The 10 Best Weiser Door Locks

It is not a good idea to live in a home without a door or locking system. It is vital to have both these elements in order to feel safe and secure in your home. But then, you need a reliable lock that guarantees your home’s safety, especially when you’re away. If you’re considering getting Weiser door locks but not sure which ones are the best, this article points you to the best Weiser locks on the market.

How did we find the best? We did extensive research to find the best. This included safety certification, bump resistance, pick resistant, SmartKey security, and other important security features. We also took into account consumer reviews to determine whether past/current customers are satisfied with these products.

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current Weiser lock to a more recent model, or want to get it for the first time, you do find a suitable one from our top picks. This includes smart locks, passage lever locks, and dummy buttons that may suit your needs.

First, let’s take a quick look at some of our top picks.

Here’s a list of the best Weiser door locks:



Weiser Lock GED1460X 3BR SMT MS RLR2 Powerbolt Electronic Deadbolt

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Weiser Lock GAC531B26D WS6LR1 Beverly Entry Knob

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Weiser Lock GA101 P 15 MS 6LR1 Phoenix Passage Knob

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Weiser Lock GLA331 TC11P B 6LS1R1 Toluca Privacy Lever

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GDC9471 3BR K3 RLR2 MS Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

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GAC331 Yukon Privacy Knob Y15 MS 6LR1

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Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Lock with Touchscreen

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GLA101 A15 MS 6LR1 Aspen Pass Lever

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Weiser GD9471 26D Welcoming Home Series SGL Cyl Heavy Duty Deadbolt

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Weiser Lock GA12 P11P MS Phoenix Dummy Knob

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Top-Rated Weiser Door Locks — Reviews

1. Weiser Lock GED1460X 3BR SMT MS RLR2 Powerbolt Electronic Deadbolt

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The exterior panel of the Weiser Powerbolt Electronic Deadbolt features a keyhole that allows you to use a physical key as well as the 6-button keypad. You can choose to use either one or both of the entry methods. Dual access allows you to quickly switch between them if one fails. You might use it in low battery situations or when you lose your keys.

It is easy to use and secure. Smartkey technology is used to unlock the lock and allow you to change the key yourself.

This lock works with most front and rear entry doors. It can be installed on residential doors with 2 3 4 inches or 2 3 8 inches’ backsets, though the installation may require a little bit of door modification to make the hardware fit properly.

2. Weiser Lock GAC531B26D WS6LR1 Beverly Entry Knob

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If you’re looking for Weiser keyed door knobs at a reasonable price, you want to check out the Weiser Beverly Entry Knob. The exterior and interior handles have keyways. The interior has a turnpiece.

This lock can fit on any standard door. It provides a decent level protection, and the satin chrome finish matches most door designs. This knob is simple but functional if you need privacy in your bedrooms, bathrooms and other parts of your home. Note that it’s not a secured option for exterior doors.

3. Weiser Lock GA101 P 15 MS 6LR1 Phoenix Passage Knob

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The Weiser Phoenix passage knob can be used on closets, hallways, and any other doors that don’t require locking. To gain entry, you must turn the knob from either direction. The passage knob is compatible with standard doors. Its satin nickel finish looks great on most residential door finishes.

This lock is durable and offers great value for money.

4. Weiser Lock GLA331 TC11P B 6LS1R1 Toluca Privacy Lever

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The Weiser Toluca Privacy Lock is a lever lock that can replace residential privacy knobs. You can turn the lever handle to enter or exit your door from either of the sides.

It has a turn-piece on the inside that locks the lock. This prevents uninformed entry by members of your household.

This lever lock can be used on standard prepared doors. However, be sure to choose the right option for your right-handed or left-handed door.

This lock is very durable and resistant to break-in attempts. It is ANSI/BHMA rated 2 which demonstrates its quality in finish, strength, endurance, and durability. This lever lock can also be used on bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. GDC9471 3BR K3 RLR2 MS Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

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A deadbolt provides simple installation and operation, and it’s a longstanding option for securing exterior doors. It is a single-cylinder deadbolt that only requires physical key access. A turn piece on its interior allows for control of the lock.

Smart Key technology allows you to rekey the lock yourself in the event of losing keys.

More so, the lock comes in a brass finish that adds to your doorway or overall home décor. It can be used on most standard residential doors.

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6. GAC331 Yukon Privacy Knob Y15 MS 6LR1

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Do you need sturdy knobs to secure your privacy door? This Weiser Privacy Knob might be the right choice. The lock is designed for  interior doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms. You can control the lock by turning the knob on each side. A physical key can be used on the exterior.

The door knob can be mounted on most standard doors and has an adjustable bracket that can adjust from 2-3/8 inches to 2-3/4 inches. The Weiser Yukon Privacy Knob is a useful and affordable option for those who need a basic privacy door knob to provide controlled access.

7. Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Lock with Touchscreen

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If you’re looking for a Weiser smart lock, you want to consider this Premis Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt. It comes with numerous smart functions and is primarily made by Kwikset. The lock has an exterior touchscreen that is backlit and stores entry codes as well as a keyway to a mechanical key. There is also a turn-piece on the interior.

More so, the lock is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, which lets you connect it with other smart systems around your home, including Siri and Apple TV. The remote functions can be controlled remotely from your Apple TV, and it will connect to your Apple TV. You should disable your Apple TV’s sleep mode to avoid losing the remote functions unexpectedly.

This smart lock also includes a Kwikset Premis iOS application that allows remote control and monitoring of the lock’s status. This smart lock is not compatible for Android operating systems.

The lock can be used on doors between 1-3/8 inch and 2 inches thick. This lock is ideal for exterior doors.

8. GLA101 A15 MS 6LR1 Aspen Pass Lever

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The Weiser Aspen Pass Lever might be an option if you need to replace one of your interior passages levers. Its nickel finish (though not the most vibrant) will complement most interior doors  décor. The passage lever lock is usable on closets, hallways, and other parts of a home where a lock isn’t required.

The lever handle on both ends makes it ideal for people with less agility. The lock includes an adjustable bracket measuring 2-3/8 inches or 2-3/4 inch that will fit most standard doors.

9. Weiser GD9471 26D Welcoming Home Series SGL Cyl Heavy Duty Deadbolt

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This Weiser Deadbolt is one piece in the Weiser’s Welcome Home Series you can use to secure residential entryways.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly door lock—ease of installation and operation, this deadbolt may be an ideal option. This deadbolt is a single-cylinder, single-cylinder deadbolt. The lock has a keyway that only works on the exterior. A turn piece allows you to operate the lock from the inside.

You don’t need to modify your doors as the lock fits most standard doors.

10. Weiser Lock GA12 P11P MS Phoenix Dummy Knob

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The Weiser Phoneix Dummy Knob can be used as a simple, yet effective, knob. It is useful on interior doors where knob lock isn’t really needed but required for decorative function or for something to hold onto. The Venetian bronze makes it ideal for everyday use as it won’t show signs of wear quickly.

This dummy knob fits perfectly for cabinets and other appliances that do not require a latch to open, but only a pull. The lock can be installed in minutes for most doors. Installation is simple and easy to do yourself.

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FAQs About Weiser Door Locks

Who makes Weiser locks

The Black & Decker Corporation is the maker of Weiser locks. In 2003, they purchased Weiser from Masco Building Products Corporation. Black & Decker also produce and market other products such as power tools, lawn equipment, and garden accessories.

Are Weiser locks good?

Weiser is a trusted door hardware brand. The brand is well-known for making high-quality residential locks. They recently upgraded their standard pin-and tumbler lock design to the SmartKey technology that allows homeowners and businesses to rekey their locks. This feature also protects against lock bumping or other break-in methods.

Are Kwikset keys compatible with Weiser keys?

Kwikset keys can be made to fit Weiser locks. This makes them compatible. But this action is not vice versa—Weiser keys do not fit Kwikset.

However, both Kwikset and Weiser are operated by the same company—Black & Decker, so there’s a high chance that most locks/keys can be compatible, perhaps not now but in the future.

Can locks from Weiser be rekeyed

Rekeying Weiser locks is possible. The best part is that you can do it yourself. You can rekey Weiser locks that have SmartKey technology in a matter of minutes. SmartKey technology allows for easy rekeying.

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You can find smart Weiser knobs, levers, and locks depending on your needs. They can be used on exterior doors as well as entry doors. However, it is important to verify compatibility before purchasing. This is to ensure that you don’t use an interior lock on a front door. Front doors require strong locks. We have selected Weiser locks that work well for this purpose. entry locks They also include interior doors.

You should also ensure that the installation is done correctly. If you’re not sure how to accurately get it installed, you want to get a locksmith for a smooth installation. Before you buy, make sure it is compatible with your door type.

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