​Electric Smoker vs Gas Smoker – Which is Better?

​We are here today to compare an electric and gas smoker Find out which one is best. These two types of smokers are most popular among grillers, however there are significant differences between them.

All things move in time. The same goes for meat smoking techniques. We have many options to choose from when it comes to the best smoked meats. The grilling community has been very open to both gas and electric smokers in recent years. The smoking tradition lasts for a very long time, and it’s popular in almost every part of the world. People love it more than ever and are keen to learn the best way to do it.

​New Technologies with the Same Results

Before the electricity, the only way to smoke meat was to leave it in the cold and wait until it’s done. Although the process was tedious, the results were well worth it. Modern technology has made it possible to do this in a short time. You can quickly smoke all your meat in no time using either an electric smoker or a gas one. You’ll be amazed at the results. As invention and innovation are at the heart of everything, there are always new and better ways to smoke.

Modern technological developments have changed the way that people smoke. Electric smokers are possible thanks to the latest technology. Today we will compare a gas and electric smoker to see which one is better. These two types are most popular among grillers, but there is a lot to choose from.

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Why do you need a smoker?

Both are excellent for smoking meat, but it all depends on what you use them for. You can’t have one for every situation so make sure you make the right choice. Like any product, both smokers have weaknesses and strengths that will determine which one is the best. We will be able compare their major characteristics and identify their strengths and limitations.

You want to enjoy the best of both your smoker and your food when you buy one. This comparison will help you make an informed decision about the best smoker for you. The one that provides the most value for what you need is the one you should buy.

The Difference

​Before we get into details, we need to clarify the differences between a gas and electric smoker.

Electric Smokers

This type of smoker uses thermal energy to heat wood chips and produce smoke that smokes meat. It’s a fast and easy way to use an electric digitized device to smoke the food within a few hours.

It offers many useful features that make it easy to smoke. This unit is very useful as you can leave it unattended and check the progress periodically. This makes it easy to use for people with other obligations.

​Gas Smokers

​On A gas smoker, on the other hand uses natural or propane gas to smoke the meat. Because you will need to control and monitor the heat and smoke, a smoker requires your attention. Although it takes longer to smoke food, some prefer to do so electronically.

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​Consider Your Needs and Your Experience

One of the biggest differences between the two is that an electric type is digitalized and doesn’t require your attention while a gas one needs constant monitoring. Gas smokers are slower and more expensive, but they can be heated to higher temperatures than electric ones. Both electric and gas smokers may be the best choice depending on the type of food and the purpose of the smoker. If you’re a skilled griller, you’ll probably choose a gas smoker since you have the necessary experience and know how to use it.

You can cook food at higher temperatures. An electric grill is a better option if you’re a beginner griller. It is easier and more intuitive to use, and the controls are digitalized. These differences make it easy to determine which one you prefer in this electric smoker or gas contest. Each one is a good player in its own league, so let’s get down to the ultimate shootout.

Convenience and safety, as well as ease of use

As we have already stated, electric smokers are easier to use and require less supervision than gas smokers. It is more convenient for those who want such conveniences because it has an integrated meat thermometer.

The heating element in the smoker makes them safer. It is designed to reduce the risk of an accident and increase safety. The safety design prevents any direct exposure of the user to the heat while a gas smoker doesn’t have such a measure of precaution. Experiential smokers are better advised to use a gas smoker.

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​The Price Food Quality

Although the price difference is not huge, an electric type is more expensive than a regular gas one. If you have a lot of money to spend, an electric type is better than a gas one. The average price difference is between 50 and 150 $. There are many opinions on the quality of smoked food. Because a gas smoker can tolerate higher temperatures, it might be more effective in achieving the desired smoking level.


An electric smoker is better in terms of convenience and usability. To each their own but to put it in simple terms – if you are into a more traditional way of food smoking, you will go with a gas smoker. Otherwise, an electric smoker would be the best choice. It really depends on your experience with grilling.

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