Disc Lock vs. Padlock

We all want to get the best locks to keep our valuables safe, so it’s okay to compare locks before you make a purchase. In this post, we compared disc locks and standard padlocks—to help you make the best choice.

First, what is the difference in a padlock and disc lock?

These two terms (disclock and padlock), are commonly used to describe closed shackle and opened shackle padlocks. A disc lock, a round shape padlock, has a shielded key to prevent bolt cutter attacks. A padlock (standard padlock), on the other hand, is more vulnerable to attacks because it has an open key.

NotificationDisc lock and standard padlock are the same padlocks, but they have different security features and designs. A disc lock is a modernized padlock that has enhanced security features.

With that being said, we’ll go on to compare discus lock and standard padlock—to see which one offers the best security. Want to know more? Let’s dive in!

Standard Padlock vs. the Disc Lock

Disc Lock

This padlock is different from its traditional counterpart in terms design and security features. The standard padlock comes with an open shackle. However, the disc padlock features a closed-shackle design in a round shape to prevent sharp cutter attacks.

If you’re looking to get a padlock that resists bolt cutter attacks, you want to opt for a disc lock.

Other features make disc locks more secure and functional. Here’s a more detailed look.

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Features of Disc Locks

  • Closed shackleYes, this appears to be the main feature of the disc lock. As the shackle is not exposed, it makes it difficult to cut the disc lock, due to its closed shackle as well as its rounded shape.
  • Anti-pick: Thieves can also pick locks apart from bolt cutter attacks. The best disc locks have more pins (cylinders) and a dual locking lever mechanism that stops pick and pry.
  • Anti-rust and Stainless Steel: This is an important feature of disc locks. Most of them (the best) are made from stainless steel and have weatherproof features that prevent rust. Weatherproof disc locks are outdoor-friendly and can withstand all kinds of weather.
  • Hardened shackle: Even though the shackle may not be visible, disc locks have hardened the shackles which gives them increased strength and security.

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Standard Padlock

There’s not much to say about standard padlocks. You probably know that standard padlocks have been around for decades. They are still used for storage, sheds and garages, among other things.

Standard padlocks are still able to protect your valuables. However, you can get anti-pick features on the padlocks and a tough shackle. However, they’re still prone to bold cutter attacks, especially because of the open shackle.

So if you must go with a standard padlock, ensure you get one with a 4-7 pin cylinder—that can resist picking. A standard padlock with a hardened shackle can withstand bolt cutter attacks.

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Standard Padlock vs. the Disc Lock: Which is better? (Verdict)

The best security is provided by a disc padlock. It has a shielded, shackle that protects against bolt cutter attacks. Other features like anti-pick, anti-rust, and hardened shackle and lock’s body make the disc padlock stand out. It’s by far the best option for those that want to prevent bolt cutters attacks and lock picking.

Tips to Purchase a Great Padlock

1. Avoid a super-cheap padlock

I get it; you don’t have to break the bank to buy a padlock. But the best padlocks don’t come so cheap, and you really have to be wary of a ridiculously cheap padlock. You want to secure your valuables, so ensure you’re getting a padlock that does the job and not looking at the price.

The price can be a good indicator of the product’s quality. That means a good quality padlock can cost you some reasonable bucks but needn’t break the bank, still.

2. Choose a padlock with closed shank

You probably already know this. Bolt cutter attacks are possible with a padlock that has an open shackle. As thieves cannot cut the shackle, a padlock that has a closed shackle is required.

The disc padlock is an example. The round shame protects the shackle from being cut easily.

3. Take into consideration the size

The size of a lock also matters—security-wise. Larger locks with stronger shackles and a more sturdy lock body are harder for thieves to defeat.

NotificationYou should also consider the materials used to make the lock. A lock made from substandard materials could easily be hacked, which would defeat the purpose of buying a larger lock. Before you buy, make sure you check the quality of the lock.

4. Anti-Pick Features

Your padlock can be picked even though it comes with a closed shackle, larger size, or hardened shackle and lock’s body. Lock picking is done by the pins in a padlock. The more pins a lock has, the more difficult it will be to pick. You should get a lock that has more pins than the average, 4-7 to avoid picking.

There’s also pry, which could be defeated with a double lever locking mechanism. You should also look for a padlock that has a dual lever locking system.

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Similar Questions

Are disc padlocks really worth the effort?

Disc padlocks can be worth the cost! These are ideal for protecting against bolt cutter attacks because they have a shrouded lock. They are also equipped with anti-pick and rust-proof features that make them more secure for outdoor use.

What is the most secure padlock?

Closed/hardened padlocks with shackle are the most secure. This is because attackers can’t clearly see the shackle, let alone cutting it.

Can I use a disc lock at public storage?

Public storage can use disc locks. It all depends on the facility. Some units might have a cylinder lock or a disc lock. Before purchasing a lock, you should confirm the type of lock that is used.

Where can I find a disc lock?

Disc locks can be used for storage units, garages and outdoor gates, sheds, toolboxes, and doors.

Can disc locks be rekeyed?

Yes, you can rekey a disc lock. If you have lost the original key, a locksmith can help you.

How can you open a disc lock with no key?

Lock picking can be used to open a disc lock that does not require a key. Usually, you’ll need some basic lock picking tools such as a tension wrench and lock pick rake. Next, insert the short end the tension wrench into your keyhole and turn it in a normal direction to open the lock.

Also, insert your rake in the keyhole and continue to turn in the same direction. Keep the tension wrench in its place by applying very little force. If you do it correctly, it should open the disc lock.

Although disc locks are equipped more pins that can resist being picked, you could still pick the locks with advanced technology lock picking Tools and skills. Get a locksmith to help if you’re not able to open it with basic lock picking tools.

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Closing Thoughts

Should standard padlocks be discarded? So far, you’ve seen that disc locks offer the best security, but that’s not to say standard padlocks are completely out of the way. You can still use standard padlocks, but in places where they’re not exposed to attacks.

So if you’re considering using a standard padlock, get a sturdy one. And as mentioned, use it where it’s less likely to be attacked by bolt cutters. And for areas prone to attacks, disc locks work best as they won’t easily give in to bolt cutter attacks and other related forced entry.

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