The Best TPU Filament | Top 8 Picks for 2022

Because they are extremely compressible and can withstand a lot of pressure, TPU filaments are mainly used on full-fledged 3-D printers. These materials are used in most quality phone cases and stress toys.

Thermoplastic polyurethane can be used to make 3D-printed materials. However, it is not recommended. Best TPU filament This will ensure greater integrity of the components.

These are some of the best products for using a 3D printer properly. They will also offer high-quality customization and greater resistance to shock impact.



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Filament for the PRILINE TPU-1KG 1.75 3-D Printer


5 out of 5

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NovaMaker TPU Filament


5 out of 5

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Overture TPU Filament


4.5 out 5

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SainSmart Flexible TPU


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Our 8 Top TPU Filaments in 2022

You might assume that all TPU filaments must be identical. Well, that’s not entirely the case. Let us show you around, and you’ll notice the difference in them without a doubt:

1. Filament for the PRILINE TPU-1KG 1.75 3-D Printer

The best thing about PRILINE TPU filament is that there are many color options. You can get any color you like from them.

They are also well-known for their high quality TPU. This is an excellent choice when you need to build something robust and intricate. They will always be strong, regardless of their size.

One spool of this material weighs approximately 1.20 pounds. So, in the case of larger projects, this single spool is more than enough; you won’t have to buy extras.

If we want to go more into the spool’s details, then the diameter is about 1.75 mm while the size is about 7.87-inches. The Spool hub hole measures 2.83 inches.

The primary printing temperature required for this product is about 190-210°C, while the base plate temperature needs to be about 50°C. You can have better control over how the items form by using this classification.

This product’s best feature is the rubberized surface. You can make repeated movements with more flexibility, and you can go on for longer without cracking.

If you are looking for a softer material that can handle more force and keep their form in all situations, you might consider this.


  • Great for big projects.
  • Material of high integrity.
  • Flexible functionality.
  • Perfect for repeated movements
  • Elastic rubber-like material


  • There is a slight wrinkle.
  • It is not easy to handle the first time you use it.

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2. NovaMaker TPU Filament 3D Printer

This product is for you if you are looking for a product with all the great features you would expect from a TPU filament. 3D TPU filament It all, in one place!

NovaMaker was undoubtedly very specific with their requirements for this item. They ensured that the 3D printing experience is smooth and efficient.

It is hardness-wise, it has a hardness value of about 96A. This makes them great for intricate designs because they can maintain their form even under high pressure.

It will make your projects more resistant to impact and will also allow them to withstand greater shock effects if you plan to create something that can be used in such situations at any time.

We already have the ideal hardness you need; now, it’s time to add flexibility. This filament can be stretched up to three times its original length.

The products made with it will be more flexible and will withstand compression better that other filaments. This is ideal to make shoe insoles, or any other type of footwear.

Additionally, the item is completely free from bubbles which gives you smooth and odorless strips. They are also resistant to warping, which reduces the chance of mistakes or damages.


  • Original is three times stretchier than it is now.
  • Low-odor build.
  • Reduces the likelihood of warping.
  • Ensure ultra-smooth distribution.
  • Accurate diameter measurement.


  • It is possible for color pigmentation to be slightly off.
  • Refraction creates air traps in the filament.

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3. Overture 3D Printer TPU Filament

Overture TPU filament’s color combinations are beautiful and precise. You can create some truly amazing products with these colors.

There are many colors available, and each one is of the highest quality. That’s not all; these are highly stretchable materials, they still won’t lose their pigment accuracy.

This is an interesting fact about these TPU filament for 3D printer They can be used in any desktop setting. You can just create a fantastic product with your home’s comfort since these are very easy to handle.

Because the product has a higher shore hardness, it is ideal for larger projects. It will also ensure greater structural strength. Each layer will be as strong as the last.

The stretchability makes it ideal for bracelets and other stretch-required products. You can stretch them to a great degree without damaging the form.

If you want your items to stick and stay where they were meant to, then bed adhesion is crucial. This is why the high-quality adhesive used in these products is so notable.

Clogging is also a major problem in the nozzlesHowever, the Clog-free Patent on the unit means that you can continue to work as long as you like without any resistance.


  • Stable printing with Overture rolls
  • Amazing for intricate designs.
  • Within 24 hours, it is completely dry.
  • Tangle-free construction.
  • This reduces the chance of snapping.


  • You might notice some yellowing from the intense heat.
  • Interlayer adhesive may be ineffective.

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4. SainSmart Flexible TPU

If you’re looking for a very inexpensive product that gives you some of the best quality filaments for all your endeavors, then this is the one you should consider.

It is a great choice because of its incredible color availability and flexibility. TPU filament to 3D printer. This product will help build the best possible product.

This product is classified in detail with a diameter of 1.75mm and a shore-hardness of 95A. That is about 1.76 pounds every spool, which has a recommended platform temperature of 40-60°C.

The best thing about thermoplastics is their ability to maintain great structural integrity despite being flexible in their applications. You can therefore repeat every step more easily.

Compatibility is quite essential when you’re using a filament for your 3d printer; you need to find the one that will fit right in with the temperature management along with the dispersion nozzle.

This amazing product is perfect for everyone FDM printerThis is the best way to print strong, flexible products from anywhere, including your home.

If you are able to isolate the settings properly, you can easily adjust the temperature rate and customize whatever you build as you wish without having to do extra work.


  • Excellent bed adhesion.
  • Perfect for parts of a watchband or drone.
  • Compatible with most FDM Printers
  • Properly sealed packaging
  • Shore hardness of 95A


  • Packaging can be exposed for moisture.
  • Diameter can lack consistency.

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5. TRONXY 3D printer TPU Filament

This flexible TPU filament is the best on the market. But that’s not the only amazing thing about this product in the case of printing.

Among many other TPU filament is for 3D printing, this one stands out because of this product’s low-odor and low-warp build. It can be used on multiple projects and will perform flawlessly.

This is a common problem with most filaments on the market today. It is due to the extra heat they are exposed to. But you won’t face that problem with the TRONXY TPU.

Being brittle can be quite an issue when you try to print something flexible, but due to this product’s softer texture, you can customize more when it comes to construction.

The unit has an adjustable degradability to ensure that it performs optimally regardless of heat or other conditions.

If you want to ensure that the nozzle distributes evenly, it is important to maintain the diameter. Therefore, due to the unit’s assurance in maintaining a consistent round diameter, you get a very smooth flow.

The vacuum seal is ideal for packaging because the filament must be dry. It can be used right out of the packaging without any problems.


  • Degradable material that has been adjusted to a satisfactory degree.
  • Tolerable to high temperatures
  • Vacuum sealing packaging.
  • No hazardous substances
  • Printing has an optimal softness.


  • Smaller applications are more prone to collapse.
  • Tension on the extruder.

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6. Filament for Eryone 3D Printer

Clear-colored items are best because they can be used in a variety of color combinations.

Another important thing to remember about filaments is that they must be vacuumed properly so that they do not come in contact with moisture. This is important for printing and proper dispersion.

This will enable you to create better components and strengthen your structural integrity. This is important for most projects, as TPU filaments are often used for their constructional strength.

The strips’ diameter is another important thing when you want proper distribution through the nozzle since, without that, you get more clogging and more mess.

But due to the highly accurate diameter of this product, you really don’t have to worry about sudden breaking or clogs. Eryone took care to ensure that each strip was perfectly balanced.

If you’re interested to know about the spool, then this is the 1.1-pound variant. You can typically use it for smaller projects, but these are great for large ones, too, since they won’t finish too quickly.

Proper distribution ensures that each product is used and that no product is wasted. You will always get the best performance no matter how long you use them.


  • Has an outside diameter of 1.75 mm
  • Amazing translucent color combination
  • Easy to use.
  • Efficient nozzle dispersion.
  • Reduced clogging, breaking


  • Sealing can be inefficient.
  • This could be much more flexible.

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7. NinjaTek TPU Filament

The most well-known unit on the market is the midnight black filament. They are well-known for their exceptional quality and usability.

This can certainly be called the Best TPU filament It is more durable than other materials. It is more durable and can withstand greater stress than other materials.

It is more effective in handling stress because of the high flexibility rate. It can be compressed in any way you like without permanently affecting the item’s form.

Roundness is very important if you want your nozzle to perform appropriately while ensuring that the dispersion is done so that it doesn’t get clogged or stuck on the nozzle.

Consistent diameter also comes in handy in such scenarios, as if you have a constant diameter, the flow would be much smoother, and you’re able to build products without being interrupted.

Another interesting thing about this product? It is made from a specially formulated thermoplastic Polyurethane. This technology allows it to have an easy texture that can be fed.

This product’s shore hardness is 85A. This is a very flexible product that maintains a stable and sturdy form. It can withstand more stress once it has dried.


  • Exclusive patent technology for the material.
  • Smooth and easy to extract texture
  • Has a shore toughness of 85A.
  • Excellent low friction texture
  • Great for elongation.


  • Packaging doesn’t include proper vacuuming.
  • They are slightly more expensive than standard filaments.

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8. HATCHBOX Thermoplastic Polyurethane Filament

One of the unique additions to this list is this product; it is known for several reasons starting from high durability material and incredible flexibility when you’re trying to be particular about what you make.

This is 100% specialized in complex projects that require maximum flexibility, as well as excellent structural integrity.

The packaging contains 1 kg of filament with a diameter at 1.75mm. The accuracy of the dimension is +/- 0.03mm. The required temperature for its dispersion is about 190°C to 235°C.

This is the ideal product to use if you plan to make multiple models. Hatchbox filament can be used to make products from small to large.

Another reason to consider this product is the incredible flexibility it offers. You can accomplish many things with single-use.

It is ideal for internal fillings as it will have a consistent diameter throughout the process. There isn’t any misbalance of distribution, which will cause any hole or breakage.

The colors are also very accurate and rich. This will allow you to make products that look amazing no matter what form they are kept in. It comes in two colors: black and yellow.


  • These are very easy to clean.
  • Compatible with any surface
  • Great color accuracy.
  • Ideal for multiple items.
  • Completely free from any tangles or bubbles


  • Sometimes, there can be slight inconsistencies in dimension.
  • Be aware of slight clogs in the nozzle.

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Comparison Table for Top 8 TPU Filament



Printing Temperature


Base Temperature



190° to 210°C




0.9 kilogram

200° to 235°C


45° – 60°C


0.9 kilogram

210° to 230°C


25° – 60°C


0.8 kilogram

195° to 230°C


40° – 60°C


1 kilogram

220° to 260°C


45° – 60°C


0.5 kilogram

190° to 220°C




0.5 kilogram

225° to 235°C





190° to 235°C



Guide to Buying TPU Filament

If you want to get the most out of your TPU filament, you will need to know a few basics. These settings will be explained to you and you will find the right one for you.


It is vital to pay attention to the tensile strength if you want products that are durable and strong. Tensile strength refers to the pressure that a project can withstand.

You might consider a TPU filament that has a 26Mpa strength. This will enable you to make supporting components and components which can be used for extended periods of time.

If you don’t go for something that doesn’t check that box, you might be at risk of breakage or anything along the lines since the supporting components made from that will not last that long.

If you want something that can withstand extreme pressure, you need to have tensile strength.


High elasticity is a key feature of any product that is a competitor to be the best. Best TPU filament. Most of the products you will make will use TPU filaments. They need to be flexible.

This will allow you to make things like hand bands, flexible phone cover, and other similar items. Otherwise, they will break way too quickly, and they won’t be able to stretch as much as you need them to.

Because the TPU filament is stretchy, it will prevent deformation.

An elastic modulus of approximately 7.8 MPa will allow for most stretch. This will help the items retain their structural form.


Although this may seem obvious to most, it is vital if you want the nozzle’s dispersion to be uniform and free from resistance. In the long term, it could be very inefficient.

Inconsistent TPU flow can lead to nozzle jamming or even clogs. This will create a messy situation quickly since dispersion must be fast.

You might check if the flow is consistent. Otherwise, you might have problems in the long-term, which could lead to more difficult cleanup.

In some scenarios, there might be an interruption in the flow that will cause structural damage to the things that you’re trying to build. This will cause the project to lose its integrity and deform.

Uses for TPU Filament

These filaments can be used for a variety of purposes, including industrial products and 3D printing. These filaments are the best choice because of their durability and functionality.

Sports Products

TPU filaments are a great choice for sporting equipment because they offer greater flexibility and wear resistance. These materials are durable and can be used to make equipment, training tools, and water bottles.

Because they can withstand high pressure, they are often used as a coating on equipment.

3D printing

They can also be used to print some projects and items with the 3D printer because they have the ability retain any complication forms with some stretch rate so you have greater flexibility when using them.

These can also be used to create intricate forms and designs. The right settings will allow you to create the best items.


These products can also serve as components for many other vehicle components, such panels, levers, or other similar items.

These are ideal for these items because of their strength and durability. That’s why these are widely used in such scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

These filaments can be used with most printers.

Most of these products work with most 3D printing machines. They can be used with the default temperature settings. However, you can adjust the settings as much as necessary.

These are good for making wristbands

TPU filaments are very flexible so they can be used for making wristbands and other similar projects. Although the stretch can vary from brand to brand they are all very flexible.

Can I make drone parts from TPU filaments

These filaments can be used for making drone components. They are very good at maintaining a shape, and most components for devices are made out of TPU filaments.

Why are filament diameters so important

The feed can easily be interrupted if it is not properly sized. This could cause your materials to lose their structural integrity and cause a mess that can prove difficult to clean up.

What temperature can these products tolerate?

They can handle an ambient temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature rate of these products. They can be used in any type of environment.

Final Words

When you’re looking for the best TPU filament, then this review will help you find the right one. You can achieve amazing things with 3D printers by using these products.

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