How Often Should You Manscape? Based on Science

TL;DR: How often should you manscape your pubic region? Most men manscape their pubic area once a week or once a month depending on their preference. Manscaping other body parts should be done every 2 to 4 week to keep it tidy.

Men’s grooming is an awesome healthy habit that every guy should adopt. Personal grooming can help you maintain your hygiene, boost confidence, and attract more men.

It is up to you how often you manscape. Some men prefer all-natural manscaping. Others prefer to be slightly stubbly and completely naked.

There are also individual variations such as hair type, growth rate and health conditions that can play a significant part.

Here, I tried to use the scientific approach to tell you how often men manscape, based on reliable studies and clinical studies.

Let’s get started!

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Before you discuss how often you should manscape, it is important to understand the growth rate for each body part.

How fast does body hair grow

The average growth rate of the hair on your head is between 2-6 years and that of your body (pubic, legs, arms, underarm) is about 2-6 years. It takes only 30 to 45 days. This means that your body hair will always be shorter than the hair on your head.

The same hair-growth cycle occurs for both your body hair and your head. This cycle includes 3 phases:

Hair growth cycle
  • Anagen- This is the active phase when the hair grows rapidly and the root divides quickly. The hair grows approximately 1 cm each month in this phase.
  • Catagen- This short transition phase marks the end of active hair growth.
  • Telogen- This phase is when old hair is removed from the hair follicles. The old hair is pushed by the new hair, and the growth phase is restarted.

All of these phases are simultaneously occurring. One strand may be in the anagen and another in the Telogen stages.

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Body hair growth rate

As you can see the duration of each phase varies between body regions. These are some fascinating numbers for those who like me love numbers. stats:

  • Your entire body is home to approximately 5 million hairs follicles.
  • Men’s hair is faster to grow compared to women’s hair thanks to testosterone.
  • The anagen phase is longer, so your hair can grow longer.
  • The lowest daily growth rate for eyebrows is 0.16 mm, followed by leghair (0.21mm).
  • Your hair grows ½ inch every month. This is 6 inches per year.
  • The growth cycle of body hair is shorter than that of your head’s hair (between 2-6 years in anagen stage). This means that body hair has more room to grow than other areas of the body.
  • The fastest hair growth cycle is for eyebrows and pubic hair. 70% of hair in the crotch region is in the Telogen phase and 30% in the Anagen phase.
  • Technically, facial hair, pubic hair and armpit hair are all the same type. It’s known as “ terminal hair”. The maximum length for pubic hair and armpits hair would be 6 inches.

Hair growth rate is affected by many factors.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Healthy hair requires vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B5, B6, E, C. Iodine and Zinc are also vital.
  • Blood circulation
  • Climate.
  • Exercise.
  • Stress levels.
  • Diet.
  • Genetics.

Do I need to manscape every day?

The short answer is no. You don’t need to manscape every day. It is intimidating to have to trim your body daily. Most men only have one manscaping session per week. To reduce maintenance time, you should follow a consistent schedule.

Only 1% A majority of men shave their pubic hair every day. Additionally, 46.63% men Manscaping has caused injuries. The probability The chance of getting itchy after shaving your skin is 80%. That’s what makes manscaping daily an annoying experience.

How often should manscape be done? (In details)

Manscaping can be defined in two ways: one general and one specific. According to dictionary.comManscaping (of men) refers to the removal of unwanted body hair, other than those on the scalp, by waxing, shaving, and so forth.

But, the Urban Dictionary Manscaping is the art of styling or trimming his pubic hair.

We will use the general approach to determine how often each body part, other than the head, should be brushed.

How often should your pubic hair be shaved?

50% A majority of men regularly groom their pubic hair. 35% of men shave off their pubic hair once a month, and 42% do so every other week. However, 13% prefer to go natural and shave their pubic hair once a month. The pubic hair growth cycle lasts between 30 and 44 days, with 70% of the hair still in the resting phase.

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Also, trim your pubic hair Once every 1 to 4 Weeks The best option. It all comes down to personal preference and manscaping style.

However, if you don’t need to shave as often as usual, consider going hairless a depilatory creamYou can use wax, laser, or a combination of these methods to get rid of hair. A hair reducer is my favorite solution. Keramene Body Hair Minimizer to reduce the density of your body hair and your frequency of shaving.

If you have sensitive skin, or are at risk for ingrown hairs, One manscaping session per calendar month This is more than enough. Avoid using a safety razor, as it can cause irritation. Use a gentle razor, body groomer, or a beard trimmer to cut the grain. Also, use a moist shaving cream (wet shaving).

Unruly hair down there

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In case that’s your first time or you have an overgrown forest down there, you may use scissors to cut the hair to a suitable length that the pubic hair trimmer can handle. This will reduce pulling and tugging. To reduce upkeep time, you will need to manscape more often.

Pro tipRemember to keep your pubic hair neat before you go out on a date. You must always be prepared.

We will now get more specific and discuss balls in particular.

How often should your balls be shaved?

The growth rate of the hair on a ball is often slower than that of the rest. You need to shave your balls regularly if you want them hairless or clean. You can shave your balls once a week if you prefer neater balls.

It’s worth mentioning that the hair on the shaft also grows less quickly than the hair above the penis. Yet the balls’ hair growth rate is still lower.

How often should your chest be shaved?

On Average chest hair grows 1 inch per year and then stops. You will only need to maintain your chest hair if you are serious about keeping it trimmed. You can opt for a more casual style by shaving your chest every 3 to 6 days.

How often should you shave the armpits?

Armpits’ hair grows around 0.27 mm every day. Yet, it doesn’t grow forever. So, it’s advised to trim or shave your armpits every 2 to 4 weeks.

Your underarm hair could be shaved to reduce sweating, which would lead to less body odor.

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The growth cycle for the hair under the armpits takes 7 months, with 70% of the hair in the resting phase.

How often should your legs be shaved?

Women should shave their legs once a week to keep them looking smooth. Unless there is a strong reason, most men don’t like shaving their legs. A good body trimmer can be used to trim the legs of a guy who enjoys doing it.

How often should I shave my ear and nose hairs?

It’s advised to shave your nose hair and ear hair once every two weeks. This should keep them at a manageable length. It is important to do this regularly with an electric trimmer for the right ear or nose.

How to slow down hair growth

If you need to slow down the growth of your hair, shaving is not recommended. It does not remove the visible part of the hair. The best options for removing body hair are sugaring, waxing, and depilatory crèmes.


Why does my pubic hair hurt when it’s long?

There are plenty of reasons to feel that your pubic hair hurts when it’s long. Ingrown hairs, scabies, and pubic lice are all common causes.

Is pubic hair affected by age?

Aging is the slowing down of hair growth. As you age, your hair will turn greyer and become thinner. Pubic hair is also common.

Do pubic hairs grow back faster after shaving?

No, pubes don’t grow faster after shaving. The tip of your hair is blunt when you cut it. This tip makes it easier to see and gives the impression that pubic hair grows more quickly.

How many pubic hairs can you lose in a single day?

On On average, you lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. They may not be noticeable as most of the pubic hair that is lost ends up in the urinal.

Timeline for body grooming (conclusion).

  • Every one to four week, you can shave or trim pubic hair.
  • Trimming or shaving the armpits every two to four weeks.
  • Shaving your chest hair every three to 5 days.
  • Trimming your legs every two to four weeks
  • Trimming the ear and nose hairs every two weeks

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