Cricut Design Space Alternative: Expert Recommended List

Your Cricut machine will allow you to create your Cricut designs. You can use PC software to do this. Here’s where Cricut Design Space enters into action.

This is the most widely used and useful software program to create this type of piece. But sadly, it is also one of the most expensive – and it may not have all the features you need.

That’s why looking for a Cricut Design Space alternative is totally valid. Even if you have a Cricut machine from Cricut – you may find some of its alternatives even more useful.

Whatever you want to create, we’re sure each one of the following alternatives for Cricut Design Space won’t let you down.

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Top 4 Cricut Alternative Software List

1. Sure Cuts a Lot

This is Cricut Design Space’s most popular option. And it happens because it works well with a wide array of Cricut machines, going from the Cricut standard to the Silhouette, the Craft ROBO, and even the Wishblade – among many others.

You will be able draw, color, design, color and edit any type of material to create the most fascinating drawings. At the same time, it offers the chance to transform random images to die-cut designs, for even better results no matter what you’re looking for.

Sure enough, Sure Cuts a Lot is also a piece of cake to use and delivers excellent features that you won’t find in other programs. We do a deep dive into cricut explore air 2 vs silhouette cameo 3 post A powerful cutting machine is essential.

Here’s a better idea of the different functions and benefits that Sure Cuts a Lot offers:

Easy Operation

The first thing you’ll notice when using Sure Cuts a Lot is the straightforward interface it provides. You won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to use the program – it makes the whole process effortless.

There are many options on the sides to adjust color, thickness, stroke softness, and other functions. To edit your designs more precisely, you can zoom in on them. And with the layer system, you won’t have any problem making the most complex designs.

On You can also customize the look of your worktable to suit your needs. It will be easy to find the function you need. Files can be organized however you like, and saved in custom folders with custom names so you can use them later.

When it comes to using Sure Cuts a Lot, you won’t have a single thing to complain about.

High Compatibility

This program works on any computer. It works with both Mac and PC, and offers full support. And you can make it work with more than 30 different Cricut machines – which is outstanding.

The software also lets you match the machine you’re using. You can also pre-set materials, blades and other important factors before printing.

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It is possible to make it work anywhere in this world using the measurement system that you prefer. No matter if you prefer centimeters or millimeters (mm), this software can work. – this software doesn’t let you down.

Extra Plugins & Functions

In case you want to create unique designs for the most exciting Cricut results, then you’ll find the wide array of plugins more than ideal. These plugins can be used with all Cricut machines, which adds an extra level of convenience.


  • Offers total control of the designs & interface
  • Works well with most die-cutting machines & computers
  • Updates automatically with full support
  • Many plugins and additional features available


  • Some features may not be compatible on Mac computers
  • Only one project is allowed at a given time

2. Make the Cut

Make the Cut (or MTC) is another third-party program you can use to edit die cutting designs. It provides all the features Cricut Design Space has, and is compatible with most machines.

From editing shapes and coming up with unique designs to adding exciting effects and even marking the Cricut pattern – Make the Cut offers it all.

Its ability to work with many files is its real advantage. It offers excellent editing and unbeatable compatibility. Another advantage is how long it’s been in the market – making it a hugely prestigious and reliable option to have.

You want to get a better idea of its features? Here are some of its main features:

Convenient Editing

There’s nothing you can’t do with this application. Enjoy the auto-tracing, shadowing, node editing, external font installation, and the free-hand drawing.

There’s also the jigsaw design system, the lattice design function, and the extra pre-set design features you can use as necessary.

The Pixel Trace tool, along with its graphic capabilities, can transform any complex design into a vector path that can be cut. You can also print any message on the images using the TrueType font system.

If you’re a fan of extra-handy applications, then this one won’t disappoint you.

Next-Level Compatibility

This program can also be used with virtually any die-cutting machine on the market. It can be used with a Gazelle or Roland, Wishblade, Craft ROBO and other die-cutting machines. While it doesn’t work with Cricut machines, it is still one of the best options you can get.

It allows you to work on a variety of files. You won’t have a problem working with PDF, SVG, JPG, AI, EPS, and PNG formats. It can also import projects from other applications such as OTF or TTF files, EPS, PS and GSD files, AI9 and WPC.

The compatibility level with whom you are compatible Make the Cut is simply unsurpassable.

Fast and Well-Made

Last but not least, this is one of the fastest programs you’ll find. If you want an app that works fast and doesn’t demand much effort to use – then this one will do the job.

It will provide good support and make little or no errors. Other programs can shut down out of nowhere, but this one will work regardless of how complex or demanding the design.

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  • Editing with tons of features and fully-equipped
  • Compatible with most die-cutting machines
  • Excellent compatibility with file formats
  • Reliable and efficient system


  • Not compatible Cricut machines
  • Mac computers are not compatible

3. Inkscape

Inkscape, unlike the other apps, is open-source. This means that you can download it for free and get all the best features for no extra cost.

This means that you have everything you need for object creation and manipulation, such as drawing, layering, cloning and transforming, rendering, importing and exporting files, and so much more.

There’s a unique vector path system as well, the capacity to create logos, charts, lines, text designs, and even import the most elaborate pieces of art to edit them.

It is an open-source program so you can expect excellent support. There are tons of tutorials, guides, and other resources to help you.

There’s a lot you get with Inkscape, so we decided to summarize it for you:

Powerful Editing

Inkscape’s editing tools can be described as extremely powerful. There’s almost nothing you will find challenging to do.

If you want to fill colors, for example, you can choose whether the fill color should be solid, blurred or linear. At the same time, you can adjust the transparency of lines and colors while having the chance to add all kinds of text & fonts as needed.

There’s also embedding, optional tracing, vector graphics, raster sources, and more. It’s possible to scale, rotate and skew designs with no limitations. It is an open-source program that offers all the features you need.

Outstanding Import & Export

Another advantage is the ability export and import any type of file without restriction or issues. From SVG to DXF, PDF, sk1, EPS, PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, and even Postscript formats – you have it all with Inkscape.

You can also view and edit files live using the XML Editor, use command-line options, and convert files to different formats. It is fast and easy to use, so there are no errors or time-wasting steps.

Best Compatibility

Inkscape offers the best compatibility in die-cutting design programs. It works with Linux-based computers, Windows computers, and even Apple macOS Desktops.

Each feature is compatible with the other and has almost unlimited possibilities.


  • Features-rich editing system for any purpose
  • Works with almost every design file format
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, MacOS, and other operating systems
  • Won’t cost you a single dime to use


  • Large projects can cause editor to lag
  • Interface is slightly complex

4. Silhouette Studio

The Silhouette Studio is the final item on our list. This program is not for die-cutting but for textile design and embroidering. It works just like the others.

The powerful editing system and the high-quality rendering make it an outstanding program. You can create small designs with tons and tons of layers and edits, as well as larger designs with more items, without any noticeable difference.

The application is easy to use and can be used with almost all machines. On It can be used with any computer, and works seamlessly on all. If you want a robust and practical design system for your Cricut designs – this one will work wonders.

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You want to learn more about Silhouette Studio. Here’s a little more about its features:

Excellent File Integration

Software that can be used with different files is a favorite of all designers. And that’s precisely what Silhouette Studio offers.

TTF and OTF, GSD and GST can all be imported. This is not to mention the many image formats available, including PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF.

There’s another huge advantage with this system: you can import from CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop as well. You can save your projects as PDF, SVG, or high-end JPG. But these features are only available on the premium versions – which require extra installation & activation.

Unique Editing Tools

Once you import a project, or an image into it, you can begin enjoying all the wonderful tools it offers. From the Sticky Notes and the Pop-Up creator that allow unique stamps on your designs, to the Font Management system, the Warp, Trace, and even the Glyphs system – it offers everything.

The Rhinestone tool also offers a unique editing function. You can create unique rhinestone elements, and then place them on your designs to achieve exceptional results. For even more design possibilities, you can place them anywhere you like.

All Machines Acceptable

It doesn’t matter what Cricutting machine you’re using or what computer you want to install it on – Silhouette Studio works with almost all of them. With compatibility with operating systems like Windows and macOS – there’s nothing to worry about.

Although the installation process can be a bit complicated for those with limited knowledge of computers, it is easy. You can easily upgrade to the premium versions in minutes and there is no compatibility problem.


  • It works well with a variety of file formats
  • Uniquely useful editing tools that are powerful and effective
  • Compatible with Cricut and other die cutting machines
  • Merges well with other crafting & editing applications


  • Some functions are not paid.
  • Installing & activating can be tricky


As you can see, it is easy to find an alternative Cricut Design Space. There are many options available, and each one offers amazing features.

So, it’s all up to you. Check out our reviews to find the best model and ensure it meets your requirements.

Then, you’ll have the chance to enjoy excellent Cricut designs without having to waste any time or effort looking for the ideal tool out there.

We hope you find an alternative to the Cricut design space. You can now choose one of these and let your creativity soar with great Cricut designs. You won’t regret it!


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