How to Connect Schlage Connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re looking to connect your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt to Wi-Fi, then it’s safe to assume you want to enable remote access in your lock.

Of course, you can pair Schlage Connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and then control it from miles away—through a dedicated app.

But, it is not like. Schlage Encode, you can’t connect Schlage Connect directly to your home Wi-Fi but through a Smart Hub. This is because Schlage Connect uses Z-Wave or Zigbee as its communication protocol, so to connect it to Wi-Fi, you need a smart hub to translate/interpret data between the different communication protocols—Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

With that being said, let’s consider the steps to connect your Schlage Connect to Wi-Fi via a hub.

Connecting Schlage Connect to Wi Fi

Step 1

First, you need to find a hub that is compatible with Schlage Connect. The best hubs for Schlage Connect are currently the Samsung SmartThings and Nexia. Next, ensure your smartphone is compatible with the hub you purchased—SmartThings, Wink, and Nexia are compatible with android and iOS devices.

Yes, you need to ensure your phone is compatible with the hub, as you’ll have to install the hub’s app on your phone—where you can operate your lock from miles away (remotely).

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Step 2

Assuming you purchased a SmartThings Hub, here are the steps to pair your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with SmartThings—for remote access:

  • The SmartThings app can be downloaded and installed on your phone. The app is also available on Google Play (Apple) and App Store (Apple).
  • Open the SmartThings application on your smartphone and tap on My Home.
  • Below ThingsSelect Add a Thing. The SmartThings LED will blink green, showing that it’s in Pairing Mode.
  • Now press the Schlage Button on your Schlage Connect lock. Next, enter your current Programming Code. Finally, press . The lock will blink and beep green to indicate that the pairing process went well.
  • Return to your mobile device via the SmartThings App The SmartThings app will show that it has located the Schlage Z-Wave locking device. Now tap on Rename device Name it Front Door or any other name that will help you identify the lock. Next, click Save.
  • The SmartThings app will show that it successfully paired Z-wave lock. Now tap on OK Complete the process.
  • So that’s all about pairing a Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Samsung SmartThings. Follow the instructions in the app to operate the lock via the app.

    Step 3

    Your Schlage Connect can be accessed remotely by connecting your lock to SmartThings with the SmartThings Hub on your phone. This is possible as long as SmartThings has been connected to your Home Wi Fi.

    Your Schlage Connect Deadbolt can now be controlled over the internet using a Wi-Fi connection that is supported by the hub. And you can lock and unlock the lock, add/delete access codes, check battery level, and more—via the SmartThings app on your phone.

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    Keep in mind that you can’t operate Schlage Connect remotely with the Schlage Home app. Only the connected hub’s app works with Schlage Connect.

    Notification: Schlage Connect is compatible with other hubs—Wink, Nexia, etc. Make sure you follow the integration instructions on any compatible hub.

    What’s more, you can also connect your Schlage Connect to Google Home or Alexa for voice control.

    Connecting to Alexa or Google requires a hub. SmartThings, Wink and SmartThings are also required.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Schlage Connect

    Where can I find Schlage Connect Programming code?

    Check Sticker on the back or alarm assembly of your User Guide for the default Programming Code.

    How do I enable/disable Vacation Mode in Schlage Connect

    To disable Vacation Mode, press “The” Schlage Click on the button to enter your current programming code. Next, press 4 Complete the process.

    To disable Vacation Mode press the Schlage button, then enter your current Programming Code.

    How do you turn on/off the Schlage Connect Alarm

    To turn on the Alarm: Press the button and hold it. Schlage For approximately 5 seconds, press the button on Interior Assembly. After the first flash, release the button.

    To turn off your alarm: Press the button and hold it. Schlage Hold the button down on the Interior Assembly for approximately 6 seconds, then release it after the second flash.

    How do I activate auto-lock on Schlage Connect

    Press the Schlage Click on the button and enter your current Programming Code. 9 To enable autolock

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    How do I add/delete User codes on a Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

    To add a user code:

    • Press the Schlage Enter your 6 digits Programming Code by clicking the button.
    • Press 1 Then, enter the new User Code (4-8 digits).
    • Enter the new User Code again to complete the process.

    To delete a User Code:

    • Press the Schlage Click the button to enter your current Programming Code.
    • Press 2 Then, enter the User Code for deletion.
    • For the process to be completed, you will need to enter the User Code.

    Wrapping up

    So that’s how to connect your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt to Wi-Fi for remote access. As mentioned, Schlage Connect can’t be connected directly to your home Wi-Fi, so you need a smart hub to aid the connection.

    And you can only operate the lock remotely through the hub’s app on your mobile device. That is, if you’ve connected your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt to SmartThings, you can only control it via the SmartThings app on your phone.

    So keep in mind that Schlage Connect doesn’t work with the Schlage Home app for remote access whatsoever.

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