Camp Chef vs Traeger – Which Pellet Grill is Better?

Whether you’re planning to smoke a turkey or grill the briskets, choosing a good pellet grill Priority should be your top concern. Serious BBQ fans know the value in a well-smoked meal. A little too much cooking can quickly ruin the original taste of your food.

That’s why choosing the best pellet grill It is essential.

So if you find yourself confused between the two giants of the pellet grill industry – Traeger vs Camp Chef – this article will give you all the reality checks you need.

You need to know all you can about a pellet grill, from its best features to specifications to its downsides.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill vs Traeger Pellet Grill

We have chosen two of the best models from each company to start the Traeger-vs Camp Chef battle. Traeger Pro Series 575 And Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI SmokePro SG. 

First, let’s have a look at both models’ specifications.

Camp Chef 24 in WIFI SmokeProSG 

The Camp Chef SmokePRO SG 24 used to have WiFi, but it had fewer modern features. The newer model has a Gen 2 WIFI Controller, which makes it easier to manage your smoke.

You will first need to download the Camp Chef app for your smartphone. It allows you to manage, control, and even set timesrs without having to babysit your grill.

Camp Chef’s pellet grills are always user-friendly, and this particular model comes with an easy-to-use menu dial.

Apart from that, you’ll find a PID controller that automatically maintains the cooking temperature of 2 meat probes.

What’s best in this model is its efficient Ash Cleanout System, which eliminates all the vacuuming needs. So when you’re done smoking the brisketsTo empty the ashes, simply switch the grill to Shutdown.

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Temperature-wise, this model stands out with a minimum of 160º F (71°C) for smoking and a maximum of 500ºF (260°C) for grilling.

The SmokePro SG also gives you an 811 sq.ft. total cooking surface. in. and a direct flame grilling experience of 650°F with the Slide and Grill Technology.

Key Specifications

  • A total cooking surface of 811 sq. in. It consists of an upper and a lower rack.
  • There is a total chamber capacity of 4,850 cubic inches. With a hopper weight of 22 lbs. of pellets.
  • 42 in overall height and weight respectively, and 150 lbs.
  • It’s compatible with side attachments and comes with 2 meat probes, a warming rack, and a side shelf.
  • An adjustable smoke setting starting from 1 to 10, and a temperature range of 160º F – 500º F, which is way higher than its vertical smokers.
  • WiFi control, high visibility, and low-glare digital displays.
  • Grilling is easier than ever with the efficient Ash-Cleanout system
  • 3-year warranty

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Traeger Pro Series 575

Just like Camp Chef’s SmokePro SG, the Traeger Pro Series 575 also allows you to connect, monitor, and adjust your grill from the Traeger app. WiFIRE technology was first introduced by Camp Chef in 1996 by Traeger.

Traeger’s model, in particular, uses a powerful D2 Drive for precise temperature control to give you the trademark wood-fired taste, just like their wood pellets.

This palette grill heats up super-fast when used in conjunction with TurboTemp.

The Pro 575’s remarkable versatility is what makes it stand out. The Pro 575 grill offers six options to cook, braise, roast, smoke, roast, and barbecue your meal.

The grilling area is 575 sq. You can grill your entire family on 575 sq. smoked turkey Enjoy this Thanksgiving.

Like Camp Chef, the Traeger Pro Series 575 also uses a dial to adjust the temperature within the maximum 500º F (260°C).

Key Specifications

  • Grilling area total of 575 sq. In., which includes an upper and lower rack that can easily accommodate 24 burgers or 5 rib racks or 4 chickens.
  • A total pellet hopper weight of 124 lbs and a capacity of 18 lbs each.
  • A temperature control system of maximum 500º F.
  • It includes WiFIRE connectivity, grill cover, and 2 signature blended pellets bags.
  • 3-year warranty
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Camp Chef vs Traeger, Which Is Best?

We will judge the two grills based on 6 factors. Camp Chef pellet grill reviews And Traeger pellet grill reviews.

So let’s begin with the one-on-one.

The Temperature Control System

Traeger Pro Series 575 has been subject to a variety of customer complaints over the years.

The Pro WiFire Controller was meant to keep the temperature swings in control while holding a +/- 10º F temperature, but it failed to do so.

Camp Chef, on the other side, has received a lot of appreciation from customers for its temperature control system.

Their controllers hold a temperature of +/- 5º F, and the pellet grills come with the Smart Smoke Technology. This feature regulates the temperature and maintains smoke production seamlessly.

Both models eliminate the need to purchase a smoker thermometerTraeger may be close behind, but Camp Chef is definitely ahead of Traeger. Smart Smoke Technology deserves all the credit!

The Cleaning System

The head-tohead score for Traeger and Camp Chef remains the same, since both pellet grills have effective ash cleanout systems.

If you’re someone who considers the messiness of the pellet grills a huge turn-off, you’ve got two pellet grills with the best cleanout systems to pick between.

You just need to pull a lever and the grill will empty all waste from the bottom. This can then be cleaned easily.

The Pellet Hopper Capacity

The Camp Chef model stands at 22 lbs pellet hopper capacity, while the Traeger’s has an 18 lbs capacity. This definitely gives the Camp Chef another lead, but we can’t ignore the magic of Traeger’s new Pro D2 Direct Drive.

So what’s the new feature? Actually, the Pro D2 Direct Drive and the Turbotemp feature can heat the grill faster.

The lid can be left open, but it will increase the pellet count. Well, it comes to the point where you’ve to see what you need.

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Where the Camp Chef’s hopper capacity is the perfect choice for a big family get-together, the Traeger’s Pro D2 Direct Drive compensates for the 4 lbs it lacks.


The warranty on both pellet grills is 3-years.


You have a lot of options for people who love good looks. Both models are very similar in design. The Taeger Pro 575 is available in two colors: black and bronze.

WiFi and App

Technology-wise, Traeger Pro575 had a clear advantage over Camp Chef SmokePro SG a few year ago. The Camp Chef has now integrated a WiFi system into their pellet grills.

Both models can be used by using applications from your couch.

However, Traeger’s app has an edge in the form of cooking guides with over 1,500 recipes.

Customers are complaining about the temperature fluctuations in Traeger grills, even though WiFi technology has made life easier.

This round ends in a tie.

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Final Thoughts

Camp Chef might not have been your priority a few years ago; the SmokePro SG has indeed proved the company’s worth.

On Traeger’s Pro 575 model has helped to regain its reputation. Besides, it’s easy to resolve Trager pellet grills problems These are the complaints.

Both models are, in general, the best. best pellet smoker under $1000.

However, if you’re low on budget, both companies have economical pellet grill under $500 Also, You can also look into other brands such Z Grills, Rec Teq, Pit Boss.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience at the barbecue with the pellet gas grill of your choice.

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