How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Family men should be skilled with their hands. You will need to be proficient with carpentry tools. You can easily build and fix things around your home with this skill.

Even though you may have some carpentry skills, it can be difficult to build a fireplace outdoors. These are some tips to help you build an outdoor fireplace.

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Essential Tips for Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Don’t fret! We will show you how to build an outside fireplace right away. The entire project is complicated. It would be easier to explain if we divided it into smaller parts. Continue reading to learn more.

Part One: Designing the Design

You must first create the idea in your mind before you can build it. Your imagination can help you cut down on labor and time. Now that you have an idea of how the fireplace should look, it’s time to design. Here are the steps.

  • Stick to the plan and make sure you stick to it
  • First, you need to have clear plans. A plan will make it easier to learn how to build an outdoor fireplace. It is important to know the type of material and the size of the fireplace.

    Check Online, you can find possible templates for outdoor fireplace design. This will give you a starting point for designing your outdoor fireplace. It is important to remember it. You can save time and energy by having it in your head.

  • Find out the costing and make a budget
  • The price must be determined. If you’re serious about learning how build an. outdoor fireplaceIt is important to determine the cost of each item. This way, you can create a list and budget your money accordingly so that you won’t have to spend too much if you don’t have to.

    You should look for durable, but affordable materials. It will save you money on repairs over the long term.

  • Take into account the Material
  • Third, think about the type of fireplace that you would like to build outdoors. It is all about the design and materials. There are many options. Here are some of the options: 

    • Brick
    • Steel or Metal
    • Earthen
    • Stone
  • Know Your Purpose
  • The next step is to decide what material you will use to build the fireplace. Your fireplace’s purpose can influence many other design elements.

    If you plan to add a decorative element to your garden, it is best to use sturdy and solid materials. It will not be easily worn down by natural forces.

    If you’re going to use it for entertainment purposes, it would be best for you to make it bigger so that you can have more heat for your house guests, even outdoors.After this, you can learn how to build an outdoor stone fireplace easily.

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    Part 2: Following Safety Regulations

    Now that you have a basic understanding of the design of the fireplace, it is easier to get things done. We will be covering how to make an outdoor fireplace, and how to adhere to safety regulations.

  • Find out the Function
  • When building a fireplace outdoor, the next step is to consider the functionality of the whole thing. Will you choose to use wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces? Decide which option is most cost-effective and then choose it. Before making a decision, consult a trusted friend or family member.

  • Get the right permits
  • A DIY outdoor fireplace can be powered by either wood or gas. You can create a more natural atmosphere while still giving your fireplace an elegant look. To build a wood fireplace in your backyard, you will still need a permit from the local government unit.

    Why? Primarily because fireplaces are considered safety hazards, and if you place it outside, it can potentially harm not only you and your house but also other people’s property.

  • Hiring a professional contractor
  • If you plan to build an outdoor gas-powered fireplace, you might consider hiring a contractor. This type of fireplace is safer than others and is more sustainable. Gas will produce less smoke and embers than if you use it to power your fireplace.

    A contractor can help you determine the right dimensions for your gas fireplace. They can also help with the installation of the equipment.

    This has the downside of costing you more in the long-term.

  • Use a fireplace kit
  • After you have chosen the material and the size of your fireplace, you will need to get it installed immediately. For easier assembly and building, it is a good idea to use a fireplace kit. However, you don’t need it if you are a professional home builder. 

    It would be a benefit to use a fireplace package as it contains everything you will need in terms of instructions and handling tips. It won’t matter if you are trying to build a simple fireplace or one with an ornate design. The kit will take care everything. If you are a beginner, make sure you read the entire document.

    Part Three: Building It

    Now that you have the design for your outdoor fireplace, it is time to build it. This section will explain the steps involved. Continue reading for more information.

  • Concrete
  • Pour the concrete onto the platform you plan to use when building your fireplace. It creates a foundation to your outdoor fireplace. If you’re pressed for time, please make sure to use quick-dry concrete to speed things up.

    Please leave concrete for at least 24 hours.

  • Check Local Authorities
  • Even more important, you need to ensure that you have the ability to consult local authorities regarding how to properly dig your foundation. It takes time to learn how to build an outside fireplace. Before you proceed with the project, make sure to consult the appropriate authorities.

    For a strong foundation, the average measurement would be 6 inches of concrete or 15.2cm deep.

  • Concrete and mortar are used to build your DIY outdoor fireplace
  • Also, it is important to remember that outdoor fireplace builders often use concrete and mortar. There are some differences between the mortar and concrete. Concrete can be used to lay the foundation for your fireplace. The mortar can then be used to bind the mixture. The mortar contains strong unifying agents that prevent concrete from cracking or solving under pressure.

    After you have laid the concrete, place the mortar over the concrete or cinderblocks. Follow the plans carefully when you do this. Make sure that all rows of blocks are properly level. The blocks will ensure that the fireplace doesn’t fall apart.

    Also, try to spread mortar in between each block if you’re using cinder. It will strengthen the foundation.

    If you think it’s needed, try to lay down your fire brick inside your firebox. It is important to handle this particular piece carefully when it is installed in your fireplace. The build will not work well if you don’t install the fire brick properly.

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    Here are some additional tips for installing a firebrick.

    Additional Tips: Use Crisscross Pattern

    Inlay patterns for firebricks should be created. It makes stacking bricks easier and safer.

    Also, make sure you place the firebricks in a horizontal fashion. Leave of least ¼ inch or 0.6 cm of space in between each firebrick. Once you’re done, add another brick to the top of the intersecting ones. Next, place two bricks on top using the same pattern.

    Next, mix high-temperature mortar with traditional mortar. This will ensure that the fireplace can withstand high temperatures, even when it is used for extended periods of time. It will also keep the firebrick together.

    Additional Reminders 

    To make your firebricks fit into the frame, you should trim corners and edges. Though it isn’t strictly needed, it will shrink the firebrick down to a smaller size, which can be good for the overall design of the outdoor fireplace.

    You can also remove air bubbles from the mortar and fire brick using a jointer and a brush. These tools allow you to push the mortar into the seams with ease. Use a brush to remove dust. Make sure it’s clean.

    Now you can allow the firebox to dry for at minimum 24 hours. 

    The Main Parts That You Should Concentrate on On

  • The Spark Arrestor
  • The next step after installing the firebox is to add the spark arrestor. The downside? This is only compatible with wooden fireplaces. How does it work? It traps the embers inside the hearth. This part is safer if installed immediately.

  • The Hearthstone
  • You might be wondering about the meaning of the hearthstone. It is the very tip of your fireplace opening—the focal point of the whole structure.

    It should be at minimum 10 feet in height or 3 meters in length. The hearthstone should be placed away from any potential flames. It is one of most important parts of the fireplace.

    Hearthstone Measurements 

    It should also be at 16 inches long in the front and at least 8 inches on each side. If you’re going to build a larger firebox (six more square feet), make the stone of least 20 inches longer in the front end 12 inches on either side.

    A thicker mortar should be used and placed at least 1 inch apart. You can use the mallet to ensure that the mortar is level and smooth.

    You must ensure that all materials used for this part are fireproof. It should be at minimum 10 cm thick. (At least 4 inches).

    Other Important Reminders 

    As long as the firebox is level, the hearthstone will be okay if it isn’t. Smooth textures will make it difficult for embers and other objects to fly out. 

    Connect the fireplace joints using mortar. Make sure that the cinder blocks are not on either side of your fireplace and attach them using mortar. It will strengthen the foundation of your fireplace. Let the mortar dry for at least a day, just as before.

    Tips to Consider When Building a Gas Fireplace

    If you’re going to use a gas burning fireplace, please make sure to connect it to a gas line. To keep yourself safe, follow these tips.

    • Before you start, turn off the gas.
    • Always use plumbers’ putty to connect the threads to the flexible lines.
    • To tighten the connection, use an allen key. You can test the connection by applying dishwashing detergent directly to the line.
    • After that, you can turn on the gas. If you see bubbles, refit the connection.

    Once you have completed all of the steps, it’s time to celebrate! 

    Part 4: Final Reminders

    Find the right location for your outdoor fireplace

    It is important to choose the right spot for your outdoor fireplace. You should protect your outdoor fireplace from rain and wind, in addition to ensuring it is away from any potential flames.

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    It could blow out the fire if you place it in a drafty spot.

    Consult the proper authorities 

    Before you start building your fireplace, consult the appropriate authorities. Before you begin to make final plans, ensure that you have the correct dimensions and size of your fireplace. This will ensure that you feel safe knowing that you don’t put yourself or anyone else in danger with the project.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

    This tip is simple. Although you can do some of the work yourself, it is not possible to do the entire project on your own. You will need to ask for help. Apart from expert advice, you should also get as many people to help with the heavy lifting.

    This will make it easy for you to learn how to build an outdoor fire place as quickly as possible. Two heads are better that one, right?

    Get a Fixed Budget

    Stick to your budget if you can. You will be able designate cash for your fireplace by using your existing funds. You won’t run out of money down the road. You will be loved by your family for it.

    Copy other designs but make it yours

    Don’t be afraid to copy other designs, but make it your own. If you are building a fireplace outdoor, it is a good idea to copy well-known patterns and designs from other homeowners. However, you should add your personal touch to the design. You can, for example, copy a red fireplace but change the color.

    It will allow for you to be more creative and liberated when it comes building and designing. It is all about creating something you love for your home. If you don’t like the design or color scheme, there would be no point in building it.

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    FAQs on How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

    Can Gas Logs Be Installed In My Outdoor Fireplace?

    Yes and no. Yes and no. If your fireplace can burn wood, then it will most likely be able to use gas logs. If it doesn’t, then you may not be able to do so.

    Can I install an electric fireplace outdoors?

    Yes. There are special fireplaces that can be used outdoors with an electric plug. Here are the steps to install it.

    What are the Essential Factors to Consider Before I Choose an Outdoor Fireplace?

    It is important to consider the design and the location of your fireplace. It is important to understand the purpose of installing the fireplace. 

    Can I Burn Wood in My Gas Or Electric Outdoor Fireplace?

    Yes. It depends on how the fireplace is designed. Some can burn wood while still using electricity and those that can’t. Before you buy, make sure to check the specifications and design of your fireplace.


    Building an outdoor fireplace is not an easy task. You can make it a simple task if your plan is clear and you know where to look. This particular venture can be found by being smart enough with your money. The rest will follow.

    What are you waiting for?! Give it a try. It is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. You might even find yourself helping others build a fireplace outdoors.

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