper, you will need to ensure the corners of the paper aren’t bent, otherwise, they will get stuck on the printer’s rollers.

Step 6: Let the Stickers Dry

Once you’re done printing, carefully remove the paper from the tray without touching the printed area. You can place it on a flat surface to dry the ink. It is a good idea for it to rest for 24 hours before applying a sealant.

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Step 7: Add a protective layer

After the stickers have dried, it’s time to seal the surface. You can use an aerosol spray sealant spray like Mod Podge or Krylon to protect the surface permanently without any smudges.

Clear laminating sheets are also a good choice, in addition to sealant spray. These sheets are applied the same way as stickers. They have adhesive on one edge. You simply need to cut a piece from the laminating sheets slightly larger than the sticker, and then stick it on top.

Step 8: Take the stickers out

Cut the stickers that you want to use using a sharp scissor, or a paper cutting machine. To cut all the stickers, remove the backing.

Final Word

Making your own waterproof stickers can give you a sense both of satisfaction and enjoyment. Whether you’re printing stickers for labeling your possessions or for your business, it is best to waterproof the stickers so that you can use them for a long time.

You should remember that stickers will look better if they are made from waterproof materials.

On top of that, you will need to use the right items suited for your printer, otherwise, there’ll be a mess!

This guide hopefully helped you to make waterproof stickers. If so, please share it with your friends.

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