How Does a Multipoint Door Lock Work?

Ever thought about using more than 1? lock on your front door? This might be a great idea to improve the security of your home.

You might also want to consider getting one sturdy lock that locks at various points, rather than two or three. This sounds like you? Then let’s talk about Multipoint Locks—what are they and how do they work?

How does a multipoint door lock work?

A multipoint lock is equipped with three locking points, unlike a regular door lock. That is, the locking system locks at different points—top, middle, and bottom.

The system uses one locking mechanism. This means that you can lock all three points with one key or pull the handle. As typical of traditional multipoint locks, users can lock and unlock them via a mechanical key or by pulling the handle to open the door—perhaps when the door isn’t locked.

So, a multipoint lock is what it is—a lock that consists of multiple locking points—usually three locking points. These types are common on composite or uPVC doors. They are extremely secure.

Are Multipoint locks safe?

Yes. Multipoint locks are known to provide over three times the typical level of security you would expect from a regular lock as they come with multiple deadbolts—up to three. It might take more force and time to break through a door locked at three points.

This lock offers greater security and less wear to the door hinges. The bulk of the load will be evenly dispersed across the lock points, taking stress off the hinges. A multipoint lock on your entry doors can be a smart choice if you want to increase your home security.

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However, multipoint locks may not work on all doors, so be sure you have a door that’s suitable for a multipoint lock before you get it.

Are they Multipoint Smart Locks

Yes, there are a couple of smart locks out there—specifically made to replace existing multipoint locks. Depending on the brand, the smart multipoint locks could replace the handle or cylinder or the entire lock.

Upon successful installation/replacement, you can lock your smart multipoint lock via a tap on a button, access codes, remotely (through the app on your phone), and more—depending on the entry modes the smart lock comes with.

That said, if you’re interested in getting a multipoint smart lock to replace your regular multipoint lock, see our top picks below.

The Best Multipoint Smart locks to Consider:

1. Avia Multipoint Smartlock

A multipoint secure smart lock that supports remote access via Apple HomeKit Technology. It can be connected to your iPhone, iPad or Apple smartwatch for remote control.

It can also be controlled via the keypad or fob and a manual key.

The lock works with all lever-operated multipoint locking mechanisms. And it fit on both left and right hand hinged doors of 44mm–70mm thick.

2. Yale Conexis Multipoint Smart Door Lock L1

Yale is a top smart lock brand that is known for its high-quality locks and other exceptional features.

As you would expect, the multipoint smart locks are not different from other top models in terms o security, remote access, entry mode, battery life, or battery life.

You have several entry options, including a phone tag, key card, and via the Conexis L1 mobile app.

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More so, the lock allows you to assign permanent or temporary virtual keys (via the app) to anyone you want to give access to your home when you’re away. You’d also get notifications when any of the keys is used to access your home.

Besides, the lock features a tamper alarm that immediately notifies you when there’s a forced entry attempt.

Yale Conexis L1 can be used for doors with 44-70mm thickness.

3. Netatmo Smart Door Lock

The Netatmo smartlock comes with a mobile application that allows you to lock and unlock it using the app on your smartphone, activate keys and much more.

However, it’s a Bluetooth-based smart lock and you can only operate it via the app when you’re within range.

The lock features Smart Keys It can be deactivated easily via its mobile app. This means that if your key is lost or stolen, you can quickly deactivate the device and then reactivate it once you find it. It sounds like a security measure, right?

That may well prevent unauthorized entry, as the lost key won’t be functional anymore.

The lock works on doors fitted with a Euro cylinder lock—regardless of the door’s width.

Are Multipoint Locks Compatible with All Door Types?

The short answer is: no. Multipoint locks are not compatible with all doors, except uPVC or composite doors.

uPVC is a white plastic door that is commonly used for external doors. It is especially popular in older houses built in the 80s. This door is popular because it resists swelling even when exposed to the elements.

Composite doors are made from a combination of aluminum and wood. They are used often as back or front doors. However, they are very common in modern homes.

Multipoint locks can also be used to secure patio doors.

What are the common problems with multipoint locking systems?

  • MisalignmentThis is the most common problem homeowners experience with multipoint lock systems. Misalignment occurs when your door and frame are not in the correct place. This is usually caused by a worn-out hinge or an old door.
  • Drooping HandsThis happens when the multipoint locking system has been too busy. This is usually a gradual process that eventually causes the lock to stop working.
  • Trouble Turning the KeyThis is when the locking mechanism has gone out of control. It can be very difficult to turn your key in the door. It could also be a sign that the keycam is jammed.
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The solution? You should consider changing the lock (and other faulty door hardware) if you experience any of these problems—and ensure you get a high-quality product. See our top picks for multipoint smart locks.

Are Multipoint Locks Worth it?

Multipoint locks are more costly than regular deadbolts but they are still worthwhile. These locks not only add an extra layer of protection to your home and property but are also attractive, especially when combined with a smart lock.

Multipoint locks are also very strong, making it airtight. This helps keep the house warm in the winter months. Multipoint locks are unique and well worth the extra expense.

Final Note

It is worth the extra expense of installing a multipoint deadbolt door lock. This lock will not only improve curb appeal but also ensure your safety.

The lock has three locking points. This is why it is so reliable.

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