The Best Knife for Slicing Brisket for 2022 Reviews

Ever wonder how a skilled chef creates a delicious dish? You may be partially correct if you think it is all about the right ingredients. The other part of the answer says It is important to cut, trim and slice your meat correctly in order to get there.

It is important to choose the right knife for your task. Most people spend too much time searching for the right knife. This article is intended to provide some guidance. best knife for slicing brisket The best knife for trimming brisket.

The Best Knife to Slice Brisket in 2022 Reviews

We have listed the best knives to use for slicing brisket as well as the best for trimming it. This will make your job easy and painless.

1. Best Overall: Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, Granton Blade (12 Inch)

Victorinox Swiss Arm Cutlery Fibrox PRO Slicing Knife Granton Blade, 12-Inch

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Victorinox Slicing Knife is our top pick for slicing the brisket. This pick is the best if you don’t want to injure yourself while cutting the brisket.


Ensuring your hands don’t get injured, this knife comes with a rounded tip. The knife’s sharp, pointed edge cuts meat perfectly without any extra effort.

You can use it because of its long, smooth blade. cut your brisket It takes only one motion. It’s a Granton blade, which minimizes surface friction by creating air pockets to efficiently separate the meat. The lightweight blade does not put strain on your hand and allows for you to cut, trim, and slice whatever you like.

The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, which allows for uniform and smaller slices. With its smooth movement, it is easy to slice any kind of meat.

This knife is great for any type of meat, whether it’s hard, chewy, or soft. The Granton blade helps reduce the likelihood of meat sticking. You can continue to slice without having to clean your knife again.

Fibrox Pro handles are also included to ensure a comfortable grip. The ergonomic handle is strong enough to hold the knife in place even with sweaty hands. The handle not only provides a firm grip, but also keeps you in balance while cutting or slicing.

The blade measures 12 inches in length and meets the standards set forth by the National Sanitation Foundation, or NSF. This knife is a safe product that you can trust. Victorinox knives are a great choice if you want a knife that will last a lifetime.


The package contains a Victorinox Swiss Army cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing knife with dimensions of almost 17.x1x0.8 inches. The knife weighs approximately one pound.


  • You can even cut and slice your fruits and veggies
  • This knife works well on ribs
  • The product is also affordable


  • To maintain its quality, you will need to keep its edges sharpened frequently


Victorinox Swiss Army Slicing Knife is the best choice if you’re looking for a great slicing tool at a reasonable price. The product is a top pick because of its fast cutting speed and sturdy handle.


2. Runner Up – Mercer Culinary M13914 Millennia Granton Edge Slicer, 14-Inch, Black

Mercer Culinary M13914 Millennia Granton Edge Slicer, 14-Inch, Black

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Mercer’s Culinary Slicer ranks second on our list. This slicer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality slicer at a low price. These are its features:


Its ergonomic handle ensures that you can hold the knife tightly even when your hands get wet. So, you won’t have to worry about keeping your palms dry every time. The knife’s handle provides a firm hold and makes it durable.

The knife’s sleek and lightweight design makes it easy for you to use and maneuver. You don’t have any concerns about inflicting injury or suffering from the runner-up. The sharp blade cuts meat and briskets in a simple and efficient manner. This product can be used to cut thin slices.

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The finger inlets, which are textured, resist slippage and fall. You will be safe while cutting and slicing meats and brisket thanks to its finger guards.  Its Japanese stainless steel blade increases speed and efficiency. So you can enjoy smooth, precise cutting.

Because of its thin handle, the knife is easy-to-clean, easy-to-hold, and easy to use.

You want to sharpen the edge of your product? Well, it’s very easy in this product due to its high carbon blade. The high carbon blade is compliant with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. This means that you can buy the product instantly without thinking twice.

Additionally, the Japanese-made blade resists corrosion, rust, and discoloration.


The Granton Edge Knife from Mercer will be found in the box. It measures 22 x 1 x 4. The product weighs in at 8.8 ounces. You can also get it in stunning black colours.


  • This knife can be used to cut any kind of meat, hard or soft.
  • Knife-cover is included, so you won’t have to look for them separately
  • Its textured bolster keeps you fingers safe


  • This knife is not recommended for cutting nori and sushi with.
  • The product has a limited life expectancy


You want a stylish and sleek slicer to serve your brisket. Here’s what you can do. Mercer Culinary Slicer makes it easy to slice any kind of meat without causing injury to your fingers.


3. Best Budget – Dexter-Russell SaniSafe Scalloped Roast Slicer Carbon Steel Blade, 12-Inch

Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer, Carbon Steel Blade, 12-Inch

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Are you looking for a high-quality product with a low price? Then why don’t you go for Dexter-Russel Slicer? This product ranks third on our list. It is the best knife for cutting brisket and the best knife for trimming it. This is what the product has to offer:


This knife is the same size as a scalloped cutter and is easy to hold and use. The knife’s high-carbon blade, made of polypropylene, is resistant to corrosion and rust. Its body is also made of zero percent recycled material. It is therefore safe to use.

Its serrated blade is what makes it stand out from other knives. The serrated blade allows for perfect cuts in a single pass. These serrations allow for perfect slicing of meat. This allows you to cut even the most difficult meats with ease.

The body measures 12 inches in length and is easy to use. Because it is so easy to maneuver, even beginners can use this product. Its textured handle allows you to grip it securely while cutting and slicing brisket. This knife is ideal for beginners due to its slip resistance and easy-to-clean handle.

The handle is made of polypropylene and can withstand extreme temperatures. High temperatures will not cause deformation of the handles.


This product includes one DexterRussell slicer. This knife measures almost 18x3x1.2 inches. It weighs in at six ounces. The slicer comes in a stylish silver color.


  • Its sharp blade can even trim the leather
  • It has the ideal thickness to provide rigidity and flexibility.
  • Its serrated blade makes it ideal for creating uniform slices


  • The serrated blade makes sharpening this knife easy.


This slicer is great for those who are on a tight budget or those just starting to cook. It cuts clean, perfect slices from any type of meat. The scalloped blade is also a unique type.

4. Best Knife For Trimming Brisket – Dexter-Russell 6PCP Boning Knife 1 – Pack, WHITE

Dexter-Russell S131F-6PCP Boning Knife,

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You can now forget about all your worries about trimming brisket. The Dexter-Russell boning knives make it easy to trim brisket or other meats. This pick will give your food a professional and elegant look. This is what the knife can do for you:


This product is sure to become your favorite kitchen friend due to its unique design and stunning white color. The curved blade makes it easy to use. You can use this knife to cut any type of meat or vegetable.  You can also hold the knife with ease thanks to its grip-tex handle.

It is also easy to clean. The knife’s sealed handle allows for easy cleaning. Its high-carbon carbon blade keeps rust and corrosion away from the knife. Its six-inch blade is durable and helps maintain the balance of your hand when trimming or cutting.

Its long, smooth, and curved blade allows for sharp cuts. This design allows the blade to cleanly debone the meat. The handle is made of a material that seals out bacteria. It keeps meat fresh and hygienic.

This knife is a must-have in any kitchen. It makes it easy to fillet fish, debone meats, and peel the skin. The knife’s sharp, curved blade allows you to quickly cut through any kind of meat. It can remove any fat or bony parts of your meat. It ensures you have fresh, juicy meat and brisket.

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One Dexter-Russell boning knives weighing in at around four ounces is included in the packet. It measures 11 x 3x 1 inch. The product is also available in white.


  • You have complete control thanks to the flexible design of this knife
  • The knife can also be used to remove silver skin
  • It can be used to trim ribs


  • This knife’s sharp edges can cause you to be cautious.


The Dexter Russell boning knife makes it easy and fun to work with fish fillets, bones, and even ribs. It can quickly trim and clean any type of meat. This product is worth your time so give it a chance.


5. Best Knife For Carving Brisket – DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife – 12″

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife – 12″ Granton Edge – Shogun Series – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Damascus – Vacuum Treated – Sheath

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Our next pick for the best knife for carving brisket is Dalstrong’s slicing carving knife. The 12 inch Granton blade is a great tool to use when carving brisket. This article will provide you with all the information you need about the other features of this product.


You want the best efficiency possible? Dalstrong is here to help. The blade is made of 67 layers complete steel. It can be used for any kind of meat in your refrigerator. The Japanese super steel is both stainless and resistant to corrosion. It adds life to the product. It can also slice turkey, salmon, roast, and ham with its Japanese blade of 0.2mm thickness.

You can reduce the risk of tearing and waste by using its double bevel edges, which range from 8 to 12 degrees. You can also cut uniform slices with the sharp blade, and all this in one stroke. This knife is great for both chefs and beginners.

This knife is not only great for meat but can also be used to cut any type of vegetable or fruit. This product is produced in 60 days by manufacturers. It is made using the most advanced techniques.

Its handle is made from fiberglass resin, which allows you to fully control the knife. The knife’s edge retention feature of 62 plus allows you to cut deeper and more deeply. This allows you to easily work with any type or meat.

The Granton blade eliminates friction between meats and knives. It increases the blade’s efficiency. The tapered handle gives you maximum control over your meat or vegetable. It protects your finger and provides a comfortable grip for the knife.


One Dalstrong slicer will be included in the package. It measures 20 x 3x 1 inches. The product is approximately 9.9 ounces in weight.


  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee
  • The G-10 handle can withstand any heat or temperature change.
  • The knife is strong thanks to its 67 layers of blade.


  • This knife can’t be sharpened by an electric sharpener


This trimmer from Dalstrong is essential for professional chefs. It delivers smooth and efficient results. This product is sure to become your favorite trimmer thanks to its high-end manufacturing technology.


6. Best Electric Knife For Carving Brisket – Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

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When you are using most of the electric appliances in your kitchen then why don’t you think to upgrade your cutlery as well? If you haven’t already, you should. We have chosen one such product to help you. That is Cuisinart’s electric knife. This is what this product can do for you:


Cuisinart’s knife comes with two blades to increase versatility. One blade lets you carve briskets, and meat. The other blade makes it easy to cut bread.

The butcher block tray is a unique feature of this product. When you’re not using your motor or blades, you can place them in the tray. The ergonomic handle allows you to hold the motor securely so you have complete control.

The one-touch trigger that turns on and off makes it easy to quickly cut your stuff. The product also comes with a safety lock to protect your hands from injury.

This knife has a bread blade that can be used to cut small, clean bread slices. The carving blade is for professional results.


This package includes two electric blades made of stainless steel. You will also find a powerful motor. The product is approximately three pounds in weight.


  • Limited warranty for three years
  • It is versatile and safe to use
  • Two blades can add life to your product


  • It is difficult to sharpen serrated blades


This electric knife is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a kitchen knife. This knife will not disappoint you with its sharp and powerful technology.


7. Best Knife For The Professional Chef – Victorinox 10 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife

Victorinox 10 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife

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Our next pick for a professional chef’s knife is from Victorinox. This 10-inch Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife is suitable for all of your cutting chores. This is what this product can offer:


This multipurpose knife can be used for cutting, slicing and trimming. The laser-tested blade is sharp and can be used to cut or slice meat at a precise angle. Fibrox Pro handle features a textured body that provides maximum grip.

The ergonomic design of the handle ensures a comfortable grip while cutting and chopping. The blade is 10 inches long and can be used for any purpose, including slicing, cutting, chopping, and dicing. This product is great for daily cutting and mincing, even if your are a home chef.

You can now easily cut and mince any kind of meat or watermelon with a Victorinox kitchen knife. You can effortlessly and effortlessly maneuver the knife across any kind of meat or other fruit thanks to its plastic-made bolster.


The package contains one Victorinox knife. The product weighs around eight ounces.


  • Multipurpose knife
  • Textured body provides better grip
  • The product is dishwasher-safe


  • Blade isn’t dishwasher safe, needs hand washing


This knife is able to do everything, from mincing to slicing to trimming to dicing. This knife will make your life easier.


8. Best Electric Knife Sharpener – Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Straightener

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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Our last pick for the best knife to use for trimming isn’t a knife. Instead, we have chosen a sharpener for our last item. Here’s what this sharpener can do for you:


The three-stage sharpening process of this electric knife sharpener produces excellent results. You can adjust any blade with the blade selector.

Simply adjust the thickness to change the level of sharpening according to the blades. Select thick for hunting knives. To sharpen standard and chef’s knives, choose medium. For lighter blades, choose thin.

A three-year warranty is another positive.


The package contains one electric sharpener. The product weighs in at almost five pounds.


  • You can adjust the sharpening angles to meet your needs
  • You will get effortless sharpening results
  • Ideal for standard and chef’s knives


  • This product is not suitable for serrated knives


Presto’s electric sharpener is the answer to your problems. It is a Sone stop solution for all your trimming and cutting problems.

How to Cut a Brisket the Right Way

Why do I need a knife for cutting brisket?

Are you tired looking at your briskets with unprofessional edges? You might want to reconsider. You may be using the wrong cutlery for slicing the brisket.

The right knife is essential for trimming and slicing meat dishes. You can enjoy a uniform cut and even slices of your brisket with a slicer or trimming knife so you can enjoy your BBQ.


Manual Knife or Electric Knife – Which is the better?

With everything getting better, why don’t you upgrade your manual knife to an electrical knife? There are many electrical knives available.

Before you buy one, however, you should research which one is the best for you. You can have complete control of the angle with a manual knife. An electrical knife allows for very limited control.

If we were to compare the speeds of both knives, then an electric knife promises great results while a manual knife might require some improvement in slicing speed.

Thus, it is up to you which trait is important for you – speed or controlling angle.


Slicing Knife vs Carving Knife

A carving knife is thicker and has a stiffer blade that gives you more control over cutting angles. It features a pointed curved tip and can debone poultry perfectly.

On On the other side, a slicing knives is long and has a straight blade. With its pointed tip and blunt edge, it allows you to slice large chunks of meat on a board.

A slicing knife is best for cutting large chunks of meat. A carving knife is a better choice if you are looking to remove bone from meat.



Our top 8 picks for the best knife for slicing brisket The best knife for trimming brisket These are the items you will find in this guide. You can now choose the right item to suit your needs. This guide offers a wide range of options for you.

All electric and manual, straight or serrated. Different types of trimming and cutting knives You are here. Don’t waste time looking for more products. You can simply grab any product from the guide to make your job easier.

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