Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt Programming Instructions

Just what the title says, if you’re looking to program your Gatehouse electronic lock, this article is your go-to resource.

In the next few paragraphs, you’d learn how to change your Gatehouse Electronic lock programming code, create or delete user codes, restore factory settings, and more. Let’s begin!

First off, you need to know how the lock’s keypad/button works—and where they are located, as you need them for all settings/programming. So if you’re not familiar with them, see the image below.

Image taken from Gatehouse Electronic Deathbolt manual.

How to Change the Programming Code of a Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt

Gatehouse Electronic Keypad Deadbolt comes with a preset programming code—123456. This code grants you access to all settings. To add or delete user codes or reset the lock, you will need your programming code.

Note: Your programming code is also the master code. 123456 (preset). It is important to change it to a unique number for security purposes.

So here’s how to change your Gatehouse electronic lock programming code:

  • Step 1: Press the button and hold it. SET For approximately 2 seconds, press the button until the lock flashes and beeps twice. The SET button is located on the inside of the interior assembly, so you’ll need to remove the interior cover to access it—see the image above.
  • Step 2: Enter the current programming code, then press the Lock button. The default code is 123456—not valid if it was previously changed.
  • Step 3Press Release 1 And (10Press the Lock button. Now, enter your new 6-digit programming code and press the Lock button.
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Did the red LED flash continuously for 10 seconds? If yes, then that’s all about changing the programming/master code on a Gatehouse electronic lock. Your new programming code is now in effect.

It is important to test it first to ensure it works. You can try any programming, such as adding a code for a user to test if the new code works.

How to add a user code to your Gatehouse Electronic Lock

User codes, which are more or less virtual keys, allow you to unlock your doors without having to use a physical key. The Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt allows users to program up to 10 user codes, in which case, you can share codes among those you want to give access to your home—when you’re away. The lock accepts 4- to 6-digit user codes.

That said, here’s how to add user codes on your Gatehouse electronic door lock:

  • Step 1: Press the button and hold it. SET The lock will flash red once it has beeped twice. This will place the lock into programming mode.
  • Step 2: Enter your current programming code, then press the Lock button.
  • Step 3Press Release 2 And (20Press the Lock button.
  • Step 4: Enter your new code (4 to 6 digits), and then press the Lock button.

The new code will be visible on the red LED for approximately 10 seconds.

How to Delete/Reset the User Codes of a Gatehouse Electronic Lock

You can either delete a single user code or delete all—simultaneously. Let’s start with how to delete a single user code:

  • Step 1: Press the button and hold it. SET Once the lock blinks twice, press the button until it flashes red LEDs.
  • Step 2: Enter your current programming code, and then press the Lock button.
  • Step 3Press Release 3 And (30Press the Lock button. Enter the user code to be deleted and hit the Lock button.

That’s all about deleting an existing user. After the last step, the LED will turn red for approximately 10 seconds. This indicates that the code has been successfully deleted. If it doesn’t, then the process wasn’t successful—repeat from step 1 and ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

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All User Codes Must Be Deleted at Once

  • Step 1: Press the button and hold it. SET For approximately 2 seconds, press the button. This will trigger the red LED to light—along with two beeps, indicating your lock is in programming mode.
  • Step 2: Enter the current programming code, then press the Lock button.
  • Step 3Press Release 4 And (40Press the Lock button.
  • Step 4: Press the button and hold it. Clear button (c) for some time—up to 3 seconds (see image above if you’re not sure where the Clear button is located).

This will turn on the green light, followed by one sound. The red LED will continue to flash for up 10 seconds. This means that all existing user codes were successfully deleted.

How to reset a Gatehouse Electronic Lock to its Factory Settings

  • To access the batteries, remove the cover from the interior assembly.
  • Take out one battery, then press and hold the button. SET button.
  • While the SET Now press the button. Now release the SET button.
  • If the green LED lights up and the lock sounds twice, then factory settings have been successfully re-set.
  • Remember that resetting the lock to factory default settings will permanently erase all user code and programming codes. You can use the preset programming code—123456 to reprogram the lock.

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    How to Lock and Unlock an Electronic Gatehouse Lock

    • Locking from OutsideEnsure your door is securely closed, then press the button. Lock Click the button to lock your door.
    • Locking from the insideTo lock the door, rotate the interior thumb in a horizontal direction.
    • Unlocking from the outsideTo unlock the door, enter an existing user code.
    • Unlocking your potential from withinTo unlock the door, rotate the interior thumb in a vertical direction.

    Notification: The lock is equipped with a keyway so that you can lock and unlock it from outside with a physical key.

    Auto lock function enabled

    Enabling the auto-lock feature on your Gatehouse lock means it will automatically lock when it’s left unlocked for 10 seconds or so. It works only when the door closes.

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    That said, here’s how to enable the auto-lock function:

    • Locate the auto-lock function on the inside of the lock’s interior assembly. You’ll have to remove the interior assembly cover to access the auto-lock function button. See the image below.
    • Switch it to the ‘ON’ position to activate the auto-lock function.
    • You can also switch to the ‘OFF’ position to deactivate auto-lock function.

    Troubleshooting Gatehouse Electronic Locks

    Why does my Gatehouse electronic lock flash yellow?

    Frequent yellow flashes show that the lock’s battery is getting low. For the best performance, replace them with Alkaline batteries. Do not mix batteries from different years.

    Why can’t I change my Gatehouse lock programming code?

    You probably didn’t enter your code within 10 seconds. Once you reach the step that requires you enter a new code, make sure you enter your code within 10 seconds.

    If it fails, you may need to reset the lock again and start over.

    Why is my red LED still on even after I have completed the setting?

    Perhaps your SET The button is stuck. Check to see if it’s actually jammed and then remove and replace the batteries. This should turn the red LED light on.

    How do I reprogram a Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt

    Resetting the Gatehouse electronic lock to its factory settings and starting over is a great way to reprogram it. Below is how to reset your Gatehouse lock.

    Wrapping up

    So that’s it! Programming an electronic Gatehouse lock is easy if you understand how the keypad works.

    Keep a printed copy of your programming codes in case you lose it. Your programming and user codes should only be disclosed to trusted individuals.

    If you suspect a security breach, reset the lock and reprogram all codes.

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