Can Schlage Encode Work Without Wi-Fi?

The Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt is equipped with Wi-Fi. third-party hub Wi-Fi Bridge

But, can this lock be used without Wi-Fi? Let’s find out!

Schlage Encode is compatible with Wi-Fi. If you only want to use the touchpad (using access code), then yes.

To control your Schlage Encode lock remotely using the Schlage Home App on your smartphone, enable remote access. This requires Wi-Fi.

That said, if you’re looking to learn more about how Schlage Encode works—connecting to Wi-Fi and enabling remote access on your smartphone, you want to keep reading.

How to connect Schlage Entercode to Wi-Fi

  • Step 1Ensure that your Wi Fi is up and running in your home
  • Step 2Open the Schlage Home app on the phone and click the Settings icon.
  • Step 3Select Wi-Fi settings and follow the instructions on-screen to connect your lock with a Wi Fi network.

Schlage Encode is only compatible with Wi-Fi networks that are 2.4GHz. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is set to 2.4GHz.

Why Won’t My Schlage Encode Connect to Wi-Fi?

  • Schlage Encode supports only a 2.4GHz Wi Fi network. Check to make sure your home Wi-Fi has 2.4GHz. If it does not, you can change it to the supported Wi Fi Network (2.4GHz).
  • Schlage Home only lists password-protected networks and Wi-Fi networks at 2.4GHz. So if your network isn’t password-protected, you may not find it in the Schlage app.
  • If your network is blocked, manually enter your Wi Fi information into the app.
  • Reconnect your lock to your Wi-Fi network. If it is still not connecting, you can try the following: here Learn more about troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection problems with Schlage Encode.
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    What’s More About the Schlage Encode Smart Lock?

    Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt’s big selling point is its built-in Wi Fi. Yes, the built-in Wi-Fi is a unique feature in Schlage Encode—allows users to connect directly to smart home systems without a third-party hub. This smart lock has more! Let’s take a closer look:

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    1. Compatible with Voice Assistant Devices

    If you’re looking for a smart lock that lets you lock and unlock it through voice commands, Schlage Encode is one of those that tick all the boxes.

    There’s even more, connecting your Schlage Connect to voice assistant devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant lets you view your lock’s activity, set user codes, and receive notification alerts via the app installed on your phone.

    Yes, Schlage Encode works with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can control your lock from far away using the apps on your smartphone.

    2. Works with Key by Amazon

    Key by Amazon This third-party app is compatible with Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi lock.

    Once paired successfully, you can monitor and control the door using the Key app and assign temporary or permanent access for family members, friends, and others.

    3. Works with Ring Alarm Home Security System 

    A great way to increase security is to integrate your front door lock and the Ring Alarm Security system. But you need to have a smart lock compatible with RingSchlage Encode is one such.

    However, Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt doesn’t connect directly to Ring but via Key by Amazon. Through the Key Amazon App allows you to integrate your Schlage Encode lock and the Ring Alarm system.

    • Monitoring in real time
    • Security alerts
    • The Ring app allows you to lock and unlock your doors
    • Before granting access, verify guest identity using the Ring Video Doorbell.
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    Schlage Encode works in conjunction with Ring Alarm via Key Amazon.

    4. Advanced Security

    Security is the main reason you want a lock. You need a secure smart lock.

    Schlage Encode Smart Wi Fi Deadbolt is equipped with top security features, such as an alarm that detects security threats at the lock, and a capacitive touchscreen that prevents fingerprint retention.

    It is also anti-picking and bump-proof, making it an ideal candidate for front doors.

    5. Keyless and Keyless Entry

    Schlage Encode gives you multiple ways to unlock your door without having to use a key. These include Schlage Home app, access codes, and third-party applications like Key by Amazon Google Assistant.

    You can also switch to a key lock if you wish. The lock has a keyhole which allows you to lock or unlock it with a physical keys.

    Similar Question

    Why is My Schlage Code Battery Draining Quickly

    If you’ve used Bluetooth or ZWave-based smartlocks before, you might notice a significant difference. battery usage—compared to Wi-Fi-based smart locks.

    Wi-Fi-based smart lock batteries use more power than normal.

    These could be the reason why your Schlage Encode batteries are draining so quickly.

    Weak Wi-Fi Signals

    Schlage Encode comes with Wi-Fi built-in, so it will always be connected to your network. A weak or obstructed Wi Fi signal can cause your lock to search for and reconnect to your network frequently, which can reduce its performance.

    You should not disconnect your lock network from your computer

    Your lock may continue searching for a signal if you don’t disconnect it from your network after turning off your home Wi-Fi. This could put pressure on the battery, which can reduce its life.

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    If your lock’s battery life is affected by weak Wi-Fi signals, here’s how you can improve it:

    • Locate your router near your lock to strengthen Wi-Fi signals
    • After turning off your Wi-Fi at home, disconnect your lock.
    • Get a Wi-Fi extender to improve your signal’s strength.

    Find out more about troubleshooting battery issues in Schlage Encode.

    Final words

    Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi lock is one of Schlage’s best models and comes equipped with several exciting features.

    As you can see, the lock has a built-in Wi-Fi, meaning it doesn’t need a smart hub to pair with your smartphone and other Wi-Fi-based systems—for remote access.

    It can function with and without Wi-Fi as it’s designed to work with access codes and a physical key too.

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