Dato Smart Locks Review: How Secure Are the Locks?

Smart locks have many essential features, but security is still the top priority.

So if you’re looking to get a Dato smart lock, you sure want to know how secure it is.

In this article, we review the various models of DatoHome smart locks—with emphasis on security and other basic features of smart locks. Let’s begin.

Dato Smart Locks Review

1. Dato Smart Lock—L-B400

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Dato Smart Lock L-4400 features a touchpad that can be used to generate access codes and fingerprints for unlocking and unlocking. The lock also includes a mobile app. remote control via a smartphone.

Users can store up 120 fingerprints and have them removed at will. This feature allows users share access to their homes without the need to have a key. This lock is also completely unkeyable.

Remote control of the lock is possible, which could be considered security as it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere. The remote control works in conjunction with Dato Wi-Fi Gateway. This allows users the ability to set passcodes, manage access, monitor access times and more.

This lock has other features, including easy installation, AI-learning, and a sleek design that matches most door designs.


As per the lock’s description, users should be able to add entry codes and view access history remotely after pairing with the Wi-Fi Gateway.

These features cannot be supported via Wi-Fi. To do these things, you must connect via Bluetooth. Although locking and unlocking via Wi Fi works perfectly.

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2. Dato Smart Fingerprint Door Lock—L-F500

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Dato L-F500 is an fingerprint-based lock that can be opened with five unlocking methods.

  • RFID card
  • Mobile app
  • Numerical passcodes
  • Mechanical keys
  • Fingerprints

This may allow users to lock and unlock their doors with any method that appeals.

The lock has long-lasting batteries (up to a year) and a micro USB emergency power port, so users won’t have to worry about being locked out.

This lock is also known for its sleek design, metal body, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The app works with this Model of DatoHome smart locks. The lock can be controlled remotely by the app.


Limited remote control via Wi-Fi. Only Bluetooth is supported for remote setting up and removing of entry codes.

The fingerprint reader is slow and takes several seconds to read, then it takes another few seconds to unlock the door.

3. Dato Smart Lock for Front Doors—L-F504

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The front door Dato L-504 smart lock is made. It has many features that protect your front doors from forced entry attacks. Some notable features are—a door sensor, auto-lock, and sturdy stainless steel lock body.

The door sensor detects the moment your door is closed, and automatically locks it. The auto-lock also works via the app—remotely.

The zinc alloy stainless-steel body is resistant to water and other extreme weather conditions. The lock is waterproof with an IP54 rating.

This lock also features fingerprint entry and passcodes. And it’s suitable for left and right-handed doors.

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The fingerprint sensor is not sensitive enough to unlock the lock, but it works well. As per our research, most users complained that the fingerprint reader only works occasionally—slow unlocking speed and overall poor sensitivity.

Another complaint is about touchscreen backlight. It dims when the lock mode is in standby mode, making the touchscreen difficult to identify. It will wake up in 2 to 3 seconds and then turn off standby mode. This could be a minor problem.

4. Dato Keyless Entry Door Lock—L-F505

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The L-F505 is one of Dato’s keyless entry lock models with a sturdy stainless steel body. The lock is not fully keyless, but it does have a keyhole that allows for mechanical key access.

The lock is compatible with Dato’s mobile app for remote control and features Bluetooth, Fingerprint, and a built-in Bluetooth. However, the remote control only works via Bluetooth, meaning it works when you’re within the Bluetooth range.

You can monitor your door status, and get notifications when someone unlocks it. This lock also features the auto-lock feature, which is available on all Dato smart locks.

The lock is powered by a battery and uses regular alkaline cells. This lock works well with batteries from Duracell or Energizer.


Limited remote control—it only works when you are close to the lock.

As with other Dato smart locks above, fingerprints don’t work at one touch. Sometimes it takes 3-5 taps to unlock.

5. Dato Fingerprint Smart Lock—L-B201

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Like other models, Dato L.B201 smart locks feature a fingerprint reader as well as a keyway to mechanical keys.

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The fingerprint and key entry can be switched between by the user. Additionally, the key acts as a backup for the battery in the event of its death.

The lock allows users to create up to 20 fingerprints, which includes 2 admin-user fingerprints. Administrators can remove and replace fingerprints.

800mAh lithium batteries power the fingerprint smart lock. The Micro USB emergency power interface can charge the batteries quickly.

The lock is compatible with both left-handed and right-handed doors with thickness levels of 1-3/8 to 2-1/2 inches.

Notification: A default setting allows any fingerprint to unlock it. So make sure you set up your fingerprint immediately following the installation.


If you’re looking for a smart lock with keypads and/or remote control functions, this lock is not for you. This lock can only be operated via the keyway and fingerprint reader.

To Conclude: Are Dato Smart Locks Secure?

Based on the features and user ratings, it’s safe to say Dato smart locks are secure as they are sturdy, durable, and have the essential features of a standard smart lock.

They may not be the best smart locks brands, such as August, SchlageKwikset, Yale, and.

Keep in mind, Dato locks have no security rating such as BHMA/ANSI, so it’s uncertain whether they can withstand a forced entry attack.

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