How Do I Set My Printer to Print Avery Labels?

Avery has the perfect solution for you if you want to add flair to your scrapbooks and/or print stunning mailing labels.

You can create any type of label you want using these templates.

A printer is all you need to print Avery labels. Avery labels can be printed by almost any laser or home printer inkjet.

You might not be satisfied with the output if you don’t know the right steps.

This article will show you how to set your printer up to print Avery labels. This guide will show you how to set up your printer to print Avery labels. print stunning labels You can do it quickly and you can deal with any problems that may arise.

How To Print Avery® Labels Using Printer?

Avery label printing does not require a single click. There are many steps involved in this task, including setting the page size, resolution, alignment and customizing templates. There is a possibility that your label will be misaligned if you do not have experience with this type task.

Don’t worry, it is a common issue for beginners, and over time, your skill with making Avery labels will get better. You could start out with The Avery Design & Print Online software since it works with any web browser application these days. However, we recommend starting with Microsoft Word.

We will show you how to do it step-by–step in the next section. print Avery labels using your printer With Google Docs or Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word Document file. Go to the Mailings tab. It is located on the top row between Reference and Review. Clicking on Mailings opens a new row with more options such as Envelops and Start Mail Merge, Select recipients, Labels, and so forth.

Step 2

Select Labels from the new row. A new window should appear asking you to enter the Avery product number. You can search the dropdown to find Avery 80 160 labels and then select it.

If you want the same writings to appear on all the Labels you can simply write it in address space. If you prefer to use different text, select the New Document Option from the pop-up window.

Step 3

The new document you have created will be blank. From the top row, click Layout. Select View Gridlines. Next, select Labels from Mailings.

Now you can begin filling in information for the labels one at a time. Editing the label is no different from editing a normal Doc document.

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This step also allows you to modify the font colors, sizes, and alignments.

Step 4

Step 3 can be repeated if you wish to add images or photos to your labels. Once you have the gridlines, click the Insert tab. Select Pictures and choose the image file from your computer. Once you have chosen the image, it must be imported to your document.

You might need to adjust the size or alignment of the photo. To modify the photo simply right-click it.

You can also click the Picture Tools tab above and edit effects such as Crop, Warp Text Text or Border.

When you are happy with the image, go to Mailings > Labels and tick the option Full Page of the Same Label. This will allow you to save your pattern for other labels that you may need.

If you are using the Avery Design & Print Online software, the steps are pretty much the same.

Step 5

You’re done with labels. You just need to go back to the File tab, and then select Print. If you want to print color labels, make sure to change your settings to Color printing.

You can change the paper size, scale and quality by clicking Print before you click.

You can change the Fit to the Page option if it is selected. Select Fit to Print Area. This will ensure that your designs and texts are printed correctly.

Step 6

Next, select Labels from the dropdown menu. Also, you will want to uncheck Plain Paper. If there are no Label options available, you can choose either Cardstock or Heavyweight in the printing media settings.

Step 7

Now click print, wait for your printer’s to print the label. If you follow the steps carefully, the label will come out perfectly.

Printing Tips for Avery® Labels

Avery labels can be difficult to print the first time. Even if you are familiar with the steps, there are some preprint procedures you should follow to ensure the highest quality output. These are the best practices for printing Avery labels on your home printer.

These are some tips to help ensure that your print prints look great.

Use Avery Products

Avery labels can only be printed using original Avery products. Non-Avery products will not work with Avery templates because they are not optimized. This could impact the quality of your output.

Use the Correct Printer

However, some Avery labels are compatible with other brands. both Inkjet and laser printersMost labels can be used with either one or both of these variants. It is important to ensure that you use the correct printer for the right label.

Laser printers and inkjet printers work differently so labels made for laser printers won’t print well. The ink may appear smudged or faded.

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If you’re unsure of which printer you have, you can take a look inside. Inkjet printers usually use small ink cartridges, while laser printers use large toner.

Optimization of Print Settings

Make sure to adjust the print settings in your document. Here are some optimizations you should do:

  • Change paper size to A4
  • Set paper type to Labels or Cardstock Heavyweight paper
  • Set the paper source to the correct feed, rear plate, or manual
  • Fit to Scale is not recommended

Print it

Do not immediately start mass-printing labels. After you have adjusted the settings, you will want to print one copy to verify that everything is printing correctly. Print the label onto a plain piece of paper. Take your printed sheet of paper and attach it to the Avery product.

This would make it simple to check alignment. Once you have aligned the layout correctly, you can begin printing your labels.

On On the other hand, if you have issues with alignment, you will need to go into the document file and make the necessary edits in the printing output.

Do not reuse the label

Avery products recommend that you feed the label only once through the feed tray. The label should not be re-fed through the feeder tray of your printer’s automatic or manual feed.

Manually Adjusting Margins

If you are using the Avery Design & Print online software and struggling to get the margin properly aligned, this tip is for you. You might have difficulty aligning some projects. This is a simple fix.

Simply click on the Make a printer adjustment option from the menu to the right of the window. You can then use the controls on the right side of the window to move the project left, right, up or down depending on your needs.

Troubleshooting Different Issues When Printing Avery Labels

You should now have a good grasp of how to print Avery labels on a normal printer. In the next section, we will discuss common issues that might arise during your project as well as possible solutions.

Print Misalignment

There are many reasons your project might not be aligned correctly. You should adjust the print settings if you use them.

Microsoft Word, or the options to adjust Avery Design’s printer settingsamp; Print software. You should be able adjust the margins very easily using the downloadable templates.

Printing towards a Corner

Common misalignment issues include printing your project towards the corner of the label instead of the correct size. This can happen when the Fit to Page option has been selected in the print setting.

Check that your scaling settings have been set up correctly. Double-check to make sure the printer is printing the actual project size instead of Fit to the Page.

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Paper Jam

There are two main reasons why your Avery labels get stuck while printing. Either you are using an incorrect feed tray or your printer rollers have been damaged.

To print Avery labels, you will most likely use the manual feeder instead of the automatic tray.

Avery labels have a special feature called Sure Feed Technology which can significantly reduce the possibility of your printer jamming. These labels are great if your printer jams often.

Also, ensure that your print settings are correct. The manual feed is a great option for stack printing. It ensures that the labels do NOT stick to each other. This can significantly reduce the possibility of a paper jam.

Smudging or Smearing

After everything is set up, double-check to ensure that the ink does not feel too good if it comes out smudged from printing.

Smudging and smearing of ink can be more closely related to hardware than to software. If you experience this, you may be using the wrong product.

This is most commonly caused by incompatible labels. You should use an inkjet label that is designed specifically to work with your printer if you have one. printer. Some Avery labels cannot be used with laser printers or inkjet printers.

White Margin Around the Sheet

Avery labels may have a slightly more common issue when printing them in your printer. This is because the margins of the sheets are left blank after printing. Although it is related to your printer’s capabilities, you can easily work around this issue by tweaking a few settings.

Full bleed is an option if your printer can’t print to the edges. To eliminate this problem, you can use labels that are designed to print to the edges.

Final Thoughts

Avery labels are an elegant and simple way to personalize letters or invitation cards.

It doesn’t really matter if it is for business or personal use. arts and crafts This is a great way for personal enjoyment to add some spice to your printed materials. It brings a great aesthetic flair to your mails.

The best thing about it is that it’s very easy to do if your computer is capable of printing, you have some Avery labels handy, and you have a creative mind. You only need to choose a font, align your text correctly, wrap the text as you like, and hit print.

We hope you find our short and concise article on how your printer can print Avery labels helpful. Good luck!

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