5 Button Making Supplies List For 2022

For those who don’t hold a strong interest in garments or crafting, buttons may seem like a mundane component in the attire. They may not consider the impact of other parts of the outfit such as its fabric, patterns, or cuts.

Buttons are a powerful tool for those who are meticulous and have a keen eye to detail. These pieces may be small in size but their presence can enhance an outfit’s appeal by several degrees.

So if you are not getting the right button for your clothing project anywhere, maybe it’s time to make some of your own? Let us help you get started by providing a complete button making supplies list!

Button Making Supplies and Their Uses

1. Cutters or Hole Punch

Once you have your design printed on paper, you will need a cutter or hole punching tool to move on to the next step.

A hole punch can be described as a compact, handheld tool. used for cutting out designs for smaller buttons sized at ¼ to 1 inch.

You can find cutters in many sizes and shapes to suit your creativity. They are available in three common shapes: triangular, circular, and rectangular.

Their structures are also varied, which is why they come in different price points. The more expensive ones are heavier, but they also work more efficiently. The less expensive ones can save you money but require more effort. If you are new to all of these, it would be wiser to choose the less expensive one.


This is necessary to be able to cut the printed designs accurately and efficiently. You can complete the cutting step carefully is very important Since any extra space will be visible on the button and ruin its appeal,

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The hole punch tool is easy to use and allows you to cut many buttons at once. You can also make multiple buttons at once. They are usually more costly than cutters. They are often used by DIYers to make larger buttons or badges.

2. Shells

These shells will be what your customers see when the fabric is sewn in.

There might be many other types of components for the button’s most prominent component.

The most popular option is the metal shells that have a pin-back. These shells are ideal for enthusiasts just beginning to master this process.

They are available in many sizes, from less than 1 inch to 3.5 inches. You can get them in bulk so that you don’t run out of the materials too fast. You can get 500-5000 pieces in a pack of shells!

Shell buttons can also be made from metal, but they may also come in shells or other high-end materials, such as pearl. Its name comes from the ancient times when shells were carved into buttons. These shells would be made from trochus, trochus, mussels, and other genuine sea-based animals.


This is the surface that they notice when they look at the accessory or outfit. It will usually have a polished surface to draw potential customers to its design or glamour in no time.

3. Mylar

Most DIYers think of Mylar as a transparent polyester sheet that keeps the button shiny. It is actually the name of a particular brand DuPont Teijin Films produces such sheets. The sheets are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET.

Because of its popularity and high demand, the brand name Mylar has become synonymous to the material! Mylar is often listed as one of the key components of a product. button making supply kit.

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Without the Mylar layer, all your buttons will look dull and lose their charm. Before pressing the button, you will need to cover the button’s front shell with the Mylar layer. This way, the thin Mylar sheet will be applied right over the button’s surface as soon as it is done.

This sheet makes buttons more attractive and protects them from damage. It is also protected from weather damage by the durable plastic material. This allows you to upgrade both the appearance and function of your product.

4. Collets

Collets are the hollow frame-like structures which hold one or both of your buttons in place. These pieces, like the shells can be made of any material. The most common material is metal because they are extremely durable.

Because the collets are applied around the edges of each shell shell, they must be the right size to fit those shells. You will find them in different sizes. The most common one measures around an inch.

Since circular buttons are the most common choice, most collets are shaped like rings. There are many other shapes that you can choose from, however. meet your creative needs.


To make buttons, you will need to use collets. This component binds together the front and back shells. These collets keep the two pieces of your button together and all other parts in the right place. Because of collets, you don’t see the buttons falling apart from your clothing too often.

Locking Tools

These tools can vary depending on your project needs or preferences. There are many ways to fasten buttons, including adhesive magnets and long prong backs.

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All of these options offer different styling possibilities and aesthetic values to both the wearer as well as the seamstress. You can increase your customer base by allowing them to choose their preferred mechanism from the many.


The name implies that locking tools lock your buttons at the correct place on the garment. For outfits that need to connect two parts, they can also be used for the button-down function.


It’s fun to create buttons with your own designs! You don’t have to wait for another company or individual to provide you with these anymore. You have both the freedom to be creative and the control of the entire process.

You can therefore experiment more with your ideas See which one is the most effective!

We hope you find our comprehensive list with button making supplies helpful in deciding which components to purchase for your first DIY project.

Make sure to use a reliable software to create a digital version. To ensure smooth sailing for your project, it is essential to print them beforehand. crafting adventure!

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