Does shaving make you look younger?

TLDRGetting rid of facial hair will make you look younger and can help you lose a few years. A mustache, a beard, and a goatee will make you look three to ten years younger.

Fact! Santa Clause is only 35 Years Old. Why does he look 60 years old? It’s the beard. No one wants to get older, yet it’s inevitable. It’s not the end of the world. You can turn the clock back with a few simple hacks and get your youthful glow back.

Let’s go.

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How does age affect your appearance?

Aging refers the changes that occur in your body as a result of the loss or weakness of organs. This is true for your face as well.

Collagen and elastin are the major players in the skin’s youthful appearance. They give your skin a glowing appearance by strengthening it and keeping it flexible.

As we age, so does our ability to recognize the skin loses its elasticity Because collagen and elastin fibers are less strong. Because collagen and elastin fibers become weaker, the skin becomes thinner and drier, and is more sensitive to nicks or cuts.

This makes shaving for an elderly man a nightmare. It could lead to irritation and ingrown hairs.

Is shaving your face a way to age your face?

ٍThe opposite is true. Although shaving has many benefits for skin health, there are some pitfalls.

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Didn’t you notice before the beauty of Japanese woman’s skin? A healthy lifestyle and diet are key factors in achieving flawless skin. Yet women in Japan have a popular skincare routine called “Kao Sori”.

This technique involves the removal facial hair (peach furz) using a straight razor. They believe it stimulates collagen production and maximizes moisturizing.

Rachel Hunter, a former model, stated that it helps exfoliate skin and also helps beauty products penetrate skin to give it a smoother, shinier look.

Rachel Hunter – Face shaving


  • Close shaving is a great way to exfoliate. This means that you can remove the dead skin cells. This will help to open the pores and give you a brighter look. It also allows for easier penetration of skincare products.
  • It increases blood circulation. The tissue repair process is enhanced when there is more blood supply to the organ. This will reduce wrinkle formation and premature aging.
  • Fact! A clean-shaven appearance makes you appear younger. A British study Published in Behavioral Ecology Journal, it was found that facial hair can increase your perception of age. Another study was even more precise. The study revealed that a beard can add 10 years to your age. You can look 5 years older if you have a mustache or a beard. Even a slight stubble can make you look three years older. It also increases the perceived size and shape of your jawline.


  • Soap-based shaving creams, gels, or lotions can cause skin damage and accelerate aging. The soaps contain an alkaline detergent, which alters the natural skin acidity. This is a good thing, as it is negligible compared to the benefits.
  • Out of scope it’s worth mentioning that it may cause post-shave depression. It’s real. After losing their beard, some people feel a sense of regret and grief.
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Is shaving anti-aging?

Shaving isn’t considered anti-aging, yet it’s a good idea to shave your face as you gain the enormous benefits of it. It can reduce a few years off your actual age. It will also help you achieve a healthy, glowing complexion.

Is shaving a good way to reduce wrinkles

Although shaving may delay wrinkle formation and reduce line formation, it plays a very small role. However, it can’t reverse or reduce wrinkles and sagging once it happens.

People often associate shaving with the fact that older men have fewer lines. The truth is that men’s skin is thicker compared to women’s skin. This is where the hormonal set plays a key role.

How can I make it look younger on my face?

These tips will help you look younger.

  • Keep your shave clean. If you can’t live without a beard, keep it short on both sides and long on the bottom. This will make your face look younger.
  • Remove unwanted hair. You must get rid of unwanted hair. You can trim the long hairs from your eyebrows using a scissor, or you can use a pair tweezers to pluck them. You can ask your barber to trim your nose and ear hairs or you can do it yourself with a nose trimmer. There are many options available for the rest. You have many options. You can use wax to remove all hair, or shave it.
  • A neat haircut is a must. Keep your hair neat and short.  If you have male pattern hair loss or receding hairline, a shaved head will be your best option. I don’t recommend using hair growth products as they require a long-term commitment and the results would disappear once you stop.
  • Gray hair is very attractive when done well. However, if you don’t like the grays, you can tone them down with a suitable color. To blend the grays with your black hair, you can use a color camouflage program.
  • Use natural skincare products that do not contain alkaline detergents, such as sodium Laureth Sulfate/ SLS. Look for products that contain natural oils such as jojoba, argan and sweet almond oils.
  • Go for professional derma planning. This method offers advanced exfoliation, which is superior to traditional shaving. It’s also more efficient for removing wispy facial hair (vellus hair).
  • Use sunscreen and moisturizer every day. This will help preserve your skin’s youth.
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Can a beard make me look younger?

No. According to science, a beard makes you look 10 times older than you are. A clean shave can give you a younger look. If you prefer facial hair, make sure to keep your sides short and your bottom long.

Do stubble make you look older than you are?

True. Stubble and any type of facial hair can make you look older. A study showed that stubble can increase your age by 3 years.

Why does my mustache look so weird after I shave it?

If you notice you look different after shaving your mustache, you’re far from alone. The skin just above your upper lip can be extremely sensitive. It might get swollen during shaving. Shaving your facial hair can make you look younger. These two things can make you look a little weird and childish.

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