How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Looking for a guide on How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas? Read through this article!

This is a very common question homeowners ask.

A carpet that is matted often looks very messy and dirty.

With all that foot traffic, the carpet’s matted surface is bound to collect more dirt, dust, and other debris.

The foot traffic pressure causes carpet fibers to become compressed and crushed. They then appear flattened.

The matted area is usually denser than normal carpets.

I understand how frustrating it can be to have a matted carpet. I’m going to help you solve your matted carpet problems in high-traffic areas.

3 Tips on How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

1. Vacuum the Matted Floor Thoroughly

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways you can fluff up a matted carpet.

I recommend vacuuming high-traffic, matted carpets at least once per week.

Vacuuming a matted carpet may not help to loosen it, but it will remove any dirt, debris, dirt, and mud that could be clinging to the fibers.

As I mentioned earlier, dirt that has been accumulated in high-traffic areas can cause a carpet to become matted very quickly.

The dirt can often be seen because the area that is matted often appears a bit dirtier than the rest.

Bissell’s upright carpet cleaner machine boasts a 4-row dirt-lifter power brush, powerful suction, and an easy way to remove pet hairs and tough stains.

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The Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush upright carpet cleaner machine can be used in conjunction with the Bissell Oxy Formula. This will make your carpets look clean and fresh.

As I mentioned earlier, this is only the first step in fixing matted carpets in high-traffic areas.

A carpet rake can be a very effective tool for fluffing up a matt carpet or rug.

Let’s talk about how to use a carpet brush to clean your carpet.

2. Carpet rakes can be used to fluff up your carpet

Now that you have removed all dirt and debris from your carpet’s matted area, it is time to use a carpet rug rake to untangle the carpet fibers.

Carpet rakes are a tool that can help revive carpet fibers that have become matted. They also keep the pile looking fresh and new. It helps carpet fibers stand straighter by loosening them.

A carpet rake is not only useful for fluffing up carpets but it can also be used to loosen embedded dirt and agitate high-traffic, heavily soiled areas.

This tool is great for removing ingrained dirt, pet hair, and debris as well as other dirt.

The LandHope Carpet Rake Long Handle is one of the best tools for fixing matted carpets.

The rake removes dirt, hair, dust, and paper scraps more efficiently than a regular broom.

This vacuum can even reach tiny dust particles that are not possible with a regular vacuum.

LandHope Carpet Rake comes with a very long handle, so your back won’t be hurt from bending too low.

This carpet rake can be used in a few simple steps. Simply push the rake forward and back on the carpet to get the fibers standing straight.

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You can purchase the rake at a very affordable price on Amazon. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

NB: To remove any debris or fibers, you can rake the carpet before vacuuming. This will ensure better vacuuming results. You can also rake the carpet following vacuuming to give it a new look.

3. Add some moisture to the Matted Carpet

A second method to revive matted carpet fibers is to apply just enough moisture, then use a brush or a comb to straighten them.

Spraying large areas with matted carpets with lukewarm water is a good idea. Do not pour water directly onto the carpet as it may seep through and cause damage to the flooring underneath.

After the carpet is sufficiently wet, use a nylon brush to straighten the fibers.

Furniture feet can also cause a matted carpet.

The carpet fibers can become compressed under the pressure of heavy furniture feet such as couches, beds, dressers, and recliners. This may cause a deep indentation.

These indentations can be given a new look by using an ice cube to remove the matt appearance.

After the ice cube has melted, you can “comb” the area using a nylon brush to straighten the fibers.

To prevent the carpet from matting in these areas, you can continue to move heavy furniture around.

This can be frustrating and tiresome.

You can eliminate all matting by placing felt furniture pads under the furniture feet.

The X-Protector felt furniture pads are a good example of felt furniture pads that I highly recommend, as I use them on my furniture feet.

These furniture pads act as a shield between your carpet and heavy furniture feet. They prevent indentations from being caused by excessive pressure on the carpet. This also prevents matting.

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These furniture pads will protect your carpet from damage due to furniture feet. They also keep your furniture in place and prevent it from slipping or sliding.

Let’s now discuss the fourth way to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas.

4. To refresh the matted carpet, iron your clothes.

One of the most efficient and oldest ways to fix a matted carpet is with a clothes iron.

It makes matted carpets look fresher in high-traffic areas.

It is simple.

It works like this:

  • To remove any excess water, wet a piece of white cloth that is lint-free and wring it. Do not soak up any carpet.
  • Next, heat the iron on medium heat.
  • Next, place the wet cloth over the matted carpet.
  • Iron the cloth – Heat and moisture can soften the carpet fibers and eliminate the matted look.
  • Use a large, white, lint-free cloth to cover a large area
  • You can use a nylon brush to get rid of any matted carpet fibers

The Bottom Line

How to Repair Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

It is not difficult to fix a matted carpet in areas with high traffic. This is the easiest and most efficient way to fix a matted carpet.

It is important to clean these areas regularly to avoid dirt and debris sticking to the carpet fibers.

Follow the steps above to restore the look of your matted carpet.

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