Elegoo Mars Vs Anycubic Photon

3D printing resin in resin used to be a luxury for those with limited budgets.

SLA machines that supported this type of printing used to be expensive and were therefore only meant for professionals.

Fortunately, certain brands have launched certain products. SLA printers Many of these items were priced at lower levels a few decades ago.

This opened up many new opportunities for creative people who wanted one of these machines to see how it works!

You can be creative or low-key if you are a creative person. 3D printing enthusiastLet us tell you about two inexpensive resin printers you should check out.

We have decided to compare Elegoo Mars with Anycubic Photon due to their many similarities.

What is Elegoo Mars?

Elegoo, a Chinese start up that focuses on technological products, is one example. Mars is a popular printer line for them, as it makes resin printing more affordable.

These printers are a great investment for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to bring their creative ideas to reality.

These have been in existence since their 2017 launch consumer-grade 3D printers Both newbies as well as experts have been very satisfied with their efforts.

Advantages of Elegoo Mars

Peaceful Experience

The technology of masked stereolithography is used to build Elegoo Mars. The printer can create the target model using this technology by curing the photoreactive liquid resin in very thin layers.

Compared to the usual FDMThis process is much simpler and more efficient. You don’t have to deal with wrangling filaments or nozzles damaging the previous layers with Elegoo Mars. The liquid resin flows out easily, and the moving axis creates layers on your build plate.

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Premium Feel

The aluminum body of Elegoo Mars printers makes it strong. It is strong and durable, but it also has a beautiful matte finish that makes it attractive. These features make it appear like a premium device. The cubic 3D printer is light at just five kilograms.

Amazing Performance at a Very Low Cost Price

A low price tag usually means poor quality and a short life expectancy. Elegoo Mars is a pleasant exception.

The 3D printer’s cost is very low but the quality of the printing process is excellent. This will ensure that your team is more productive and your business has a good reputation.

Disadvantages of Elegoo Mars

Position USB Awkward

USB is often the primary means to connect your 3D printer to your computer. It will be a problem if the USB port is located in a place you can’t reach.

This port is located on the back panel of Elegoo Mars. It can be difficult to access, especially if the printer has been set up so that its back faces the wall.

Size limits

This 3D printer is not designed for large structures. It is limited by its modest printing volume of 120x68x155mm. This allows you to create miniature ornament pieces, jewelry, or small mechanical prototypes.

You should therefore be aware of the size restrictions before you decide on a project or take on one.

What is an Anycubic Photon?

Photon is another 3D printer that produces excellent quality prints at a very affordable price. It is part the Anycubic brand that is totally dedicated to it. 3D printing products and solutions.

The machine uses resin stereolithography to produce models of higher resolution. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Advantages of Anycubic Photos

Proprietary Software

The printer comes with a proprietary software. This is one of the best features. Anycubic developed the slicer software that allows you to prepare your model faster and easier. It is easy to use and has some predefined properties that will be helpful for novice users.

Auto-Generation Support

Anycubic Photon can help you if your new to 3D printing and support structures. You can choose to have the support structures generated automatically or manually inserted by the device.

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Automating a creative function can often lead to messy or inconvenient situations. Photon’s automated generation and slicing have proven to be reliable and sound.

Offline printing

You can use it to materialize many creative structures in resin – even when there is no internet connection!

It also has an integrated operational system that allows you to continue printing 3D designs offline. As a result, you don’t have to worry about network connectivity and can enjoy print stability.

Anycubic photon has its disadvantages

Unpleasant Odor, Long Post-Processing

Photon has many useful features that make printing sessions more productive. However, there is still a lot of work to do after the session is over.

Resin printing can be messy and unpleasant. Unfortunately, the carbon filter on Photon’s fan fails to dilute it enough and the odor overwhelmingly prevails throughout the space.

It will also take a lot time to clean and treat the parts.

Inadequacy of Customizations

Even though their proprietary software is very easy to use and great for beginners, it doesn’t have enough attributes to play with for experienced users.

You can only change a few settings before you start a 3D printer task: support generations, resolutions and bottom exposure times.

Comparing Anycubic photon Vs Elegoo Mars


Elegoo Mars and Anycubic Photon can be used to produce similar 3D printing structures. That is because their build volumes are very similar – 120x68x155 mm for Elegoo Mars and 115x65x155 mm for Anycubic Photon.

Because they are small, they are only able to print small structures. They are ideal for making jewelry parts and tabletop showpieces, miniatures for board games, and detailed models for a variety of projects. Despite their limited build volume, they can still be used to create intricate designs.

Bed Leveling

The bed leveling process is an essential part of any 3D printer process. If the bed leveling is not done correctly, your first layer of 3D printed structure might not be strong enough for the rest.

It would be easier if the printer could do this step by itself.

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Elegoo Mars is the winner of this round because it offers a self-leveling mattress. Anycubic Photon requires you to manually level it.


This is another aspect where these two printers share a similarity – they both arrive pre-assembled. Only a few steps are required to complete the assembly. The time it takes to complete each step determines which one is more time-saving.

Elegoo Mars seems to be a better choice because it takes only a few minutes to assemble, while Anycubic Photon can take between 20-30 minutes.

Slicing Software

Anycubic has an advantage over Elegoo in that it has its own proprietary system. slicing software. The Photon’s own software has many predefined properties that make it easier for new users to use. The presets limit the user’s customization options.

Elegoo Mars uses ChiTu Box software to make all the settings. Although it is not their software, it can be satisfying for experienced users with a variety customizations and interesting features, such as model hollowing.


Both 3D printers are equipped with a color touchscreen. Elegoo, however, seems to have more information because it has a larger display. Its touchscreen is 3.5 inches in size while the Anycubic Photon’s touchscreen is a compact one of 2.8 inches. Both can be used to monitor the printing status in real time.

Bottom Line – Which One is For You?

As you can see, there are many similarities when comparing Elegoo Mars with Anycubic Photon. Both 3D printers offer high-end quality and intricate details at a very affordable price.

Elegoo Mars features a larger touchscreen and self-leveling functions, while Anycubic Photon uses proprietary software.

Elegoo Mars is the clear winner, however, as the software limits customization.

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